by Annunaki77 on October 10th, 2011

Earth was Tiamat, a former shadow of it's Glorious Self. It was Tiamat the home of the Olympians and the God Zeus.
The previous trajectory , Orbit was between Mars and Jupiter. Earth was twice the size it is now.

This was the Home of the Olympians and their King of the Gods the Mighty Zeus of Olympus.
Since Tiamat was twice the size of Earth you can imagine that the people their on Tiamat were twice the size on the average then that of the current humans of Earth. In your Bible you call these survivors of the great destruction of Tiamat the Nephilin (Giants), those who saw the daughters of men beautiful and mated with them. Are you seeing the bits and pieces being put together,the true history of Earth.

The Bible has truths, but like I said before it is bits and pieces of a Story that is so incredible that it would blow away and piece of fiction ever written.
There are many other Great Books that make the Bible look like a Kindergarden Story compared to the truth , the Real Story of Ancient Earth and it's Inhabitants is far more Incredible and Awe Inspiring.

This is the Story , an Incredible Story of an Ancient Kingdom and an Ancient King God called Zeus , a Warrior who was denied an Empire that was only second to One, a Dog Canus Empire of Sirius A. This will be the story of Earth before it was Destroyed in the Ancient War between Sirius Canus King Anu of Sirius A and and the Orion Queen Bekti , the Mighty Serpent Queen of Orion.

Lord Al Al Im (Master Genecist Scientist, the Geneticist Scientist that Created life before Lord Aya) helped in bringing life to the Bod Star System and it's planets created Worlds that were Tropical and extremely beautiful).

King Al Al was the first King to the Bod Star System the Grand Father of Zeus (Iku-Mar-beh). King Al Al mined the precious Metals and Ores for his Kingdom and the Serpent Queens of Orion.

Zeus was born of Cronus and Rhea, his elder siblings are Poseidon, Hera, Demeter,Hades and Hestia.
On the Bod Star System King Zeus was the Ruler of all things,the Lightening, Thunder, skies, the Rain and Mount Olympus including all Gods and Goddesses.
The Heavens were considered a Great and Powerful Place because Zeus was the Supreme Ruler.
King Zeus was the God of Law, Justice, and was the Guardian of Order and Peace.

King Zeus Weapon was the Lightening Bolt, which he used with devestating accuracy against anyone who dared to destroy his Peaceful Kingdom.

Zeus was the Supreme God and Ruler of Mount Olympus, he is Worshiped by many , the Almighty Zeus will always be remembered for his power and his Rule over all the Olympian Gods.

Zeus , Anu , Bekti Declared War on Each other, a Rumble in the Galactic Jungle.
After the War was over Lord Zeus was captured , Orion and Sirius were victorious.

King Anu sent his two Sons , One to Recreate Life Engi Geneticist Lord Aya (Enki) and inorder to keep his ambitious Son Lord Enlil away from Sirius he sent Lord Enlil to Earth for Enki and Enlil to share the planet. It didn't work out so well, they fought each other for dominion.
Earth was in constant turmoil. King Anu tried to keep the Peace with both Sons.

Enki's son Marduke recieved the Throne of Earth and he became RA along with his Rebel Queen.
Marduke/RA lost his power because he was too busy fighting Enlil on Mars.
When Marduke came back to Earth his treacherous Rebel Queen took his power and the Reptilians have been in power ever since.

The NWO is a Reptilian Violation of Free Will and Destiny. Now it is the responsibility of Humanity and it's Rainbow Warriors to take back Earth from the clutches of these Reptilian Slime balls. Lord Enki is with you. You are all awsome so always defend liberty Humans of Earth.


A tribute MK Style Good vs Evil.


Tarheel: Question for Anunaki77

Why were all subservient to Orion Queen? I mean, why did people mine gold for her/them? Im not againt it, I just wonder why.

viquibaby: changes in Earth size

You are saying it used to be larger but that could be incorrect, since the oceans and the gaping trenches suggest it has been getting larger. Also, it seems a year is now more days long than it used to be, so it makes more sense that the earth is becoming larger instead of smaller.

highplainssister: Illusion

Seth said that there has been 3 different planets or earths right here in the same position were this planet is now. I think some mediums are full of BS but there many things that said Seth said intuitionaly I feel is true. And what you say the earth is getting larger that too sounds just logical. I think there are as many earths as there are abilities in which to perceive it. What you think is illusion maybe isn't, ever been sitting around and off to the right of your eye maybe you caught a glimpse of say perhaps the wall gets bigger or smaller, Seth said that if you see it that you saw the thruth, objects shift in substance all the time , it is not stable and that is not an illiusion.

highplainssister: I am a scardy cat, I always

I am a scardy cat, I always been a scardy cat, everything in this world will hurt ya. That has been my mentality most of my life up until now recent years. I was always haveing what is said by most to be little accidents and I thought I had a jinx on back. I got really protective of myself cause of all those little accidents, wouldn't take chances, wouldn't be atheletic , but at least I finally got grown, I didn't get killed climbing any mountains or anything. When I was 19 my life was a pure rut and I was afraid to branch out and change anything. Then at that time , never had chicken pocks, but I be damed if didn't get chicken pocks, so I said that must be signal something is trying to tell me something, I got to change, come hell or high water something has got to change. I went to bed one night like this was 1975, I was soo distraught with my life, I won't happy one bit and I was as dumb as an ameba back then, ha. I had a dream, I dreamed that I was out into space, and heard this real loud booming voice it just fill all of space, then after that I saw a lady sitting in a house in a rocking chair and someone in this dream says this lady is speaking his words that you heard and knew too that this woman was in New York. That won't the end of it, I heard a voice said, wake up look out of the window. My first husband was asleep beside me our bed was pushed in a corner, one window was at the head of bed, the other next to me on my side. I looked out the window , I had some huge sunflowers that I had planted with big flowers grown up to that window, it was summer time, what I saw has been with me until this day and will be till I die, what appear to be a ball of fire was floating about 2ft. off the ground, looked like sparks of electricity shooting all through it, it scared me and thought it was a real physical fire, something calmed and then I didn't feel afraid, a voice tells me that my life was going to change, I'd have hard times but that I would be ok. I layed back in the bed and went back to sleep.
I just want to tell ya your experiences make you who you are. By the way the woman I saw was Jane Roberts, she channeled Seth so I will probably never leave Seth.

highplainssister: Business

I am the authority of the scardy cat business, I suspect there are some more scardy cats around here, where is the red hair man and his buddy the little skinny shrimp with the meat cleaver ? Come out, come out where ever you are, I am going to find you.

smayer: I think it is really great

I think it is really great that you have seemed to develop your personality in such great steps trying to conquer the world without fearing it. I really think it is necessary in order to see all the beauty of this life. I believe life to be like a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered from serenata - every single flower is a symbol of steps that lie ahead and steps one has to take.

Tarheel: We finally exorcized that Circus Clown.

Dont incite her, PLEASE.

WE welcome youi, though if you are Pure of heart and of benevolence to Humanity.

bluesbaby5050: YA-I second that motion here too!


highplainssister: The Vedas say the Sun is the

The Vedas say the Sun is the highest spiritual planet, when a person has gone through their full reincarnational cycles they ascend to this planet, they have four arms. The Entity is a gesalt of many souls, souls are gesalts of many personalities, souls are many personal lives and many actual probable worlds we are many minds. I am protected by Vishnu, I have literly seen this four arm form twice, I was not asleep or in any sort of meditative trance at those times. The Sun God's name is Vivisvan. I don't worship it, I don't worship anything or any body. Most people want to worship something, I guess to give them some sort strength or comfort. But I don't. I don't have to, it is as simple as that.

Lion of astinus: Djinn / The White Wolf / Channeling

Hi all ,just wanted to explain myself maybe get some resolve from your take on the following ,

I got diagnosed with Auditory hallucinations a while back , years as it goes , Here take these pills , i didnt take them , i have friends who have witnessed the manifestations which have revealed themselves to me at differing stages during this existance, included 1x Djinn, 1x White Wolf Guardian 1x 2nd generation ancestor , on top of that i studied with the JWs for like 5 earth years dragged the elders over the coals in detail with no real answers ,
Upshot is this as i am given , As a race of human being we must regress to progress , share all knowledge without selfishness without greed without deceipt or desire for wealth for selfish purpose , this is why the state of the powers on earth are getting panicky ,

Additionaly , i was given in a dream the blueprint for a vehicle which operates using solar energy and compressed air , where did that come from ? ,
It seems as though i am trapped in this sytem of things yet i see what is needed for universal understanding ,
why is it then , that the makers of war and destruction and followers of greed and deception have dominance here , this must change and it will change ,
Am i alone in this ? oh the white wolf was protecting and premonitionary in warning two of us of intervention of a malicious nature , in fact saved our lives , the Djinn was half human torso with a face that changed constantly , serpent bottom half in purple and blue , mimicking my own thoughts and feelings at the time , i was reading a bible as it goes , then years later i find the sumerian texts , and so on , yet it still beggars belief that those who are given the truth even in its most simple form still walk under the veil and without release ok , please forgive my directness but i am blunt and straightforward, maybe to my detriment i dont know for sure yet

Revelator: Correct to a point.

What you wrote makes sense,but it has flaws.Once the people take back what is theirs,it will all begin again.Some individual,tribe,town or so forth will produce one that seeks more than the others.He will produce a more powerful weapon,or perhaps be a better orator than his peers.Then they will flock to him & his ideas thinking they will become a great part of the new movement.They won't but will give the great thief a way to own what belongs to no man.And this circle will constantly turn.All we can hope for is a tribe or group to overthrow the thief long enough to experience the joys of freedom,so it can be passed to their children to rise up against the next great thief.

Lion of astinus: Those who take by force

Out walking in the fields and the forests when a small man approached claiming ownership of all underfoot , when asked where did he obtain these lands , he replied, from my father , and was asked again then , where did your father obtain them , he replied , from his father , and so on and so on , however although he does assume some type of false lineage in his manner and speech, his own pompous mind did get the better of him in one of his latter replies to the same question , and he said in response " well if you must know he FOUGHT for these lands and properties " thus the walker did roll up his sleeves and say to the small man , " thus it is proven that your claim is indeed false and assuned , I will fight you here and now for those lands and properties to be returned to the dwellers of the land those whom ancestors were cheated of their
right to walk wheresover they choose without regard to paying any notice to your claims of ownership ,
This is the truth of the claimed lineage of all that seek power and wealth , it is not theirs to claim, nor shall it be given , it shall all be returned to the FREEMEN and the FREEWOMEN of the earth , and so the myth of class and of superiority via Pieces of Paper and Metals will come to an end as a direct result of their greed and selfishness their own futures will diminish for their lack of sight is unveiled now .

highplainssister: Greed

There is 2 sides to that story, if a person lives in a home all his life , it is not wrong for him to want to keep it, why should he give it away to benefit a thief. After the Civil War, the carpet baggers stole the lands of the souhern people. One thing I agree, this world is full of greed.

Revelator: Greed Reply

What the world is experiencing today is a greed game that started over a hundred years ago.The powerful began to see if they gave to the masses,then the masses would love them.As entitlements became more frequent the Powerful grew more so.Soon the game grew so,that the masses stood not a chance.They were content to lie back,be fed,housed, & medicated by the Powers.It had gotten so bad the Powers brought in people from others countries to do the work of the masses.The masses screamed "They're taking our jobs",but they would not work because it would mean an end of the entitlements for the masses.So now they recieve the gifts but have no power or say so in their life.If it ever ends,it will happen because the masses refuse the entitlements & take back control over their lives.

highplainssister: People

If the NWO takes full control of all properties, do you think it will require passports still to go from one country to another ? I think they will make people even more dependent on government and even less free than we are now, they will tell lureing lies to get people thinking all is in their
best interest not to own anything and it is all because these Grandmothers of all thieves want the whole world for them selves. The citizens in the world are not stupid like they think we are , we got enough common sense to know these illuminat , Satan Worshipers, want to even kill all of us. We are going to fight every way we can to keep what we got now up to this point in time, be it right or wrong that is what all people all over the world is going to do.

Tarheel: Revelator's comment

Wow, what a great oversimplification ! I like your interpretation for it's humor with truth in it.

bluesbaby5050: These are Not quotes here.These are ideas.

This is about the Truth of our Earth's history here.These were spoken ideas.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: To 11Orion11---here is the history of Earth-and Zeus---

This is what you have been asking me,and Tarheel for. It is all in here for you. Spoken by our Lord Annunaki 77,Our Master Teacher. Lord Edisonik, is also our Master Falcon Teacher. I found it for you already posted in our forum. Read the above at the beginning, and then all the re-plies to it. Enjoy! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

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