Ebola Czar [ Newly Appointed by Obama] Ron Klain Says, "Overpopulation" Top Concern!

by bluesbaby5050 on October 24th, 2014

Ebola Czar [ Newly Appointed by Obama] Ron Klain Says, "Overpopulation" Top Concern! Published on Oct. 20, 2014.

Ron Klain on the "top leadership issue in the world today."

Where do they find these great big pieces of Shit ?! Africa alone could grow enough food to feed the whole world considering the technology that now exists to turn the desert into rich fertile lands for growing crops, and grains. Its people like this Mother F$%^&*, Bill and linda Gates, Soros, and Kissmyassinger and a few thousand alike that need to be Exterminated. There is no Fu%^*^# over population problem. There is however some sick pieces of Shit that need to go! I AGREE WITH THIS COMMENT, DO YOU? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRdpi0Ww2-8
MORE Here -Ebola Czar: Overpopulation Controls Are Needed in Africa - Published on Oct 22, 2014 .
President Barack Obama’s new ‘Ebola Czar’ Ron Klain is an enthusiastic advocate of population control who thinks that there are too many people in Africa. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE-5ie9fhlw

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pasqualie: You dont have to worry about population control

They already doing it. They just do it through gmo food which does genetic damage to you where the people and offspring eating it will be sterile in 3 generations as max igan says in studies they have found with animals that were fed it. they wont attribute it to the food they eat, and if they do, he says monsantos will just say they will do a 30 year study, and by that time the people are dead, so no reason to complete the study. Its why any 3rd world country that refuses to accept it or grow it ,gets cut off from imf loans and faces huge repercussions. GMO food is everywhere, even fluoride, if you dont take it in water or toothpaste, its in the food and salt. so even if you eat organic veggies and fruits, you probably eating gmo in bread or other foods you buy, unless you grow your own food and animals that you eat, and make your own bread from the wheat you grow. you use shower gels, contains tons of chemicals, uk study found it makes people infertile by affecting their endocrine glands even from small exposure to minute chemicals in there.

pasqualie: its why fertility clinics set up to solve the problem

Costs about 200 thousand in the states but they can allow couples to have a kid if they can pay. Know a couple in toronto who went down to buffalo clinic so they could have a kid. procedure cost em about 200 thousand dollars for their son to be born through hormone therapy.

Sounds crude, if you cant pay you cant have a kid. But they already allowing people in the world to starve because they cant pay for food.

its just going to be the new norm, have a mortgage for house, and save up for a mortgage or two to have kids. and this way they eliminate families with low socio-economic conditions from having too many kids, or any at all. its in the food, the shower gels and everything else.


pasqualie: its why the drama on population control is distraction

they get you worried about fantastic stories or methods, when they already doing it through the back door through the gmo food and soaps and other every day things you use. if its not that its the dirty electricity or the elf or cell phone and satellites, or the chemicals in the clothes you wear. Only way to avoid it is if you live in a cave and grow your own food with no technology, walk around naked or with fur, and just fire, which 99.999999 percent of people wont do.

bluesbaby5050: Yes I have actually......

That's why I buy organic dry, and canned on the internet. It's alway better then what's in the super-markets. And it's free delivery, and S&H too. I buy roasted venision/deer meat with blue berrie, and rasberries, and carrots, and peas, and green beans, and all the vet recommended vitamins, and minerals contained in it for a couple of dallors more then the cheap cereals brands made in China[ their foods, and other items are not safe to handle, or consume. They are not FDA regulated, and lead, and mercury etc. is found in all there products. WAL-MART CARRIES ALL THEIR PRODUCTS, and other countries depend on them. Too bad it's set up this way, but they did all this our our OWN GOOD! NOTTT! So wise up, and be careful of where you trade for your goods/shop. Don't spend your hard earned money on poison goods. Other Asian countries do this also, and it's cheap labor too. Dogs and cats can eat pretty much as humans do, but with their own type of vitamins, and minerals. Home cooked is always best.

bluesbaby5050: Sorry for the typo errors....

I forgot to add that along with the roasted vension meat, is roasted Salmon contained within this foods. wWhen cooking for your pets use salt carefully, as they need some too, but in smaller amounts. Be careful of what you add, because they do not eat spicy foods as we do, or rich foods as we do. Easy on the bacon, and pork because it can induse inflammation in your pets as well as you also. Uric acid is not fun to deal with in us, or with them.

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