by obsrvantlouie on October 17th, 2014

O, I am sorry....is it too soon for you? Actually...Fubar. It's not too soon for me and since the world doesn't revolve around you....I am allowed to make jokes about 'Ebola' - The New Terrorist of the United States.

Let's try to tackle this somewhat logically....LIKE the CDC and the government have.

BREAKING NEWS....There is a deadly virus spreading in Africa; This is the worst Ebola outbreak the world has ever seen.

Okay - what do you do when your friends are sick? I would assume you do like most people and avoid them.

What does your business do when a co-worker is sick? I would hope that they send him/her home to be isolated and rest until recovered in an attempt to not spread the sickness around the office.

What do you do when your children are sick? I would assume you make doubly certain to wash your hands and disinfect the house while pumping vitamin C, D and any other immune booster you are accustomed to

What do you do when the movie theater has bed begs? Hopefully you stay home and read a book.

What does the United States Government do when someone in a foreign country contracts a deadly virus like ebola? They fly them into one of the largest and most densely populated airports in the world (Atlanta, Georgia).

What does the United States Government do when a person in Texas is infected with Ebola? They expose 72 hospital staff to him and treat him at a 'hospital'.....as opposed to quarantining him and designating specific staff under proper protocol to treat him.

Now that one of these 72 staff members contracts the ebola virus from the Texas man....what does the United States Government do? They fly this person on a standard commercial plane half-way across the country to Cleveland, Ohio to be treated.

What does the mainstream media (CNN, FOX, MSNBC etc) report during all of this? They: repeatedly lament about how frightened and scared you are, that if you aren't frightened and scared than you should be, fear mongering, fear mongering, fear mongering...I could go on here but if you aren't aware of MSM tactics then...shame on you.

What has the United States Government been accused and proven of doing since its genesis? Aside from being controlled by freemasons, being a corporation of the British empire, spreading democracy in the form of tomahawk missiles.....they have repeatedly been caught: Lying to the people (the illusion of a free country), manipulating the people (democrats and republicans are two wings of one bird), poisoning the people (fluoride, agent orange, vaccinations), executing false flags on the people (Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11).....the list is endless.

Now....instead of worrying about the 'truth movement'....all the government has to do is claim your exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory illness and they can quarantine you out of suspicion of having Ebola...furthermore, against your will you can be vaccinated with a new trial drug (that sounds really safe) even though (dependent upon the person) Ebola is not always fatal.

Could this be what the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and Fema Camps are for?

Could this be why the MSM has been playing up the United States 'Border' problem.....so that they can claim a slew of 'illegal' immigrants have crossed the border while infected with the ebola virus and martial law can be declared in a major city?

Could this be the catalyst for a United Nations takeover and One World Government?

Could an Alien ship greet us with a cure for Ebola?

Could a gamma ray burst take place right now and everyone on earth perish in approximately 20 seconds?

All empires fall......nothing last forever. Clearly the United States has been selected to fail by the 'Powers That Be'....why else would everything the United States Government do be a complete clusterfuck and why else would we be Trillions of dollars in debt. NEWSFLASH......the subject of 'Accounting' is not a difficult one...you have receivables and you have payables.....receiving needs to be more than paying in order to generate a positive cash flow.

In the words of Jordan Maxwell "you get what you pay for" ......the USG invests exponentially more money into the military industrial complex than it does education and infrastructure.

Strap in and enjoy the ride folks, Agenda 21 is about to blast off!!!

Or.....don't strap in and make your own ride....your choice.

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Were all dumb.

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