The End of the Reptilian Overlordship James Bartley.

by Chris on October 25th, 2013

The End of Reptilian Overlordship Part 1
James Bartley pulls no punches, as he goes deeper into what is known as The Reptilian Overlordship! For far too long, the big name alien abduction researchers have focused almost exclusively on the entities known as "the Greys" and it has left a huge void in alien abduction/UFO research. Throughout the ages reptilians have been described by many names, such as the Djinn and the Lizard People, etc. These beings have been influencing human society throughout history in a covert and malicious manner!

The End of the Reptilian Overlordship Part 2
James Bartley goes deeper into the reptilian aspect of alien abductions in Part 2 of The End of the Reptilian Overlordship on "Shattering The Matrix" Radio. He discusses the dynamics of the alien abduction and how these Aliens use manipulation. Also he talks about what these creatures are trying to achieve and what the after effects are on the experiencers. James addresses how gender preference can be modified and the creation of pedophiles and serial killers. He also brings in incredible Spiritual Insight to this problem and gives us a glimpse of a silver lining on a very, very dark and ominous cloud. This is his best interview yet!

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bluesbaby5050: While Astral Traveling I NOTICED........

The EYES of so-called people that I would come into contact with while there( OTHER SIDE) and their eyes looked the color of Golden-Amber Colored , with very tiny slits, to the point of not being able to see ROUND PUPLES and even in the eyes of Negros over there too. I think this is so WE CAN NOT MAKE THE CONNECTION, THAT WE ARE DEALING WITH REPTILIANS OVER THERE. This is because they like to hang out EVERY WHERE'S THERE. Say for example, in a bar/club type senario, and when people act out in the many various ways PROVIDED for us people, when visiting in those certain areas, it most likely turns into a fight acting out, or food , and drink and then a sexual orgy. These are all their suggestions to us, their thoughts mind controlling the stage, and also their teleaphy communicating to us, and sometimes when they are close they will talk using a voice. They provide the furniture etc. though mental thoughts, and all else they use. ALL QUITE CHARMING. Reptilians like to wear LEATHEH! FLASHY STUDDED LEATHER, AND CHAINS, and crappy back grounds with plenty of bugs, and rodents around, and Feces in places, like on walls in the bath rooms in the clubs, and dark shadowy lighting. THEY ARE GREAT HOSTS ALSO! They will be happy to provide anyone whatever their desires are. They set traps for you/us. SO BE VERY AWARE OF THESE TACTICS WHILE DREAMING! BE ON YOUR ALERT! I have been asked NUMEROUS times to go to parties by some one I happen to know from my past, or a movie star I though was handsome! And I always say--- SOME OTHER TIME, NOT TO PROVOKE ANY MALICE IN ANY WAYS TOWARDS MYSELF. I get negative feed back, but not violent. I KNOW BETTER. Those parties people always engage in turn into sexual activities also, like in corners, and in rooms in weird houses. Drugs, alcohol were also PROVIDED at those parties, as I could see many people partaking of them there. This is another way to KEEP PEOPLE WHEN BACK IN 3D, and IN THE LOWER 4D TO STAY HOOKED ONTO DRUGS, and this happens a lot when people have certain addictions in real time, so to speak of....They IMPLANT THOUGHTS OF THEIRS, AND NOT YOUR OWN INTO PEOPLE'S HEADS TO PLAY ON THEIR MANY WEAKNESSES IN 3D ETC.,,,,, and while you on the other side also. I was dreaming 2 nights ago, ( I WAS ASTRAL traveling-visiting, (WE ALL DO THIS) , I AM A LUCID DREAMER, and I remember things, even small details, and I have super powers, like jumping over High Razor Fences, walking on to HOT coals, and though fire, and even swimming in the depths of oceans without breathing like I belong there! I can't swim ON THIS SIDE. These are all MY EXPERIENCES WHILE THERE! So I mention this to all of you in this forum, so that YOU WILL KNOW THAT REPTILIANS ARE THERE INTER-ACTING WITH ALL OF US! I had a very serious confrontation with one of them recently, and I jumped on to it, because I had discovered what it was saying to me was a LIE! I TOOK IT BY SURPRIZE, AND IT GOT LOOSE FROM ME, AND IT RAN DOWN A LONG PORCH, AND DOWN SOME STEPS, AND I WAS ACTUALLY ALMOST ON IT'S TAIL!!! OH YA! IT LET ME SEE IT AT THIS POINT! IT COULD NOT CONTROL IT'S HUMAN HOLOGRAM, AND IT TURNED AROUND AND GROWLED, AND HISSED like a Snake STRAIGHT AT ME, AND THIS IS WHEN I FELT WEAKNESS, AND A HEAD ACHE BEGIN. It sucked my strength, and almost my life force out of me in IT'S FURY! It left me with a bad head-ache the next morning.- worst then the worst hang-over ever, and it was like a migraine, and I felt weakness to the point of falling down over THERE, and I knew I had to leave FAST to re-gain myself over here where I would be safe.( I FORGOT TO WEAR MY SHIELD OF PROTECTION THAT NIGHT, I FELL ASLEEP OFF GUARD). I just though to get back, and I did, as always..... There was more to this story I am leaving out, because it's too long to post here. THEY TRY TO GET PEOPLE TO MIS-BEHAVE BADLY,WHEN OTHER WISE THEY WOULD NOT IN THEIR REAL HOME LIFE. THEY TRY TO TEMPT PEOPLE. And they will use your pets to bring terror in to you just to feed off your energies at ALL TIMES NO MATTER WHAT DIMENSION YOUR IN. They can manifest anything for their pleasure! So PLEASE BE VERY AWARE OF HOW THEY OPERATE.

bluesbaby5050: Also...........

I noticed while on THE OTHER SIDE..... Sometimes they will use YOUR DECEASED PARENTS, OR YOUR SIBLINGS,OR ANYONE close to get you into ACTION! When they use them IT IS NOT THEM! HOW DO I KNOW THIS? WELL, for one thing I noticed that all those people ACT SLOW, AND DUMB, and some will just stand there not paying any attention to you when your engaging in a conversation with them! LOOK AT THEIR EYES, and compare them to what they DID LOOK LIKE when they were alive on this side! They act, and look a LITTLE OFFish. These are reptilian IMPOSTERS SENT TO YOU TO ACT OUT IN SOMEWAYS.

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