by Annunaki77 on August 21st, 2011

The Abomination of Playing with Peoples Emotions and Humanities True History!.

Humanity has been held Hostage by Lies and Deception for many Centuries and many Great Ancient Scrolls and Books have been twisted and Doctored to Manipulate Humanity.
I am very sad for this because many people have Died and Passed On to the Next Dimension believing in Total Lies. The Truth about Religion is that it was Created to Manipulate your behaviour and your methods of thinking. Yes the Great Religious Books, you can take you Pick because all the Ancient Books have been Cooked to Manipulate you the Human Being.

Many scholars have said throughout the Centuries that we must follow these Religious Books because that is all we got as a Society , if we have no Moral Values and Sound Historic Teachings of a God that will burn you in the Pits of Hell if you don't follow his Doctrines and Teachings we have nothing.

Earth has been held Hostage by these Demons which are Called the Reptilians, and they have been playing the Game of Lies, Fear and Deception for many Centuries. They have been making a Mockery of Lord Aya's (Enki) work here on Earth and unfortunately everything has been twisted and Warped. Even Lord Aya's brother Prince Enlil destroyed Lord Aya's Reputation and Good standing be declaring Lord Aya Evil.
When Lord Aya gave Humanity the Gift of Pleasure and Sex as well as the Gift of Free Will, Passion and Destiny, Prince Enlil declared his Brother be banished from Earth for his Heresy.

Prince Enlil was so Jealous of Lord Aya's work that he directed Nibiru to Earth to cause a Horrendous Pole Shift that created Global Tsunamis to Consume Lord Aya's Human Creations. Lord Aya (Enki) was angered and he came back to Earth and summoned Noah to tell Noah and his Family to be prepared , Noah was told to bring some helpers because an Awsome Ark was to be built to save Aya's Humans and Animals which Prince Enlil wanted Destroyed.

Lord Aya helped Noah with his Spaceship to fashion this Wooden Titanic.
Many Humans were awstruck by the Collosal Ark which was built in just a Few Days with Annunaki Technology.
Lord Aya commanded pairs of most of his prominent Animals from all around the World to enter the Ark along with Noahs family and some other groups of Beautiful Men and Woman.
Many of the people of the time were laughing at Noah and his family because they could not believe that there lay a Giant Ark in the middle of a Desert , the Inhabitants laughed and the laughter was heard from Mountain top to Mountain top.
The other Humans which were not mentioned in the Bible which King Constantine did not put in in 325AD was the Black Race, the Natives, and the Asian Race was gathered by Lord Aya and sent to Inner Earth to Protect those Races by the Shetu Lizards which were Loyal to Lord Aya (Enki) at that time.

Then one Day Nibiru Arrived the Awsome Battle Planet from Sirrius (The Dog Star), Prince Enlil was happy because his Ambition to Destroy the Humans was very clear. Enlil breached Earths Magnetic Field, Earth's Axis shifted which caused unthinkable Tsunami's throughout the Planet.
The Humans who laughed at Noah started to wail in screams of torment for they did not realize the Awsome Power of Nibiru.
The Humans screams were quickly silenced by massive gargling for billions were suddnely drowning by the Oceans of Earth. Prince Enlil (Yahweh) was pleased to see the destruction of the Humans.

Lord Aya was Crying with Passion and smashing things, he absolutely hated what his Brother has done to his Divine Creations. Noah and the Human Leftovers along with the Animals where spared in the Colossal Ark which Enki created for Noah , as well as the Black Race, the Native Indians Race and the Asian Race was spared by the Shetu Lizards which at that time were Loyal to Lord Aya.

As the Year passed the Waters receeded and Land was seen again the Ark docked on the Mountains of Turkey and there Humanity had a Second chance at Life thanks to Lord Enki. The other Human Races were spared also, the Shetu Lizards released the Black Race, the Native Race and the Asain Race upon the Earth. Humanity was saved.

Lord Enlil was furious and he attacked Lord Enki's main fleet around Mars, the Battle was Furious, Enki knew his younger brother wanted him killed immediately. Enki's fleet was being destroyed but Enki's son Marduke (The God RA) defended his Father with his Royal Fleet and almost Killed Prince Enlil's Royal Battle ship. Enlil was almost destroyed and Da Aya (Enki) said to his Son Marduke " Son do not destroy my Brother!", Marduke said "Father he betrayed you and destroyed your Reputation!", "He must be killed Immediatley to regain our Families Honour!".

Lord Enki said " I will not let you kill my Brother!", Marduke said "O.K. then Father, I will spare this brother of yours but Earth will no longer be yours or his. Earth will be my Empire the Empire of the Sun God RA".
"I will remove the memories of these Humans and they will only Worship only me!, I will rule upon the Earth with my Rebel Serpent Queen Utana".

Lord Enki said "Be warned my son no harm to come to humanity or you will suffer the consequences", Marduke said "I will erase their Memories all they will know is their Sun God RA and their Queen Utana from Orion nothing else".

Lord Marduke became Ruler of Earth. But by then Prince Enlil was terrified he almost lost his life with the battles of Marduke and Utana the Serpent Queen. Prince Enlil plotted against his brother Enki.
Lord Enlil later Invited Lord Enki to a Fabulous Ceremony on Mars to Commemorate the Survival of the Human Race, the Palace was colossal on Sedonia Enki accepted and participated in the Ceremony.
The Canus crowds cheered as Lord Enki walked on the Royal walkway, as he reached the Tabernackle to recieve his Sacred Ceremonial Gift, a Canus Priest by the Name of Cha mok stabbed Enki in the Neck instantly killing him.

The Canus crowds were on shock and horror. The Canus Gaurds arrested the Assasin and immediately had the Priest Executed. Prince Enlil jumped on the Stage (Ceremonial) Platform and said my Brother was killed by an Enemy of the House of King Anu. We will find these enemies and they will serve Justice. The Wolfen Crowds Growled and howled , the Termple shook.

Prince Enlil " My Brother is Dead, I mourn for I lost a Brother who was in Spirit a Rebel and wanted to Create something different, something New!, but this has now come to an end", "We the Canus people will honour his Memory by Burying him with another Rebel who also believed in new ideas, we will bury him next to the God Zeus which Orion and Sirius had to fight against".

"We must never be different or challenge the status quo of Our Empires for when we challenge the system we become Martyrs of it".
"We will find the killers of my Brother but now we must bury him with honour next to the God Zeus inside the Holy Face on Mars , the Temple of the Gods".

Marduke was furious , he knew Lord Enlil was involved in this Treason, he left Earth to find Enlil to put an end to his Treachery, but his Serpent Queen was already plotting against him, Marduke had to Return to Earth otherwise his Rule would end abruptly.
Mardukes Rule was ending so inorder to save what was left, he gave his Kingdom to his Priests the Pharoahs (The Rockerfellers) which will manage the Empire and the Wealth to His Children (The Rothchilds) which will be the Wealth of the Empire.

The Serpent Queen dispatched her Royal Reptilian Gaurds to Kill Marduke so she can take the Empire, he barely escaped.
After that Coup Detat the Reptilians have been Running the show ever since.

The Rockerfellers and Rothchilds as well as the Monarchies no longer serve Sirius but Orion,
the Repitlians have been trying to Manage and Destroy Humanity ever since.
But Humanity has Lord Aya's Bloodline. Humanity will never be Destroyed or Enslaved for Humanities Destiny is in the Stars.

I bear Testament to Lord Aya and his Awsome Works of Creation, the Human Being an Awsome Creation by Lord Enki (Da Aya Ba El).
I Love you all, all Humans from all around the World.
Humanity must follow the Agenda and the Agenda is Space Colonization, not Fabricated Wars,Famine or Genocide.You Humans must carry your weight because no one will spoon feed you!.


Lord Aya's vision will be Realized. So Gods of Earth it is time to blossom and Protect Free Will, Passion and Destiny.


"You Humans are of Royal Bloodlines , You Humans must Respect Yourselves, You must Respect others from all around the World and you must Respect your Planet".

I believe in you all and Lord Enki also believes in you!, show your Reptilian Enemies who you really are!. YOU ARE GODS. Forever and ever.


Lord Enki be Praised , Peace be Upon Him.

Humanity the Most Awsome Species Eriduns Galaxy has ever seen.



Quinton: Great information. Thanks for

Great information. Thanks for sharing :)

Annunaki77: It is my duty to expose all the Lies

Just like it is your Duty to run Truth Control Quinton, Royal Guard of Mount Olympus.
The Falcon has told me about you many blessings Noble Warrior.

Now listen to John Lear the Son of the Founder of Learjet Corp.
John Lear will open the Closed Doors by the Shadow Government.


highplainssister: Enki

Where is the spirit being Lord Aya (Enki)? Is he dead, dead as in dead? You said he died. Ain't much of a God if he is dead. I always believed a God can't die.

highplainssister: Well I reckon Lord Enki has

Well I reckon Lord Enki has come to a dead end. No feed back.

edisonik: nope LORD ENKI

Lord Enki i.s closer than you can ever imagine

edisonik: Death is nothing but a Doorway to time and space

One Day through the process of reincarnation and through the great Journey you will understand Sister. You are too fixed to 3rd Density and Yes Gods have died and were born again. The Power you scorn is beyond your comprehension.

highplainssister: What is the true definition

What is the true definition of the word God ? Everyone has there own definition. Mine is this, if you create something ,could be anything, and then by your own power form it, then you are a God, I do agree that all of us are gods. You can call me a Lord if you like, but I don't like that title on anyone, it somehow says that you are better than me and vise versa. We are equals no matter what planet you came from. No matter what era or time that you may choose to communicate from. That is how I feel.

highplainssister: No Scorn

I won't scorning. I wanted to know if a person was to think Enki was the supreme God head, the one and only Universal god. Is Enki part of trinity supreme being, as Jesus , was God incarnate, the son ? Now Jesus died and rose up alive again.

highplainssister: I guess I should say, people

I guess I should say, people think Jesus was God, but really I don't believe that. He was a esoteric type of man, that the Jews used to say a prophecy had been fulfilled.

highplainssister: Why should a person even call

Why should a person even call another person Lord so and so, is it a position, a salutation to signify that person Lord so and so is a better individual than you, I don't even like to dignify a person as Dr. because it says bow down to me. Ok , O K , play the game.

highplainssister: Do you think that I should

Do you think that I should bow down and worship Enki ? Do you think that I should have to raise any one else above me? ... ... ... ...

edisonik: Bow down to Lord Enki?, no do not bow.

Sister do not bow, you do not have to Worship Lord Aya.
Lord Aya is a Friend to Humanity and the Love Lord Aya has for Humanity is like the Love of a Father. Embrace me with Love Sister, if you do not want to Love me, then like a Dove you set it Free and with a Tear in my Eye I Rejoice because you are Free.

Freedom is Greater than any Gift in the Galaxy.

So beloved do not Worship Lord Enki. If you love something you set it free, do to as it wishes.
even if it means that it will never come back to me. At least I know it is Free to find it's own Destiny without being Forced into Slavery and Bondage.

Jesus was sent to Earth for this reason to Teach Humanity to be Free and not to be a Part of a Tyrannical System which is filled with Hypocrites. Jesus came to Earth to Teach and Serve Humanity and not to be Worshipped and Served.
For everyone who thinks they should be First will be the Last and those who think they should be Last will be the First in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Peace and Love to you child.


Chris: hey edisonik who are the oxicarians

hey edisonik who are the oxicrarian et group why are are they here and what is there history.

highplainssister: That is the problem, people

That is the problem, people get too big for their britges. Every where you go, there is some SOB, that thinks that they are better than you and want to bully and impose their will or fake ego, authority over you, If people would wipe their own asses there wouldn't be any problems between folks.

Fal: I actually agree with this,

I actually agree with this, but I also believe in respecting people. A doctor has spent time going to school to learn what it is that might ail you, and respecting their thoughts and opinions is something I do out of principle. I haven't gone to school to learn what he/she spent 6 or 8 years to learn. My opinion is worthless in that sense. Although, as far as control, having the title "M.D." lets you prescribe whatever meds they want. THAT I am not so keen on. If I am sick, and know it is a bacterial infection, I do not see the harm in prescribing myself an antibiotic. I shouldn't have to pay someone $100 just to tell me something I already know, and then another $100 for the meds. Just he meds are enough as it is! Its not like I'm asking for narcotic pain killers.

highplainssister: Dr.

Call me Dr. Susan, I got a homopathic book that i can read to you for all kinds of natural antibotics. Jesus said according to the bible we are all physicians cause we all naturally know how to heal our selves. The medical profession is a crooked scam. And the methods they use to heal people is barbaric. And mostly it is all about money. The Native Americans had all kinds of cures for ailments, sometimes we are not meant to be cured though cause it is may be your time is over. I do not take narcotics for anything, mind over matter is the way to go.

Phaminator: Well Edisonik, if the process

Well Edisonik, if the process about reincarnation or afterlife is actually true, then pretty much everybody's life is just simply a chapter of a book when we live. And when we die, a new chapter is written over and over again like an endless cycle. I wish I could do something about the situation that's going on in Canada but I felt powerless to do so...

Annunaki77: The Gods would agree, never feel powerless

You have a voice and it will deliver your concerns to the most high Phaminator.
Share your concerns with humanity, your are not an island.

tralaka the mys...: i totally agree with this

Even from a child i knew there was so much more than we were being taught. I chased after it for decades.When i got a hold of the book of Enki It was incredible on how it make pure sense and how it layered in over the ages the developing of humans. Coming from having a degree in compoaritive religions and yet so many things just couldn't be explained the book of Enki brought it----ALL---- into focas
I meditate every night for the last 15 years but after reading the book of Enki i place Lord Enki Into the meditaions on times where i needed help on my body health or understanding and the meditation was so magnified and the results---HEY FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE MY 5 STROKES I CAN WALK AGAIN _Thanks Lord Enki

Annunaki77: Peace be upon you and your Family.

You have taken in the Teachings of the Ancient Gods of Sirius.
Your Journey is about Awe and Wonder, my Job is to Teach the Ancient Ways to Adamu.

I am not here to play games , I have been summoned by the Falcons to teach the Minds of Humanity an Ancient Truth which has been denied by these Secret Societies which commit Treason on Lord Aya's children the Adamu.

The Big Boys are finally here.

tralaka the mys...: I agree

lord Enki did not and does not approve of worship of him or their kind. Even Lord Enki understood there is a higher force which orchestrates the universe which guilds even them to do things in order of a much bigger picture

Annunaki77: Lord Enki can create the Body , Soul comes from the Falcons

Lord Enki was not interested in Oppressing his Creations but he did desire a Palace which his inhabitants can Pray to the Ancient Spirits, this Temple was called Atlantis.

Pray if you wish to make Offerings to Lord Enki, he will be Pleased.
Some call this Idol Worship, big deal, look at what Lord Aya has done for this Little Planet alot.

Pray for Peace and Courage so that Humanity can take back their Destiny and Free Will.

highplainssister: We don't need to pray to any

We don't need to pray to any body , the power is in your own being, to pray is to give your personal power to some one else, I ain't giveing my power to Enki or no one else.

Annunaki77: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha

Yet you do anyway Sister, you are afraid aren't you!.
Don't be afraid, but you are correct in a way.

bardofhearts: Do you really believe that religions are all about manipulating?

I regard religions as ethereal training schools for finding my best and worst selves. Can't an artist paint a different beauty for others to admire?

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