by Annunaki77 on February 10th, 2011

The Humans were loved and treated well by their Master Enki from the looks of

Sumerian Texts. It appears they liked their work which Enki has given and enjoyed

bringing the Gold to Loving Enki.

Humans would not know abuse until the Draconian Elohim arrived ( Sky Gods ).
When the Draconians arrived the Atlantian Giants has already and long before

escaped underground owing to the loss of both Earths Previous Moons in a Global

Crystal Orbit System , this created a Poleshift.

The Draconians were dark and evil and used lies and brutality to control the

Humans. The Elohim use the same tactics of Deception and Brutality to this very

The New Moon which replaced the other two Moons belongs to the Elohim

Draconians and is not Natural to this Star System, they are responsible for your

current Calendar System.
The Elohim created the Religions.

The Giants that went underground to Agartha remained underground safe from the murderous Draconians who fed on Flesh.
Draconian hate starts with the Intent to Dominate. Draconian males have no Compassion or Pity, that is why they are Inclined to War and Abuse of those weaker than themselves, especially woman. The human Population has been Infected by their hateful , barabric Sky Beings, this is especially apparent in Radical Religous Leaders today, " Kill the Infidel" Mentality.
Violations of free will is an act against natural law. None should enslave another unless their freedom is harming others.
The Elohim will be moved to another Planet with where they will have to Survive Against Jurassic Preditory Dinosaurs as Punishment for their Evil Ways, there they will have a very hard life because they will no longer be on top of the food chain, they will become the food for the Super Preditors. This way they will recieve Karma for all the Pain and Suffering they have caused on all Humanity.
This Prison Planet will be 20 Lightyears away from Earth, Karma is coming their way.

The Elohim are going back to the Jurassic with No Technology to protect them, they will get their own Medicine Jurassic Park Style.

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Θανάσης Τζώρτζης: yes sure

can i tell you my storry?

To talk about this issue should be run per the original Hebrew text, which was based
the Greek translation. In Hebrew, the word "ELOCHIM has several interpretations. means the Sons of God, Angels, the rulers and the people who are distinguished for their virtue. So in many texts when speak on "ELOCHIM" elsewhere mean the Angels of God and beyond the Children of God. Therefore, multi-les
Where the Sons of God can be called Angels of God, as well as virtuous people
and they are called Angels. The Roman Catholic Church even in the official version of the New Testament
the Vulgata, translates "ELOCHIM" as Children of God.
With this issue addressed and the great father of the West St. Augustine, who in his book
"State of God» (De civitate dei) argues that the term "ELOCHIM" means the virtuous people
and the Angels are spirits and have neither gender nor tangible bodies. Therefore, it was possible the Angels
to enter into relations with the daughters of men and thus, in the book of Enoch with the word "ELOCHIM" means the virtuous.
This loste al demonstrated in her book "Genesis", where the sixth chapter and third verse (6.3) God refer to people, not angels when he says: "We will remain the life-giving Spirit, my people
forever, because it is flesh. " Those who were attracted by the beautiful women and joined together
were the righteous people, not the Angels. The same Jesus Christ speaking to the Sadducees
resurrection of the dead told them: "When I resurrected the dead, neither marry nor be married, but will be
like the angels in heaven "(Matthew 22.30).
From the words of Jesus Christ, we understand that St. Archangelos not marry and therefore can not conclude
relationships with women. The "ELOCHIM 'are virtuous and righteous people and another hidden in a text
titled "Book of the struggle of Adam." In this text the Jared that the PA Will oils appears to be the father
Enoch, talking to their children telling them: "I conjure the memory of our father Adam and Abel and Seth and
Enoch, listen and do not get off the holy mountain, because if you get off the life and mercy will no longer
with you and you will no longer children of God but the Devil. "
In conclusion, we could say that the issue was created for the Angels and establishing relationships with
daughters of men in the book of Enoch, is due to mistranslation of the Hebrew word "ELOCHIM" which the translators
in the Greek language gave her the importance of the Angels, not the virtuous people. So we see that the angels and Elohim are two different entities. Angels of the Elohim and intangible material of the body. The physical body does not necessarily mean flesh.
Orders Angels
Orders Elohim
El Nord
El Lin
Zine El
El Nir
El Lan
El San
El terephthalic
El Agan
El Tan
According to Genesis, God first concocted after the Elohim angels. The Elohim are higher bodies of the angels. Especially the first elochim.O old ever says Enoch. And now that the creation instructed to create a man (to whom?) Katheikona and likeness (in the first Elohim). After the man was kath'omoiosi of Elohim, in the course will be higher than the angels. For this reason became the rebellion of angels led by Samael, also known as the devil. The angels were known as exergethikan his fallen angels. Later came the fall of man from the sky with the famous story of Adam and Eve the apple. All these of course require enormous analysis, which is impossible in so short choro.Kata the fall of man, God instructed to monitor the earth and man 201 Elohim and man command grow and multiply. The multiply is to become more people grow is to evolve into what we are meant to be. That kathomiosi of Elohim. The 201 Elohim not have the right to grow and prosper we have done a great sin. What: the sin expanded.
So, according to the few publicly available sources, the ancient
Greek mythology, the Old Testament and the apocryphal Book of Enoch,
some ... according to the Old Testament (Genesis, chapter 6, 1-2), the Elohim,
despite the will of God synefrethikan the daughters of men and created
beings, creatures, individually hand, fruits of lawlessness and act. The creatures are
fought each other (Titanomachy) closed and the winners of the losers to "Tartarus"
sealing them into the earth with special "gates" that nothing he could theoretically
to open. Winners parexetrapisan playing gods and goddesses among
people, since the forces and their capabilities were enormous.
The genera of these are
the gender of the Saturn-anthropomorphic.
strain of the maltsech of Anubis, a human body and jackal head. The myth of the werewolf. One of the most dangerous.
strain of the narountch tragomorfon.
nee Valachis legged and headed goat. The satyrs of Greek mythology
revach the race of centaurs.
nee kachrech with human body and bull's head. Remember minotafro?
nee red body.
nee ntousvech is the Cyclopes.
lonsntvech strain with a human body, feline head.

nee sachernech bird head and body man.

lachmech strain with body and head sited wildcat bird.

nee kasnach with human body and the head reptile. The crawly of UFOlogists.

nee masravech winged bull with body and head man.

genus known zasrantech ekatocheiron of Greek mythology.

strain of bachometh nychteridomorfon. The myth of the vampire.

nee kasrampach of headless people. Mothman?

vasranech strain of the race of the Nephilim gray slaves. The seines aliens of UFOlogists.

Photos here:

They either fear or by the great forces that were worshiped as gods by humans. Over the years the oppression of Nephilim reached the end. We used either as slaves or as food. Until Zeus was born. A Saturnalian Nephilim that despite the defects of his character had developed a sense of justice. The forces were approaching those of their forefathers of the Elohim. This created 2 camps. This is the Nephilim followed by Saturn, father of Zeus, and believed that humans are to serve them and the other led by Zeus, who believed that people should have rights. After the victory, along with other anthropomorphic Nephilim was named El Jupiter was able to reduce greatly the Nephilim and give freedom and rights of the people. His father was limited by Saturn to Atlantis with like-minded and Zeus was erected as headquarters Olympus. Known to us 12 gods. It was not long, however, come war. This was the war el-lin (Ελ-λην) VS Atlas disastrous results. Known from ancient Greek literature. The defeated survivors Nephilim closed all to Tartarus and sealed there, except for 1900. The reign of Zeus lasted 1000 years and then was given a mandate by God Elohim means to withdraw from the land which he did not like at all but could not do otherwise. It is known how a gate was opened after the departure of Zeus and was instructed Alexander to closed again as we will see below.

What is the land of Gog and Magog?
The covert countries that house them all, namely the "polluted nations," in
Revelation called the land of Gog and Magog. St. Andrew talks about "idol"
ie region of India and probably in the Himalayas while but
Books are gates and elsewhere ...

What we know about the gates?
The "Gates" was inviolable. Underground genera, a result of intermarriage with
people increase and multiply and some of the "gateways" happened,
before the arrival of the Christ "opened". Then separate people with faith in
a take on the God sealed. The last recorded gathering
the "lost" infernal "and the seal of" gates "were opened
is what we read in the text of St. Andrew.
We also know from the text of the 15th century whose author is unknown,
that Alexander turned abhorrently nations with bronze gates are surrounded by
"Incomparable glass. That is because the copper alone was not enough and could
break surrounded by incomparable one kind of glass, which probably means a
kind of energy field.
So the doors remain sealed until the End Times come, and as
we saw earlier in Revelation to be opened by the Angel of God. To emphasize that
there is a 7th century text which justifies and confirms again
San Andreas, that Alexander the gates were sealed.
Why do not we know more about the "gates"?
Firstly for those activities of Alexander nobody knows
since all the relevant ancient texts conceal thoroughly. There are many
sources tell us about the "gates". The writings are well hidden but in
libraries in Jerusalem, Vatican City, Nevada and Macedonia ....
Several books on this topic, it is called the headquarters of Nephilim is located in the desert Takla MaCann,
Xin Jiang province in North China. The name Takla MaCann in the local language means enters
but do not go out. So there is an ancient and gigantic pyramid on top
the once was the temple of Baal. Below, then, this ancient pyramid called the White Pyramid,
there is an underground city called Mach-Tunney in the language of White Nachrmpen means the United States.
The White Brotherhood, and for which the elders of Mount Athos know. It is essentially a 12-member board
consisting of Nephilim and other primordial demons who are the Azazel, the Azazelon the Azarantel
and Azael. In these four demons, angels will be empowered to make major disasters over the
land in End Times.
In conjunction with the history and the prophecy of St Andrew

Alexander ended the Nephilim, polluted nations that, under the gates (below the White Pyramid) in
and gates are located in India. Let me stress that there are gates and other parts of the earth, like the North Pole.
In fact ended 72 kings as we say San Andreas. These then are the Kings will go out to
End Times with their followers and will haunt the world. It will not kill him but to the tortured
to accept the seal. St. Andrew speaks to their power on earth will last for 660 days while the passage
followed by the Revelation talks about 5 months only, ie for 150 days, because people will not stand
more. Imagine what we can pull that.
[Revelation Chapter TH10: echousin tail and identically skorpiois and centers, and the tail tais those having the power to become
adikisai people five months]
If you read the prophecy of St. Andrew, says he will eat live people and drink their blood.
It will also devour with great pleasure flies, frogs, dogs and any dirt. Woe to the regions
from where they go!
On this I can tell you that according to comments from various sources, farms have been notified Nephilim
people who use them as slaves and as food. Surprised huh? For the Nephilim people are not
anything other than livestock and language tell us Gkoim, meaning edible.
The Nephilim can not get out of the gates, only very spiritually powerful of them, when someone
invite them as with the simple call demons. On their return to earth to call the Great Return.
The gates will open to the Antichrist End Times. No wonder it has been said that those witnesses
of years will be the largest ever

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