The Egypt debacle

by Tarheel on August 17th, 2013

Early non in Morsi's tenure, Obama sent money and weapons. Now look...what a nightmare. Think we don't have a hand in this fracas? VERY EMBARASSING. This article says 50 people dead, but MSM says over 500 are DEAD.

Title- Dozens Dead As Clashes Rage Throughout Egypt

Excerpt- Intense gunfire is raging in the Egyptian capital – where crowds of the ousted president’s supporters are battling a mass deployment of security forces on the streets. At least 50 people – both Morsi loyalists and police officers – have been killed in rioting that’s been raging throughout the day, according to security officials. The death toll is also rising elsewhere in the country.


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bluesbaby5050: I THINK This WHOLE Planet Already KNOWS all About......

These activities, as they are CONSTANTLY in our faces on the DAILY NEWS EVERYDAY, and some people are choosing NOT to dwell on this, because it is DEPRESSING them, and they RELISE THIS! So in order for them to keep a POSITIVE FRAME OF MIND, BECAUSE THIS HELPS TO RAISE THEIR VIBRATIONS, THOSE ALSO FOR THOSE PEOPLE THAT THEY /WE COME INTO CONTACT WITH. It is also very important to help RAISE the vibrations along WITH MOTHER GAIA! Dwelling on all the negative news reports only holds this back.

bluesbaby5050: People do NOT come to Truth Control to read about........

The Negative DAILY NEWS. WE ALL KNOW WHERE TO LOOK FOR THIS, IF we want to. This is why none of us here post it.

Tarheel: Wrong AGAIN, 3D Bluesbaby5050.

Thanks for omitting me from your revolving door click. You're responsible for running off 90%+ of members. Want names? A lot of them e-mail me about your hot-headed antics.

If ya don't like it, don't read or respond. Feel free to stay out of my threads.
I never ask for your deluded point of view.

People certainly don't come here to read your delusional psychobabble. So, go amaze someone else, somewhere else if you don't like it. Or, maybe you could go to that portal on the Sun you spoke about. You know, the one where you're going in 2017. Dude?

At any rate, this is NOT your site, and you have no right telling anyone what to post.

Please don't embarrass yourself further by engaging me. You cant ever win.

You are stuck in self-perpetrating 3D, and you cannot change it. It's beyond sad.

bluesbaby5050: As Usual Your Ignorance is Obvious, as we............

As we ALL are in the 4TH dimention. Only your Lower thoughts, and Low Attitudes to people, and world events will keep You Locked in the Lower Dimentional Realities. I get Plenty of Inboxes about you as well, and Not good either. You have a Nice/Life day now!

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