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This isn't so much "spiritual" in the sense that you guys like to talk about spirituality, but it dose pertain to spirit.... BUT.... I'd just like to share something I am passionate about, if you don't mind. Thanks.

Animals that are raised for slaughter are treated horribly. Chickens are packed in and cannot move their bodies. Cows have boxes around their heads 24/7 and cannot move even their heads. They have sores on their bodies. They are tortured (I have pics I can email you) and they're in a constant state of FEAR and PAIN. They have NEVER---not ONE damn time----felt ANY *love*, care, or compassion their whole life! (it KILLS me, and I often break down in my room b/c of their pain.) Anyway, when you EAT/ consume these animals, , , you are ALSO *taking in* ALL of their LIFE-LONG ENERGY of PAIN and SADNESS and FEAR. (not to mention you're taking in/eating all of those nasty hormones and medicines they inject in these poor animals.) SO, , , forgive the pun, , , but it's just a little----food for thought. You don't want your spirit getting that horrid energy.

If you MUST consume animals carcasses, then PLEASE, I BEG YOU, RESEARCH and buy from farmers who use ONLY HUMANE methods of raising the animals and the slaughter. -------For the good of the animals AND for your OWN spiritual goodness when you eat the dead animals.

For people who say: It's fine--Animals are RAISED to be murdered for food--------- I say to you THIS: Two hundred years ago HUMANS were raises to be slaves; that didn't make it OK. Thus, it does not justify the exploitation of animals. (there are humane ways) Also, wild animals eat meat to SURVIVE. Humans do it by CHOICE. I don't eat meat, and I assure you that I am currently alive.

*Incidentally, I apologize for forcing this on anyone who read my post. I've been called a veg Nazi. But I just can't help it. Yesterday I cried in my room for a couple of hours because I read a story (the Animal Alliance posted) that told about two puppies surviving being thrown into a TAR PIT. It broke my heart. I can't explain my kinship with animals; but their hurt and abuse is KILLING me. I don't know how much longer I can take it. WE made our bed; Why do THEY have to sleep in it??? So please, if there's EVER *anything* you can do to help little innocent animals-----PLEASE do it! (even if it's dropping a dollar into the animal shelter jars at store counter tops or adopting a rescue dog or stopping any kids if you see them throwing stones at cats...... OR whatever you can do.... please do it) :'( The picture I included is VERY MILD compared to the SUFFERING these animals endure day after day after day--can't even move their heads for God's sake... Please help me (help them)

Thank you.
:'( Moon

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obsrvantlouie: Organic never Panic

I watched a video the other night that touches on this is called Samsara and is available on netflix. Very eye opening and somewhat relates to the topic above (highly recomended). I aggree with you regarding the negative energy taken in from "mass produced slaughter house animals". These animals are not shown any love...if anyone is to read or study about aboriginal/native cultures it's easy to make the correlation that in order to live in balance with the planetary spirit (incorrectly termed mother nature) you must respect the planetary spirit....this means only taking the animals life when it is needed ergo ...for food or clothing...etc.

Maintaining an organic diet is by far the best for the human condition and promotes well being in a multitude of ways.

I don't want to seem insensitive here spending a couple hours in your room cyring about these types of situations is not helping you...or the situation. You can still empathize without the letting the situation get you down so much....think about what you could have done in a positive light/manner to help resolve/awaken people to this situation...versus spending time upset about it.

Just a thought....

O, perhaps I will make one more seem to be very "sorry" alot of the time. Empathy is a wonderful thing but the more you dance around topics for fear of upsetting others the less your are being true to yourself....I would suggest, stop worrying so much about others "feelings" and be true to yourself. There is always going to a person who may not agree with you....don't let your worrry of offending offers keep you from speaking your mind.

Nice post!

Quaesitor: Hi Moon! I'm Q. I lurk a lot

Hi Moon! I'm Q. I lurk a lot and don't always take the time to sign in. I have been reading your posts and I enjoy/admire your open nature and energy! :-)
I am with OL on this. It's very important to learn how to control your emotional responses to these things, especially as an activist. I don't want to sound preachy, but to commiserate as I do a lot of animal rescue, proper treatment of food animals etc. you will quickly burn out and find your precious energy sapped by letting yourself become too emotionally overwhelmed. Your (and my) emotional reactions, while understandably human and visceral, are based in ego. If you can learn to step back and view these terrible things you see with focus and less emotion, you will be a more effective activist. The sadness and frustration will overwhelm you at times, but it can be subjugated to YOUR will.
I agree that people are so far removed from their food sources, it's amazing to me that people are so ignorant they don't understand how adulterated and horrid even the most basic store bought foodstuffs are (bread for example.) I just talked a young person the other day that had no
Idea that bread should mold, or what condition commercial pigs are kept in. Really?? One of the most heinous things that has come down the pike with regards to farm animal welfare are the AG-gag laws. Just horrible. All in the name of money.
Anyway, I've rambled enough. Nice to meet you, that's my two cents. Lol
Ps no I am not veg, but picky

moonsstarr923: To Q

I can't thank you enough for your, "two-cents". It was more like a thousand bucks! I was really----I mean REALLY----succumbing to my emotions in regards to animal suffering, abuse, and activism. But you've opened my eyes and heart a little, and I'm going to try as best as i can to follow your advice. I don't know what to say to you but thank you... You're a good person...touched me a little.... :')

Sky: moonstar923 your post is a well NEEDED SOBERING WAKE-CALL.

Our macro culture does not support vegetarian ways of living and of course eating (I avoid using the ism since it has a marginalizing slant--think about that). The meat industry is I feel a BUSSINESS that is fairly inexpensive in the short run ONLY for a quick start up with dependable revenue (macro food industry has macro costs but that is on a different scale of things). I have struggled over the meat issue and have gone back and forth. What finally did it was a a reading from a stream of AWARENESS of the horrid pain to insanity induced on animals in the meat industrially sent daily on facebook!! I recently was directed by a link to see WHAT A CERTAIN SEGMENT OF THE MILTARY does to animals in mimicking unusual/usual military combative situations NOW ON VIDEO FILE at PETA. Some was beyond the iceburg belief that is the unimaginable part at the bottom of the iceburg metaphor itself so to speak. I was so horrified and ashamed of my ignorance. Ignorance is ignoring truth. I feel that hunters and gathers living in a different time based on agriculture scarcity is MISUSED BY MODERNS and is a terrible out of context message to hunters of today. We can, dare I say, evolve forward. Social Darwinism would have us in moral Slavory (a natural human evil not based on NATURAL law not humanism). So many who hunt have told me how sick they get in doing it until they desentised themselves ( there is no need for desensetising other than for solipsistic reasons unsound). All I can say is we do not have to live like Hunter and Gathers. Often in ancient times hunting for say the Bear (the oldest worshiped deity says mythologist Joeph Campbell). They (aka Hunter & Gathers) would do a ritual to appease their conscience since their societies apparently WAS PSYCHICLY HORRIFIED BY IT TOO. During Hunter and Gather times there was a period of being dependent on meat due to refiguration/lack of food essenteals/too much group think then too no doubt. Similar to the time of MOW in China who found his population eating their own children due to incredible starvalion (probably resulting from poor economic decisions of royal dynasties pior is my guess like Corpation of United States. Then surfering more more socialism with MOW in China 195O's). Different forms of socialism some more dreaddful do not encourage real progress. Sadly some try to romanticise Hunting. The NRA is great. I do not like the political correctness of them colluding with hunting other than self defense. I would not romantrcize animals and the ecosystem either as some do for purposes of corporate fascism (aka social Darwinism).

The amount of pain in a terrible tooth decay in 1860's (as I feel accurate) was the the leading cause of death along with complications of dental decay into the blood stream. When terrible pain happens we want to stop it immediately for those without too much psycopathy (aka sociopathic tendencies)-- Some may really need meat (few) that is somewhat different but not totally in that there is a lesser evil decision needed where human life is more valued I see as right. Think of the meat industry standards that could be in place hugely better if people became awake with ACTION IN EATING/LIFESTYLE CHOICES. How they would treat animals 180 degrees better. I RECOMMEND SUBCRIBING TO MICHAEL TASARION FACEBOOK PAGE on the part where he provides a steady pictorial /video account of the cruelty to animals.

UN.i1-PHI: wha me eat

dont need no meat or substances from other animals, only taking their energies in and contaminating yourself with their body parts/molecules and energies...(can lower your vibe/freq/energy)
plants are awesome & so many so delicious and healthy (&good for ur spirituality&'aura')
thats why its so important we treat animals and plants right also and not poison and torture them & ourselves with it!!!
thats why we vegan :D

Tim Lovell: save the plants! barbarous

save the plants! barbarous practices of chopping parsley and slicing tomatoes must stop!!


UN.i1-PHI: hahaha tim

ur funny man XD
i meant more about Ecology/Nature disturbing GMO, Poison/Pesticide, Nanites etc...
the same with animals

moonsstarr923: Tim silly!

B/c of the plants lack of a brain, nervous system, PAIN (receptors), and so on and so forth, , , us Vegetarians (and vegans) are certain that plants and bacteria do not SUFFER. So that's where we draw our line with plants and insects (some incests we're still not certain about if they have pain, so it's up to you---the veg. or vegan---to choose where he/she wants to draw his/her line.)

ALL of the pigs, cows, chickens, lambs, and other animals we raise to KILL ----ARE---- able to feel PAIN. Because of this some of us think, , , they deserve to be FREE from MISERY just as much as dogs and cats and you and me do! :-)

Bright blessings Tim,


Sky: Fun&reassuring there are proactive,moral,health choices close by

Thank you for posting rap song so needed to rid lower vibs when not truly self defensive (aka being a polarity reversal big time). I mean exposing wrong at times is what it is. I enjoyed the rap song thoroughly :-) I am going to listen to it again and get the name of the singer and song--God bless you.

Tim Lovell: Hehe I know moon I was just

Hehe I know moon I was just joking :)

Sky: sorry. My last comment should have been here.

I was on Facebook. Then came back to TRUTHCONTROL to find my last comment was misplaced.

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