by Annunaki77 on December 31st, 2012

History always repeats itself, as far as I know the G20 Leaders want to Cull the Population, if they Ban Guns in America, the Elites will run the Concentration Camps 24/7 round the Clock. They want to Cull 3 Quarters of the Population

The Elites are behind Schedule, they are hungry for Blood, be ready that's all I can say Friends.
I am not here to make friends I mean Serious Business.
Be Ready because the Party is about to begin, Millions will Perish for Lack of knowledge.
America Now Represents the 4TH REICH. Truth Hurts but remember your Founding Fathers they Warned you all.

Alex Jones December 30 2012 Gun Ban & Globalists' Takeover

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Annunaki77: Insider: Obama To Fully Engage Gun Owners with Armed Feds 2013

Insider: Obama To Fully Engage Gun Owners with Armed Feds in 2013

Tarheel: They wont like the reception they will get!

We, The People have removed the "Welcome" mat. It's "Go-bye-bye" time for them. (insert Vincent Price laugh (

Questions? I didnt think so.

Silenci030310: We are buying guns we are

We are buying guns we are prepared for anything. Im all for peace and harmony for humanity but self defense is a must. Im prepared and ready if we feel threatened or in danger. Thanks again annunaki for your wisdom and your knowledge. Keep your head up and keep giving us your knowledge its appreciated.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Happy new year to all

that the life (include Human lives) wins the side that wanna destroy it.

that we will have Force to face the Evil and win; include the Death.

that we will get conquer Peace to our House, our Families. that Good Vibes and Happines may inhabit in our Spirit.

that Love Reigns in our Heart, for ever and ever.


very att

Health and Good Will
and Harmony... and etc.. to all folks

wmarkley: In my state of Pa. there are

In my state of Pa. there are over 750,000 deer hunters, in Wi. there are 700,000 deer hunters, and that is just 2 states, add all the deer hunters in the country and you have the worlds largest army, and the worlds largest sniper corps. and that is just deer hunters, add in the ones who are armed and ready, plus the members of our armed forces who will join "we the people" and you have a force to be reconed with. If the globalists want to commit suicide, this is the way to go.

Tarheel: Well put, Wmarkley. On the border of NC/Va there's lotsa dem.

In fact, they are all over the place.

If I hear 1 more media outklet talk about Obama's legacy...Obama's legacy right now is a Do-NOTHING Congress, fruitless PsyOp gun control horseshit and corporate American-IZING. The People will strike him from The History books if he doesnt work correct things, which he can do. He has a rather GRAND opportunity in front of him. Let's see what he does with it.

The ultra-conservatives want to bring USA down and make it look like it's all Obama's/Democrats fault. If Obama doesnt react, it will be at least partially his fault.

bluesbaby5050: The Fiscal Cliff has already been decided............

Increase Taxes on the Rich only,and help the Middle class.This was reported news on this problem. Stalling is over. .

Tarheel: Unfortunately Fiscal Cliff was only postponed until March.

It was a screw up that they called it "over". UNFORTUNATELY, it isnt over.

Our DO-NOTHING Congress just bought themselves more time because of their inability to make a decision. This elected Congress has done less with more than ANY CONGRESS ever !

bluesbaby5050: That was the report...........

I did not see where it said postponed, but ya- know, I do not doubt it for a moment! This is how they Operate when they choose to,LOL!

Tarheel: Its all BS, aint it BB !

Im so sick of them and their BS.
The People are furious. Yeah, it was postponed until March. Of course, they had to instill temporary cautionary measures to take care of "things" until then.

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