This is the Footprint of Humanity's, father Prince EN.KI. The reason the footprint is in this upright position is, because of the movement of the Earth's crust though out time. This took thousands of years to get to this position. Notice how huge it is compared to Michael Tellinger? South Africa was EN.KI'S home, and Headquarters.

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bluesbaby5050: Here again is Micheal Tellinge'rs web site............

Michael Tellinger is now running for President of South Africa, and he had already announced this on his web site last year in one of his videos, to view them go to: www.ubuntuparty.org.za Michael has gone into great detail on the corruption of the bankers of those governments on the Continent of Africa. He explains how he will expose the world bankers and how they have managed to control everything on this planet, and Michael plans on doing something to change this with/though his new organized party of people, and his party is titled: "The UNBUNTU LIBERATION MOVEMENT." Please take a moment to view his web site, as it is FULL of information, and how WE can help him to make this manifest for the betterment of all Africa, and it's peoples, and then the world. Michaels site has many videos, and articles, and updates that he has provided so we will be able to learn/study about his exciting plans for the future of Africa's countries, and it's peoples.

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