by Annunaki77 on December 17th, 2011

The Human Body was Created by Annunaki Scientists and the ENGI Master Geneticist was the One and Only Lord Enki.
With the Help of the Falcon Elders (Masters) the Humans came into being, the Project was greater than the Primary Objective of mere Helper Position for the Annunaki, the Objective was Evolutionary Progresstion for Humanity must learn to unlock their Unlimited Potential.

Over the Centuries Humanity has been developing and improving their Potential Century after Century.
This is why the Reptilians have been using Elite Families as Vessels to stop the Ultimate Agenda of Mighty Lord Enki (Peace be Upon Him) and that Agenda is to become the Ultimate Eridanus Man.
In the Eridanus Galaxy the Human Being is to become the Super Man. The Super Terrans.

The Objective will be realized because wheels are being sent into Motion that no Reptilian can stop.
Awsome Destiny of the Great Falcons will be realized.
The Birdmen of the Alternate Galaxy of all Bird Nations.

Right know the current Agenda is an Agenda of Degrading the Human Being, through Sorcery and Pharmacopoeia is being Practiced under the Guise of Pharmaceuticals and Medicine.
Many folks think that so called Modern Medicine was just Invented during the current time being this past Century when infact Modern Medicine is not Modern but in fact ancient and has been practiced for Billions of years on other Planets also.

In ancient times Pharmacopoeia was under the guise of Sorcery. Like Steven Greer once said the term saved for the Extraterrestrials and that term is WSFM (Wierd Science and Friggin Magic), these Ancient Technologies you folks think is Modern isn't Modern at all.

The Pleadians use Devices like Apple Ipods but their Electronic Devices are Free Energy Devices with run on a Crystal Based Technology which runs on some type of Internet Frequency which can log on to the Pleadian Star System to log on to their Intergalactic Web which is much more advanced than the Earthly Internet Systems.

Be aware that the Erosion of Values here on Earth is a Direct Agenda by the Illuminati to Destroy the Family by Introducing Gay Marriage and equal rights, the Introduction of the Feminist Movement to Destroy the Family Unit by making the Women the Head of the Household.

The Erosion of Government Accountibility so the people decay and degrade.
The Destruction of the Human Race via Sorcery Pharmaceuticals/Vaccines)which equal Plagues,The Implementation of Austerity which will enable the Illuminati Goons to Tax you and your Family to Death and the Weekly Inspection of your Fridges to make sure you are starving and the Arrests of those who hide or hoard Food, this Agenda is Starvation, Also the Starting of False Flag Wars which the Illuminati Create the Wars (Like the Way Don King creates the Fights in a Rigged Boxing Match) and then they send thousands of Innocent Soldiers to their Graves to achieve the larger agenda.

The Slaughter of Human Life and the Feeding of the Reptilians via Soul Matrix Capture via the Moon and Mars Technologies.


Annunaki77: This nonsense will come to an end

We must not live in Fear but rather in Courage, Dignity, Love, Wisdom and Great Understanding.
For if we the People do not defend our Dignity, Self respect and Personal Responsibilty of us and our families, who will?, Ultimately it is our Divine Responsibilty.
So I say unto you Defend your Sacred Ground, Rainbow Warriors (You are my Immortals).
Awsome Power is yours, so take it.

Annunaki77: Some more Knowledge

Some more Knowledge

Thank you all for your Great Learning of your past.

cosmicstorm: who really created the human race

I want to know who really created the human race because i hear that humans are desendents of lyrans , that the draconians created the primitive race, and many more confusing stuff about how the human race came into existence, can someone please tell me the correct answer.

bluesbaby5050: EN.KI


Tim Lovell: Enki only created the current

Enki only created the current human species (Neanderthal was a side project of his), the original human blueprint (homo erectus) was put here by the original planners of earth which had a 12 stranded DNA blueprint to evolve into but when Enki (annunaki came he mixed his DNA with that of homo erectus then others of his family unplugged all but the lower physical 2 strands of DNA) thus cutting us off from our higher selves and 'divinity) this was done so we would be an easily manageable `worker race` to mine gold for the annunaki, earth is now going through the hard process of replugging all the unplugged DNA strands to heal the human race.

bluesbaby5050: Correct, and I ...........

I didn't bother to add the rest of the information, because I figured that this information has already been added many numerous times in different sections of Truth Control, and was easy to find. Also, many people that are incarnated into the Human body form, are NOT THE ORIGINAL EARTH HUMAN. MANY People that are in this human form are from different origins, and galaxies, and they are here on various missions to help the Human species in their present evolution, and for the Earth's evolution as well. These beings are old souls, and they have the experiences that highly qualifies them to do this kind of work, because this is what they have already done before on many other planets, in many galaxy's already. They are the best of the best, and this is why they were chosen. They are experts in their fields.They are the ground crew.

Tim Lovell: They are the Family of Light

They are the Family of Light :)

bluesbaby5050: Yes they are The Family of Light.........

I just felt there needed to be an explanation of what these people really are, and why they are here at this important time, instead of just giving the title of them.

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