Edward Snowden: Here's How We Take Back the Internet........

"A Magna Carta for the Internet;"
This video puts to rest concerns some have expressed about Edward Snowden's continuing contributions to the dialogue about the balance between national security and personal privacy - and concerns raised that he isn't being entirely controlled or gagged; with his information strictly parceled out by the newly-launched, Pierre Omidyar-sponsored media venture, 'First Look'.

This is especially comforting, in light of the fact that last week, it was revealed that Omidyar made financial contributions towards right-wing, US-backed militias in the riots of Ukraine.

Edward Snowden speaks here to the TED2014 audience in Vancouver British Columbia from a remote location in Russia via a "telepresence robot".

He speaks with his extraordinary trademark articulateness and with such an astounding degree of integrity and honor on the many, many topics so far uncovered: such as the "deputization" of telecommunications and social media corporations, to do work on the behalf of the NSA, which was technically illegal for the NSA to do, to begin with; on how these activities open up the door to the NSA's snooping but to any other entities' espionage teams to do the same, by figuring out the routes the NSA has taken. In effect, by enjoining US businesses to spy on their own clients, the NSA has weakened America's National Security.

Snowden also speaks on the efforts of the NSA to disable SSLs (Secure Sockets Layers) - which currently protect banking and credit card activities and are something which Snowden feels should be a part of the coding of every page on the Internet, to return privacy to its users.

To those who would say, "I'm not doing anything wrong, I don't care if they're spying on everything I do," he brings up the issue that agents from other governments years down the road could misinterpret plane rides you took and purchases you made to wrongfully charge you with crimes you did not commit:

"Your rights matter," he says, "because you never know when you're going to need them." Chris Anderson interviews, with special guest, the founder of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee.

Snowden speaks here on so many other vitally important items, it truly makes one's head spin. This video is so enlightening, light-hearted and inspirational, yet as serious as any topic imaginable - it is simply not to be missed! http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/anomalies/edward-snowden-here...

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dvogel: Snowden is questionable

I believe Snowden is a fake. The only thing he did was pointing out the obvious and he gets all the media attention he wants while true whistle blowers get killed, rediculed; or imprisoned. Very suspicious that he worked for the CIA before NSA. Its sometimes a good trick, to let a controlled person bring out a small truth (which was more or less common already) to overshadow others with much bigger truths which are much more harmful to the elite. Look at Jim Stone who brought out (and still does) truths 100 times bigger than this, no media not even the big alternative ones dare even mentioning him.

UN.i1-PHI: i think so too

he tells stuff people would commonly agree with and should already know by now about security/privacy issues etc
but what if THEY use this as an opporttunity to get people following him/THEM because many people already know they're SPYING so THEY're trying to make sure that IF these (following) people want to do something about it, it goes THEIR(NWO) way, and then they'll use it to Install a NewWOrldWideWeb of the NWO, while the fooled people think they've united in freedom and goodness with the new global standards/orders of security & privacy (and every other aspect of life btw), but that would be most far from truth as the ppl become enslaved by the NWO for naively following and believing those 'idols&authoroties' and trust them them handle things for the ppl

when i read this thread's main article i suddenly tought that snowden could be even a counterspy working in russia's interest for their counter-espionage on the usa and the rest of the world because he's sheltered by russia against the threatening usa for leaking their files and is talking about urges for new security and encryption systems/standards wich could give rise to a controlled fake/'highjacked' movement/establishment of secure internet/privacy..!

but i still think this whole fiasco/diversion is all organized TOGETHER in conspiracy against the people ofc as usual and that their opposition(OPPONENTS) is STAGED from the highest degree while letting lowers power the system by keeping them wheels spinning and 'fighting' against eachother

and the MSM played it as the elephant in the circus because they gain from this as people get diverted into their hypnosis thinking they will be resolving the issues between the people and horrible agencies and governments like privacy/security infringement as they pretend to say because they are now getting 'informed' about it as they follow them, but while they lead, they lead the people closer to the NWO system of total control/enslavement having them fooled about what just happened...

(and that's what happens when the people continue to buy into their false flags and let them rule and implement their versions of solutions to the problems that they actually created but deceivingly blaimed it on another cause that asks for requirement of a new solution ofwich they can abuse the opportunity to establish and fulfill their agenda in treason against the ppl of earth)

Snowden A False Hero - To Provide Us A Sense Of Unity - Morris

Fake and Faker: Assange and Snowden

UN.i1-PHI: Take back the internet

but when doing it, it must be sure that we are not giving it all away to the NWO by naively letting them establish a new system where they actually have direct total control&access anyways... (and it would seem as if we're rid of secret spying governments and agencies because its all amalgamated into One World Net)

so this is actually how you could agree on most things snowden actually says and portrays, but still fall for the scam of the scum...

dvogel: I agree

Forget about Snowden as a hero, he is in my eyes most likely a CIA agent. Like I mentioned it's worth taking a look at the work of ex NSA employee (No CIA connections) Jim Stone, his page is www.jilstonefreelance.com . The page is a bit chaotic but it has some amazing info such as the very details Fukushima report.


also interesting:


dvogel: Another interesting link about Snowden and Wikileaks

We are being fooled so much that even our so called freedom heros are fake. One good way of spotting this is to see what enters all the mainstream media. Most likely there will be something wrong then, something manipulated, like the Ukraine case and now the kidnapped girls in Nigeria (I will put some links for that below as well).

(Snowden and Wikileaks)

(Nigerian kidnappings)


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