by obsrvantlouie on November 7th, 2013

I really don’t see the point in all the debate about Enki. Yes, the character of Enki is vital in understanding our hidden history. However, his role is really no more/less important then understanding Enlil or Anu or Marduk or the SSS or any other COUNTLESS ANCIENT ALIEN CULTURES. How many clans, what they were called, the color of their tunics and smell of hair…..it really doesn’t add up to anything but speculative minor details.

The TRUTH is that we all have bits and pieces of this fascinating story. Another thing, as awakening spirits I’m sure you all realize the literal translation and accuracy of many many “sayings/cliché” etc such as the Golden Rule, so on and so forth.

Therefore, UNLESS YOU HEARD IT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH….fact is you don’t know for sure. Those of you claiming to have been or be in direct contact with Enki….whatever. Keep on weaving.

For those of you aspiring to knowledge…Arguing minute factoids from events that happened ages ago is utterly baseless, why not just watch paint dry? At least then you aren’t expending as much energy.

I am not saying we shouldn’t be trying to piece together the hidden History of our past. I think this should be discovered, penned and distributed for all to see. If I could, I would publish the entirety of ancient knowledge, teachings and events for all!! However, I humbly admit this is not within my ability. This being considered, perhaps the next best thing to do is LEAD others to a path of educating their unkowns. LEAD people to know their heritage and true abilities.

The true Leader does not profess leadership, because he is humble in his humility. The True Leader understands there is always more to learn, in this, everyone is his superior.

The True LEADER is not looking for followers…no, no..not followers. Rather he is searching for aspiring spirits hell bent on awakening to this programmed reality. The TRUE LEADER yearns to see the spark of life return to the eyes at the moment of their….awakening.

The TRUE LEADER evaluates and understands his obstacle, enemy, nemesis.

EVEN A TRUE LEADER cannot feed steak to a baby….he must give the babe a bite to chew on.

THE TRUTH…which should be why the honorable are working at T R U T H C O N T R O L………THE TRUTH is, you are your own God and you need worship no other Gods before you. As you are an extension of your HIGHERSELF…you are in fact…your Higher Self.

Your Body is just a car…a vehicle for your spirit…so your spirit can learn…your mission here is unique unto you….you will not be judged on your performance here by anyone but yourself….nothing is sacred….love does not conquer hate anymore then hate conquers love…..both polarities have agendas.

This one is for YOU TARHEEL!!!

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bluesbaby5050: The worshiping of gods keeps people divided.........

And promotes wars for the sake of control by the slave masters of this planet. I do not believe in any gods, or deities either. I have access to knowledge to what I need to know though my higher self, The GODHEAD, the Universal Consciousness. ( Nice post Obsrvantlouie)

Sky: Well said--Perhaps your last

Well said--Perhaps your last statement that nothing is sacred is semantic. That is one has to embrace change within reason of our constitutional limits so to speak as I interpret you. Somethings are sacred like our temples and that is why we should not have to pay Taxes since our bodies our our own Church (aka I realize the etomology of the word chruch is horrible so best to say temple). I recall deceased mythologist Joseph Campbell stating in one of his audio/visual series about Isrealites carrying around the Ark of the Coventant as a fetish! I had to laugh when I heard him say that. Saint John of the Cross in his famious book Accent to Mount Carmel said the best apologetic phrase on the Ark I ever heard. Saint John of the Cross said it was LITTERALY LIGHT WEIGHT so as not to be a burden. Well staying physically light weight is a form of enlightenment says Michael Tsarion, so I believe, Tsarion said when referencing ancient Egyptian views on enlightenment. I wish I thought of that chowing down on my food at an IHOP restaurant last night.

bluesbaby5050: The Ark was a Communication Device to keep in......

Contact with Niberu, and the gods when the gods would venture off to other locations on and off planet Earth.

Sky: What your saying does comply

What your saying does comply with what I believe was written by Zechariah Stichen' s 12th Planet. The ark of the Covenant as a transmitter to keep in contact with them on the Planet Niberu.

obsrvantlouie: She had one leg and..

She worked at IHOP ;) I totally relate to being "light"..however, this stems more from asthma I used to deal with. I was diagnosed with allergies and asthma at a young age...pumped full of Big Pharma..one day I proclaimed "enough!". I was tired of sleeping with a rescue inhaler and I decided to take charge of my life. I developed my own technique of calming asthma attacks. Later I realized that the more organic my diet and better physical/mental shape I was....the stronger my immune system was.

I have held strong to this and it has been nearly 4 years I have not taken one prescription or over-counter drug. Strictly a homeopathic and holistic approach now.....it serves me well.

Thanks for liking!! (I can smash me some IHOP).

Tarheel: Thanks, OL.

I'm a HUGE fan of Einstein, and HUGER fan of EnKi .

I think we are understanding you better. 90% of the Earth's problems are caused by mis-communication. I am a FIRM believer in this.

Moving fwd...

UN.i1-PHI: yes

especially due to direct and indirect influence of the orchestrated situations and indoctrinations caused upon humanity by the delusionary system of (mind)control wich was therefore designed and implanted by those who seek to divide and confuse us for control and so we fight eachother off neglecting eachother instead of working things out and unify, while deep inside we're on the same side and mission to stop this, but didnt made us realize because of the mis-communications caused by the diversity taken wrongly and offensive!

and finally how we choose to take and act on eachother despite this...

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