Earth under invasion? Can arcturians help?

by Plu4 on October 12th, 2017

Earth seems to be under invasion and arcturians might be needed can you ask them to help 10 % only might be left of humans.

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LoliApolys: what can you tell me

so can you tell me where you got your source for this? what beings are attacking earth, what are they doing?

Tarheel: Something like this

When you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, decide if you will dwell in a good world or a bad world. Set your day.
I hope you choose a good world and add to it's betterment.
What kind of spirit are you?

JonnyStarseed: Just spoke to a representative from the Arcturian High Council.

My spouse is a channel and when she's asleep she can contact the Arcturians through automatic writing. This is what they had to say about the "invasion":

" there have been malevolent beings in dealings (on earth) for decades but you are well protected by the Arcturians and the alliance"

Let me know if you have any other questions for them. I can contact them virtually any time.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Yeah, Ask them about the

Yeah, Ask them about the Titans that fell in 1994 over the Midwest after the Hubble found the celestial space on the outer parameters of the universe (this one) Also ask them why it took 20 damn years for contact (2014) for further instructions? Was it just to wait until I was older or what? Way to leave someone hanging/make them think they're crazy. Tell them thanks... :|

BenjaminFalkenrath: Also, They never answered my

Also, They never answered my original questions I asked backed then. They told me to respect their authority in that the knowledge they possessed was best left un-answered at that time for a reason. Why? an for how long? They should know the question & the answer....

BenjaminFalkenrath: I am happy with how things

I am happy with how things are going now I can understand if they can only talk to certain people. When I encountered them back then their were 4 as I call them titans. Since I can't remember as they called themselves. Sent by whomever to protect us against whoever an each of the 4 had a quadrant of space.
But I was just a kid. So I'm Probably just a crazy person now huh? lol

Logical Chaos: I have a question

I got a question for Johhny, what do the Artucians want? What do they look like? Are they somehow related to humans?

LoliApolys: Invasion

There is still a lot of work to be done on this planet. But now that the war is over between the main factions of ets. The parents can now tend to a verry naglected planet. The stranght of protection is increasing on earth...and a lot of papper work. If you have any evidence please tell me so i can help. Thanks.

Tarheel: Great

Great to hear strong positive commentary.
All I feel negative is last ditch futile efforts by the malevolent forces.
There's way more positive vibes.

bluesbaby5050: Invasion

This planet has been invaded from extraterrestrials living inside this planet for millions of years. There are many different alien groups living inside this planet.
A faction of this group came from Germany to escape WW2 when the war was nearing it's end. This group is the Nazi Germans that helped Adolf Hitler to escape to the caverns deep underground and inside of Antarctica by way of their submarines.

After a while doing some sight seeing and inspecting, and admiring the Nazis achievements during, and after the war, Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun Hitler had secretly toured the US with new identities.
And then Adolf and his wife lived in Argentina in South America where many Nazi's managed to escape to.
And some of the Nazi's were hunted down and caught, and then they went to trial and they were found guilty, and executed for their war crimes against humanity during WW2.

Meanwhile, Adolf Hitler lived out the rest of his life free, and he died well into his 90s.
During the middle 1940s the Nazi's had built their new military Nazi base underground in the many caverns in Antarctica, and they evolved their high technologies with the help of the reptilians and the other groups of malevolent aliens using the help of human slave labor.
They had developed over 30 different proto types of spacecrafts in Antarctica, and then they were able to build a military Nazi base on the moon during the mid 1940s, also using human slave labor. They were then able to go to the planet Mars, and while there they built another Nazi military base using human slave labor.
Some of the elites of planet Earth have tried to escape punishment for their many assorted crimes against humanity and against this planet.

They have their own space crafts that were back engineered by the Nazi's and by the reptilians, and by other malevolent ETs that helped Hitler when he escaped to Antarctica nearing the end of WW2 by the many Nazis submarines.
Those secret black space projects were paid for without the consent or the knowledge of the US people while freely using the US people's taxpayer's money.
Those secret projects are also being backed up by the Rockefella's, and by the Rothchilds, and by the vatican and by those other elitists for their secret black space projects taking place underground in Antarctica.
The Rothchilds OWN large portions of land in Antarctica in the north eastern regions.
The loud booms and noises heard around this planet are the wars taking place above our heads around planet Earth.
The Sphere Being Alliance is fighting a war against the malevolent ETs, and against the elitists of earth along with the help of the Solar Warden (the outta space police) that is a secret branch of the US Navy, and they are forcing them back down under the ocean in Antarctica where they came from.
NO one won WW2!
All parties, the leaders from all the countries involved in all the wars made secret deals behind the scenes without the consent and without the knowledge of it's peoples in their countries.
There are lots of profits to be gained in creating wars, and the people of those countries are used as pawns to fight in the place of those that are making the many secret deals behind the world stage.

These are the many methods used to depopulate the people of planet Earth, though the many wars, and though chemtrails, and
though the poisoning of our drinking water with drugs being dumped into the drinking water along with the very toxic Flouride that comes from the industrial waste and sold to America from China. Heavy metals are also dumped into the waterways. Fracking for petroleum and crude oil is being sucked from deep inside the earth on the land and deep inside the worlds oceans killing off humans and sea life.
The poisoning of the human foods with lab created GMOs and the added pesticides being sprayed on to the crops that absorb those toxic chemicals and then leech deep into the soil with negative long lasting effects over time. The added animal dna and the added insect dna to the human and animal food supplies will change both when eaten over time and will cause many mutations, and will cause many deaths as will be the results of those actions.
HARRP is also being used in controlling the worlds weather by using HARRP technologies in the airwaves, and it's being used under the oceans, and it's being used to create man made earthquakes, and it's being used to create many floods that in turn kills many people, and destroys their homes causing them to become homeless. Those floods also kill off their crops before harvest time, while it kills off the animals that graze on those lands all due to the floodings, and those actions cause food shortages, and diseases and famine.
First chaos is created causing many problems then the same criminals offer solutions to those problems that " THEY " created in the first place.
The history of this planet is a LIE and the real truth of Earth's history is being withheld and suppressed, and the truth is mixed with lies, and being taught to the children in the world's classrooms. The worlds youth are being brainwashed, and they are being taught, and trained to be good little slaves so when they grow up they will become adult slaves, and they will work for the companys that the elitists own, and they are those same parasites, those same criminals that live off of the slaves that are forced to pay heavy taxes paid yearly to the privately owned Internal Revenue Service or go to jail by those same parasites that installed the illegal institution of the IRS by the use of blackmail.
And this method was used to threaten President Woodrow Wilson into signing the order and conditions of the IRS system while he was in office in 1913 when this privately owned institution was illegally installed. The threats of murder was used against him for the lives of his family to force him unwillingly to bend into submission to get their way.
The IRS is a Criminal Organization that a small amount of men own and use illegally against the American people to make them rich, and it should be abolished, and the owners stripped of all their wealth and assets, and then liquidated to be used to pay back the surviving tax payers that are still alive, and to be paid back to the families of the deceased tax payers. Then the present owners should be tried and jailed for those parasitic criminals that they truly are. Like I said, the history of planet Earth is a LIE.

Tarheel: BB up !

Good to see BB interjecting her knowledge.

bluesbaby5050: Invasion

Most people think that the first MAN on the moon was the American astronaut Mr.Neil Armstrong but this is NOT the truth at all. The first MAN on the moon was actually a german by the name of Herr. Schmidt a german astronaut. The english translation is Mr.Smith.
He helped to establish the Nazi base on the moon. Herr.Schmidt also went on to establish a German Nazi base on the planet Mars as well. And Mr. Neil Armstrong was the first American MAN on the moon.
And in 1952 the nine flying saucers that was photographed flying over the state capital in Washington DC was the German Nazi's flying saucers that were seen flying in American air space.
They were making a statement to the US government that they had the capabilities to defeat Admiral Bird in Antarctica ( which the Nazi's did do according to Admiral Bird's report to the then president Harry Truman)
and so both sides made a deal to work together in many secret military projects after the war.
Both the American government and the Germans were secretly working on many projects together unknown to the public, when there was an exchange of german scientists that came to America to work for the US government while other scientists went to the Russia government to help with their many secret projects rather then those German scientists facing punishment after WW2.

And that's where the trillions of American tax dollars disappeared to, but the US government and the elitists won't tell the US people that.

And while in office in the early 1980s,
President Ronald Reagan made a speech to the UN about what we would do if Earth was faced with an attack from extraterrestrials. Would we put aside our differences and would we unite and come together for the common good of humanity and planet Earth.

Logical Chaos: Question

How do we know that the sighting of the 9 UFOs over Washington DC was in fact Nazi humans and not ET aliens?

bluesbaby5050: Invasion

It's historical facts reported by Admiral Bird in the interviews , and his reports were recorded on LIVE tv as this was normal back then.
( nothing like now).
And then those tv interviews was broadcasted to the public during primetime tv. Im 66 years old and I watched those news reels that were recorded live in Antarctica by those reporters that risked their lives to get all that footage from many reporters that joined in that famous battle there. Many lost their lives getting the truth out. They were heros. Also, the contents of his diary was released to the public by his son, and grandson after his death. His dairy was entrusted to his son and then passed onto his grandson as they were instructed to do. The public had a right to know the truth and the fighting was recorded live as reporters often went into war with the US soldier's. I saw those live battles recorded live on those news reels as they took place in Antarctica. The Nazis crooked cross was on those saucers shooting lasers at the US aircraft carriers and at their airforces. They were flown over DC capital to send the government a serious message as I had thoroughly explained in the paragraph's above. Those were the wishes of Admiral Bird for disclosure to the American public, and his wishes were carried out by his family. And after that disclosure was made, many different, movies were made famous with copycat themes of worldly invasions played out on the big screens in the movies, and then on the Black an white tv movies watched in people's homes. Soft disclosure took place using the entainment medias back
then, and this method is still being used up to present day.

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