End of Cycle

by Billy H on July 30th, 2013

It seems we are definitely caught in a huge loop and some of us remember some of these repeated or previous lives. It has now come to a point where we love our captors as much as we want to deny them. i think our eternal consciousness created this prison from the beginning whether it was purposely created by the conscious or not. We must use our minds to gain knowledge til it gives us a log in, into the earths grid. The toughest part about obtaining freedom is working out how to make your ties to this planet and life let go of you without tearing into your soul, the eternal consciousness!
This is why we keep repeating our jail sentences. remember, you did originally ask to be here so work it out and learn what you have to, then leave!

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LoveTruthPeace: I feel I was meant to read

I feel I was meant to read this. I'll figure it out. Thank you.

LoveTruthPeace: I not quite sure why but,

your post triggered something in me. I have met a couple of people in the past 6 years who I know in my heart I know them from another time in another place and they know me as well because it's almost as if these two people and I have this common knowledge between us about ourselves and our connection but without having ever spoken of it out loud. This doesn't make sense even as I type it but it makes sense in my heart, hard to explain with mere words. And the same scenarios have basically kept repeating themselves in my life just with different people and I'm trying to break that cycle now because I do feel like it's this lesson that is keeping me from going home but then I doubt myself and think I'm doing the wrong thing and I get tempted to go back to doing what I normally would do.

Billy H: Awesome ))) its all from the

Awesome ))) its all from the heart...anything else is a lie. We have all succumbed to the mind and those who need to keep it all in thought rather than in heart and soul and thought as the backup to human consciousness.

LoveTruthPeace: Very well stated, and thank

Very well stated, and thank you again for the reminder it's reassuring.

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