The electromagnetic spectrum? How humans view our universe

by BamfOttO on December 1st, 2016

i had already posted this idea, so I am sorry if it is a repost. I did search it and it had seemed like I had not posted it, witch happens quite often with this chrome book cause there are are key combo;s that interact with normal typing that erase my whole typing text. I have usd computers since there mass use being born in 1984, and never have I found a more user unfriendly system than the chromebook. Also it links you to any google capable device in the world and brings up all you info just proves the facts that anything you use on this system is on file with out a doubt.
That was a long side note I want to talk about the fact that humans see color. As far as I know no other mamial or any creature on this planet has this ability. The science community who thinks they are so F'n smart thin that this is good. The visible light spectrum is so small on the electromagnetic scale it is sad. Every other creature can see things we can not. It is a prison cell. Ever wonder why e don't dream in color? cause we rise above it. Do not get me wrong, I love color. It is beautiful. It is such an amazing thing. It does control us. Science and business has used color against since the begining of civil control. The fact that we see color and we think it is nice limits our vison of the unseen. The fact that the masses reallie on the " 5 senses"(of course there is at least 3 others" is insane. That is another topic. This small widow of our vison is sad. You tell people there are other beings we can not see they think you are mad. Yet they can not function with out T.V., satilite, radio, phones, etc. Yet they do not deny their existance even though they can not feel or tell with their "5 senses" that it exists, disipite that these waves physically effect them. You bring up something that does not benifit them and they think you are a quack. People need t think. Use common sense and observe your world. The mass contradictions are so prevalent it is sad. We destroy ourselves.

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