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Enki was a deity in Sumerian mythology, later known as Ea in Babylonian mythology. He was the deity of water, intelligence and creation. The main temple to Enki was in Eridu. He was the keeper of the holy Me.
Enki was responsible for the creation of Plants and Animals as well as the Human Race.

Contrary to the translation of his name ("en" meaning "lord", and "ki" meaning "earth"; "Lord of the Earth"), he is the lord of the Abzu, the watery abyss. His name is possibly an epithet bestowed on him for the creation of the first man, Adamu or Adapa. His symbols included a goat and a fish, which later combined into a single beast, the Capricorn, which became one of the signs of the zodiac.

According to Sumerian mythology, Enki allowed humanity to survive the Deluge designed to kill them. After Enlil, An and the rest of the apparent Council of Deities, decided that Man would suffer total annihilation, he covertly rescued the human man Ziusudra by either instructing him to build some kind of an boat for his family, or by bringing him into the heavens in a magic boat. This is apparently the oldest surviving source of the Noah's Ark myth and other parallel Middle Eastern Deluge myths.

Enki was considered a god of life and replenishment, and was often depicted with streams of water emanating from his shoulders. Alongside him were trees symbolising the male and female aspects of nature, each holding the male and female aspects of the 'Life Essence', which he, as apparent alchemist of the gods, would masterfully mix to create several beings that would live upon the face of the earth.
Enki has returned.

According to Zecharia Sitchin Enki was the same as Ptah and Poseidon / Neptune. He supposedly created a being called LU.LU. by mixing the Life Essence of animals with the Life Essence of the gods. This LU.LU. (which means mixed), would go on to receive more god-like attributes as a result of Enki's creator-ambitions, and subsequently humans were created.


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