End of the world

When do you all think the world will end?Supportig evidence for your theory is welcomed.


Tarheel: It will be a while. MAJOR Changes are SOON !

I think it will CHANGE shortly, but I think The End is quite a ways off, alinabezerra.

Disclaimer: The preceding was only an opinion. Please feel free to form you own. In the event that the end actually does come soon, put your tail between your legs, and kiss your butt goodbye! Please laugh NOW.It was just a mild attempt at humor.

alinabezerra: :)

change how? apocalypse style or just as far as leadership is concerened?

Quinton: Well, if science is accurate

Well, if science is accurate when it estimates the Earth being billions of years old I would think the end wouldn't be for billions of years more.

wmarkley: end

the world will not end, this planet will be around for billions of more years, humanity will have already colonized the stars when this event occurs.

alinabezerra: Did you mean colonize the

Did you mean colonize the stars literaly?
scientificaly this is not possible because due to enviromental conditions
but if you dont mean it litraly but are saying that we will colonize other planets,and galaxies
then i very much agree that is a definate possibility in our future as humans.Do you think at the end of time earth will become what ?

wmarkley: yes

i mean to colonize other planets

Tarheel: Colonization MAY be closer than ya think ! Sun's TWIN.......

I jjust got this headline..from Foxnews.com

Sun's twin has a nine-planet solar system -- and it's just 127 light years away

The sun-like star, called HD 10180, is located approximately 127 light-years away from Earth. In a previous study that was published in August 2010, astronomers identified five confirmed alien worlds and two planetary candidates.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/04/27/sun-like-star-may-have-more-pl...

alinabezerra: Keplar 22 b has a good chance

Keplar 22 b has a good chance of being inhabited soon,as soon as technology can be developed so we can travel that far. Keplar has 70 degrees temperature water and vegetation.Its possible .Anything is i guess.

Crigitine: Technicly we already have

Technicly we already have that technology. When you get some free time you should check out some of chris's posts. Its all a pretty big rabbit hole but supposedly May 20th - June 5th it will all make more sense.

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