Dueteronomy 28: The Phophecy Of The Hebrew Israelite Negroe Sl...Dueteronomy 28: The Phophecy Of The Hebrew Israelite Negroe Slaveships & Racial Oppression: Lecture by #DrawBackJacob & Written Lecture by #KingDavid #JacobIsrael #YashuasDisciple...
    I praise and worship only You, O YHWH my ELOHIM "EL SHADDAI", with all my heart, And I praise Your Name forever. Blessed also is our Messiah Yahshua & I dedicate my life to serving You & only You EL SHADDDAI, by dedicating the rest of my life to being a Disciple of Your Son Yahshua The Messiah & striving to obey Your Commandments everyday & night You Bless me with Oh Heavenly Father, so please Guide & Protect us all from the evil ones & all those wicked people who seek to martyr Your children for our Faith, HalleluYAH....
    Thanks to long sleepless nights doing extensive research with my beautiful wife, Founder of #TheIlluminatiExposedENDTIMESToronto Community @www.facebook.com/KILLUMINATIENDTIMES , we learned that our heavily oppressed Negroe race of people are the true descendants of YAHWEHs' chosen people "The Hebrew Israelites" who were ancestors of Abraham who was chosen by YHWH our ELOHIM "EL SHADDAI" to become the forefather of His people: The 12 tribes of Israel who were the 12 sons of Jacob Israel (the 12 great-grandsons of Abraham) who were in fact the original forefathers of The Black Hebrew Israelite Nation (the slaves). Thats right, through our Hebrew forefathers ancestry from Noah to Shem to Abraham to Jacob Israel to Moses to King David (who reigned over Israel in 1000 BC) to our Messiah Yahshua, (according to The Holy Scriptures of The Hebrew Bible The Torah / Tanakh), we the modern day Negroe Hebrew men who in the times of Moses served as slaves in Egypt & were finally led out of captive slavery by YHWH EL SHADDAI our ELOHIM who guided us out of captivity through the Prophet Moses as we ran for our lives through the wilderness for 40 years and escaped from the Egyptian army and its territory after 400 years of slavery. But the result was devestating due to our disbelief & disobedience towards the Divine Power & Authority of our ELOHIM YHWH EL SHADDAI, a vast majority of our Hebrew Israelite forefathers were eventually persecuted, slaughtered, killed, overthrown and ultimately ruled over by the Assyrian Empire (Northern Iraq) in 722 BC where The Kingdom Of Israel perished for the first time since King David ruled over all Israel.
    Then After the fall of the Assyrian Empire the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar II, conquered Jerusalem & our Hebrew Israelite people suffered "The Babylonian captivity" for 70 years & our land & Sacred Temple was destroyed and our people slaughtered again in the years following 605 BC.
    Then in 538 BC The Persian Empire King Cyrus of Persia (today Iran) conquered the entire Babylonian Empire, killing thousands upon thousands of captive Israelites, while the exiled Israelite survivors were ordered to return from Babylon, and forced to survive under a very oppressive form of Persian Rule in Jerusalem & The Jewish temple was rebuilt.
    Then in 332 BC The Greek-Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great destroyed the Persian Empire, thereby gaining control over Judea & slaughtering thousands upon thousands more captive Israelites as the Greek Empire was divided Israel into three parts, and the surviving Israelites (Jews) were then under captivation by the competing Greek rulers.
    Then in 63 BC The Roman Conquest began & The Romans invaded Greece & Israel and also conquered the Empire in the Middle East again killing hundred of thousands of captive Israelites as The Roman Empire overruled the territory with their murderous army.
    By the year 70 AD The Destruction of Israel & Jerusalem was again at hand. After The Roman Emperor Titus quashed yet another Israelite rebellion, The Israelite temple and the rest of Jerusalem was reduced to rubble & again destroyed.
    By the year 135 AD Judea was renamed Palestine after a final Israelite uprising against the Romans (the Bar Kochva Revolt) when the Romans' murderous onslaught of many hundreds of thousands of Israelites destroyed our homeland again, the surviving Israelites were either deported, sold as slaves or killed. The Roman Emperor Hadrian leveled Jerusalem to the ground, and barred Israelites from entering the city. In an attempt at definitively eliminating the Israelite Jews connection to the land, the Romans renamed Judea to "Palaestina", and our own Israelite Negroe people were no longer allowed access into our homeland Jerusalem.
    Therefore the evil Roman Empire (whom were the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church) who invaded, & destroyed our homeland of Israel, terroizing & killing our people whose survivors survived by again running away barefoot, starved & in terror with children in hand, trying to escape capture & execution by the Satanic Roman Empire, as a remnant of our people escaped & survived by hiding in the foreign continent of Africa, where we were once again targeted by the Africans (The seeds of Ham, descendants of Noahs' son Ham) which resulted in our black Hebrew people being kidnapped, killed and sold as slaves to the Satanic European, Roman & Americans again, but this time from Africa in slaveships & sold into slavery in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of the 1600's where the majority of our survivng Hebrew Israelite population were brutally tortured & killed. These same surving people were the same Hebrew Israelite people who served as slaves in Jamaica and in America and were otherwise faced with mass execution and relentless slaughter which was a pre existing factor before the killing of over 6 million "Jewish" people whose people were persecuted and executed by the millions by the evil satanic Nazi Army in World War 2 in 1943. But evidently, the white caucasian turkish khazarian european Jewish people that were placed in Israel before the 6 million Jewish imposters & were executed & persecuted in the Holocaust, were not the true original Hebrew Israelite people of Israel, because the original Hebrew Israelite people were Negroes who had already been slaughtered, murdered and displaced from our homeland Isreal centuries earlier & were the forefathers of the American & Jamaican Negroe slaves - the true ancestors of Jacob Israel and the original 12 tribes of Israel who were the forefathers of the black Hebrews who served as slaves in Egypt in the times of Moses where our Holy Tanakh / Torah (our Bible) recognized us as the chosen people of YHWH (Our ELOHIM) EL SHADDAI. #YHWH #ELSHADDAI #ELOHIM #EL #SHADDAI #YAHWEH #Yahshua #Messiah #Prophet #Jacob #Israel #Moses #KingDavid #TransAtlanticSlaveTrade #HebrewIsrealites #Tanakh #Torah #BookofRevelation #BiblicalRevelation #IsraeliteNation #DrawBackJacob #JacobIsrael #TheRealHebrewIsraeliteNation #KingDavid #YashuasDisciple #Dueteronomy28 #TheHebraicRootsBible #TheHebraicRootsVersionScriptures



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