The end of open minded internet coming to an end

by BamfOttO on September 22nd, 2016

The United Nations under the guise of "public safety" is selling the controllers of the internet (microsoft, google, apple, facebook) to a third party. What this means to people like you and me? Basically control. Higher payment rates, no more Alt. media and no more open minded free speech and thought on the world wide web. WTF

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HebrianDaniel: you cant control something

you cant control something that so many people in all the world use it.
the internet is borderless. if america will try to claim it they will make other countries goes against her
the only things you can so is like china censor the internet. but then there VPN and proxies ;D

twsyf: Contrar

I do not know of anything, that is not under the control of someone or something.
The Internet is no exception.
Particularly considering it's power to influence the masses.
It is, has, and will always be under the control of someone or group of someones.

The question is: Is it likely better for that entity to be as it is now, in the US, or given over to UN control?

I believe the answer is pretty obvious.

I hope and pray that as rumored, Senator Cruz and others in the Senate will attach a ryder to the budget bill preventing this from happening.

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