Dumb Society? The Visual light spectrum

by BamfOttO on November 30th, 2016

How can we as a society who runs around talking about how F'n smart we are and how F'n smart we are that it is at least in our western belief system that if we can not see it or touch it smell it it does not exist. The thought that we are taught you have five senses is F'n sad! Yet by this thought process the fact that there is T.V., inernet, radio, etc. wich all travels on the eltromagnetic frequencies that are past light so we can not sense them with our 5 senses, yet there is undeniable proof that they effect us. Not only in your evil ways that the conspiracy community will tell you but in the in your face way by X-RAY, MRI, ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!! So a public so controlled b their own ingnorance to not believe that there are forces, spirits, trans-demensonial beings, and other demensins, wich I feel are only labeled as such because we can not sense them with our "5 senses".
If you went to India or the out skirts of China or South America, anywhere that is not the western world these things are as real as your connection to your web came girls(most likely used to be a man(no disrespect just a bad joke)). When we sleep you dream in black in white. All animals see in black and white. The only reason we see color is because the way things reflect light. Now to really blow your mind do you know how F'n much light effects humans??
To bring it together these "atheists and God worshipers" who believe in nonsense is sad. If you are a person who thinks for themselfs the universe is a thing humans will never understand. There is no hevan or hell, but the simple fact that there could be no now or past or future or a concience thought in your heard if you died and that was it. You can not come into this universe an not exist. You might not be as you ae now, but you will be somehow and that is science fact and the only proviable fact in the universe.

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BenjaminFalkenrath: Well, regardless you are

Well, regardless you are energy an with energy there is no way that it can simply not be. Your body can not be, your soul can be fused or defused or otherwise fractured into many different facets. But your energy, or any energy can only be changed or broken down and or re-built into something new but can not be erased completely to not exist. Even dark beings their energy, they can be snuffed out but there energy can still only either be converted an changed into a different form, or harnessed to create something else.

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