Earth oh sweet sweet Earth, an Ark of Wonder and home for many Species.

by Annunaki77 on August 8th, 2011

The Earth is a Beautiful Planet, this Planet was Re-Terra Formed after the Great battle of the Titans, Between Zeus of Mount Olympus and King Anu of Sirius and Bekti the Reptilian Serpent Queen of Orion.
After the Battle the Bod Star System was destroyed of all life.
The Survivors of this battle which occured long ago went into their Inner Planet Enviroments so they can survive the destruction of their planets, the Survivors of Mars and Venus lived inside of their planets and not on the surface.

Planet X was destroyed and is now the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Venus. Earth was in bad shape also so Earth had to get Rebuilt.
Plants and Animals where brought to Earth in full form, yes in full form from Sirius & Orion.
The Whales, the Dolphins, the Dinosaurs, the Elephants, the Trees, the Plants, everything was brought here via motherships.
This Earth is a Work of Art consisting of species which are unique from other Star Systems.

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Annunaki77: Like I said the Deciet will not last for long.

Humanity has been lied to, Decieved, Manipulated, Betrayed, and Manuvered into Submission.
The Lies will come to an end and my job is simple, my job is to wake up the children of Enki.
This Monolithic Nonesense will collapse because the Great Awakening has begun and no Nation on Earth will be able to stop the Great Awakening of Gods own Family the Terrans of Planet Earth.

Destiny will be achieved.

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