The End of Energy Companies, and to Those that Control Them

by bluesbaby5050 on December 13th, 2019

The End of Energy Companies and to Those that Control Them by Refusing to use the Forbidden, Free, and, Clean Technologies of Nikola Tesla. For the last 100 plus years, the inhabitants of this planet have been forced to use this planets natural resources inspite of all the damages it does to the earth's lands, and to our air, and to our seas, it still remains the same. The only ones that benefits from this is those billionaires at the top, because they can put Meters on the use of those resources. To learn more about this very important subject that affects us all, except those at the top of this chain of control, please use this link to become more enlightened through knowledge. This website is FREE! Just subscribe to get a weekly news report on many Forbidden Subjects that you should be aware of.

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Lion Of Light: The End of Energy Companies

“Free Energy Suppression is like a Dam that is sprouting leaks, each and every day is a new hole in the Dam and soon its just gonna let go”
- DeSusa- FBI Special Agent

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