How the ' Ghost Army ' of the U.S.Was Used During WW2 to Win the War Against the Nazis! World War II "Ghost Army" used decoy art to dupe the Nazis. The previously unknown story of an army of artists who helped America win World War Two is being told in a new documentary, showing how the artists used their talents to "put one over" on the Nazis.

Eighty-eight-year old Jack Masey's army job during World War II was to blow things up. But not the way one might think.

"I was in the rubber army as I called it. The inflatable army," said Jack Masey.

In 1944, Masey was a 19-year-old aspiring artist who'd just been drafted to fight the Nazis.

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The army had just the job for him. asey's unit had a mission: to deceive the Germans into thinking Allied forces were in one location, while real U.S. troops advanced miles away.

They became known as "The Ghost Army," a thousand artists, designers and audio technicians using sights and sounds to dupe the enemy.

"We took incoming [enemy fire], we did have casualties. There weren't many, but there were casualties," said Masey.

Jack Masey, 88, was a part of the U.S. "Ghost Army."
Jack Masey, 88, was a part of the U.S. "Ghost Army." CBS NEWS
The existence of the Ghost Army remained classified for more than half-a-century after the war.

To this day, little is known of these artist-warriors.

But filmmaker Rick Beyer hopes to change that with his documentary called "Ghost Army."

"This is so out of left-field, you want to preserve that. You want to preserve that quirkiness so that people will understand the full range of World War II and what was involved," said Rick Beyer.

Many of these band of creative brothers would go on to have successful careers; Bill Blass would become a famous designer and Arthur Singer's paintings would end up on U.S. postage stamps.

Masey went on to design backdrops for the State Department, creating the kitchen where Nixon and Khruschev held their famous debate.

Masey, who has accomplished a lot in the world of design, said he ranks his time in the "rubber army" high.

"It exposed me for the first time to the power of an object to communicate, and that is strong stuff," said Masey. This is also a movie that is now being shown on NETFLIX Though your PC's, and though your TV'S You need to pay to view this, and all movies shown on NETFLIX(. First month is free to purchase, for only $7.99 US dollars. I did just that a year ago, and never regretted it.) This is how I found out about the Ghost soldiers of the US ARMY. Then I googled it for more information on this movie, and then I posted this for the history on Truth Control forum so this generation of people could learn of the truths, and the facts of this movement during WW2. And some of the surviors are still alive in this YOUTUBE VIDEO for interviews, and for their perpectives on how they coped though this. And none of these secrets was ever discovered by the enemy during the battle, or after. These secrets were never given out until recently because of the' Cold War' with Russia at that time.

The Ghost Army, an infantry of illusion that gave new meaning to the art of war. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/world-war-ii-ghost-army-used-decoy-art-to-du... Here's More I found - https://www.google.com/search?q=U.S.Ghost+Army+Of+WW2+PICTURES&rlz=1C2CH... ( Click on pictures to get the stories of each photo in this link). MORE - America's Ghost Army of WWII MORE -If secrets of WWII intrigue you, you may learn a little something new, as I did. This is a multi-layered story of a unique kind of warfare. While it is understood that courage is a main ingredient of the guts you take to war, courage alone is not what makes this story unique. Yes, this is a story where bravery factors in, but mix in additional ingredients of creativity, artistry and humanity. Simmer until it thickens into illusion, deception and trickery. Pit this mixture against the planned attempts of enemy destruction; and stamp it all as top-secret. And you have a very different kind of war-time tale.

Here is a snapshot about a time and place during the Second World War that very few people knew about when it was happening or for many years later. While I made this slide show, I learned a lot, and I hope you will, too, about an amazing group of men who served our country well, but could never reveal publicly their place in the war, as so many other soldiers returning home.

After helping to defeat the Nazis in WWII, this special group of GIs continued to be sworn to secrecy by the U.S. Pentagon for decades after... their secret locked in the dark, closed files of the U.S. Army, until finally released by the government after nearly 50 years. - http://www.cbsnews.com/news/world-war-ii-ghost-army-used-decoy-art-to-du...

This slide show, a labor of love for me, is a prelude, really, to a great new film, The Ghost Army, written and directed by Rick Beyer, airing for the first time on television on the Public Broadcast System (PBS) on May 21st, 2013, 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time. I recommend it.

I was inspired to make this prelude by the two driving forces behind this upcoming film, whom you will meet in the slide show. When we met, each had a deep sense of appreciation, admiration and respect for these soldiers and the amazing top-secret mission handed to them so long ago. Understanding what these soldiers accomplished, they realized they were holding the makings of something uniquely interesting. And so they turned that into a gift for all to see, in the form of a wonderful film. Their gift, The Ghost Army, will now and forever be a long awaited thank you to this special unit for their contributions in the war that have gone unknown all this time, yet so worthy of recognition by all grateful nations of WWII.

This prelude is an attempt to transport the viewer back in time to the emotional period of WWII, when circumstances in the world changed life for everyone. I hope you'll agree that the astonishing work and successful results this group of men achieved in their service to our great country create a story worth seeing and hearing. I hope you enjoy this slide show. Do see the amazing film, The Ghost Army. And don't keep it a secret.

No infringement is intended on copyrights to any material used in the making of this slide show. There is no admission fee to view this show where ever it is shown. I will not personally profit financially from any payments. I tried to present it in a correct historical sequence with various auditory accompaniments to enhance the learning experience for the viewer. It is meant only to be an educational piece to help raise awareness and appreciation of the wonders of history, and the efforts of historical societies -- nonprofit organizations - who work very hard, through their missions, to contribute to the collection, production and dissemination of historically worthy information.

If you would like to know more about any material used or would like to purchase, for your own personal use, anything used in this show, I encourage you to contact the copyright owners.

Thank you, Jim Morrocco. ( I posted more links below, and I found the YOUTUBE VIDEO,and more links I found though Google search for the TC forum. BB5050) -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TSgsTvNUO0 MORE - http://beverly.patch.com/groups/melissa-davenport-berrys-blog/p/bp--amer...

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