[DVD] TruthControl - March 2014

Why download a DVD copy? It is great for offline reading! Also, in case these wonderful websites will be taken down, you will have all the gathered information and evidence...

======= Torrent contains =======

Full offline copy of websites and their references:

* TruthControl
* CrowdFreedom
* Slayerment

about 55000 files were downloaded in total - many Thousands of great articles!

In addition,

* "truthcontrol" (discussions) and "slayerment" (music) youtube channels
* "Rule by Ignorance" - wonderful pdf book by Quinton, included for free!
* Lightscribe DVD cover, SiteSucker download logs and projects

======================== TruthControl_March.iso ========================

* Version : 09 March 2013
* ISO size : 4.46 GB
* SHA-1 Checksum : 777dd6ec5cf6e45be0d21bbff811ac62dd10cf44

DVD iso file could be burned to physical discs, mounted to virtual disc drives
(with software such as WinCDEmu) or opened with archiver software (e.g. 7-Zip)


DOWNLOAD IT HERE : http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9730714/TruthControl_-_March_2014

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bluesbaby5050: Thank You very much CD...........

As the internet will be taken down sometime in the near future, because we are getting the Truth out to this planet, and it is moving ahead like wild fires now. And the internet was setup for sinister purposes in the very beginning, and now it has backfired on the PTB! We both are very aware of this. I hope that you will be safe in Russia, with all the activities going on now with Putin, with his greedy eyes on the Ukraine, and her resources. I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people. They have GUTS/BALLS! They deserve to be free too. I keep an eye on them and how they deal with this mess. I hope for Peace to come to their country, and this whole planet :)

Crackdown: about Internet and Ukraine

Yes, I have heard about "Internet Kill Switch", that's why I am backup'ing important sites and making torrents from them. DVD optical disks are immune to electromagnetic fields, and the information inside the torrent is not compressed/encrypted - so it's possible to give this DVD to friendly extraterrestrials and be confident that they will be able to analyze it ;)

Problem about Ukraine - their uprising has been exploited by local oligarchs,
who are in power now :( as it happens often, crooks were replaced by other crooks

bluesbaby5050: Yes... this is a Global Problem............

And this happens in the U.S. on "Criminal Hill" - Capital Hill in W-DC. All the Time! Same Agendas just different people, but all from the same Bunch of Crooks!

Crackdown: over 100 copies (500 GB) of TruthControl DVD were seeded :)

I am happy to see so many downloads, in less than a week!
Offline copies are making TruthControl more immune - so, if you haven't downloaded your copy, get it now ;)

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