by sun on May 24th, 2013

Dreams hold many truths about origins of the soul, but in order to understand the language of dreams it is important to filter the experiences from daily life. In dreams, cluttered, repressed emotions surface through images. Also the concept of linear time does not exist in these dreamscapes. You can receive glimpses of the future, present and past woven together in one story.
A story that is triggered by something you have encountered during the day.

My experiences with dreams originate form childhood, not being able to comprehend what I saw, because of my limited cognitive perceptions at the time. As I grew older, I received visions, also experiences from other persons, mostly traumatic by nature, as if they were reaching for someone to be heard. Names I never heard of before came to me subconsciously, but also consciously. After these experiences I did research and found out more and more about my origins. With what I know now, I could make several movies.
If you have an easy connection with the astral world, your dreams can become lucid, and more and more information will pass through, also with teachings, which can be overwhelming at times, and you have to not be afraid to confront yourself with your fears. Look beyond fear and the truth will be revealed. Easier said than done. At times I rather dreamed than living my life, keeping a journal with all these amazing stories that were told. Even now, years later, I am still astounded by the information that my soul was trying to give me. Words that I heard like Homer, Akasha, and names of places I never heard of before made me search for answers, and as the years passed, I found out their connections.

Everybody has the ability to find their own truth hidden in dreams. It is the moment when you feel inside that you are being touched, an emotion that comes from deep within, when you find an explanation for the visions, words, that you have received. Believe in your dreams, but discern(!), because all that is hidden is revealed in the realm of dreams, and sometimes it's like walking on a highway with too much traffic passing by. :)

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Tarheel: My dreams have returned.....

My dreams went away for a while, but they are BACK...and they are all over the place !
Way crazy, I mean.

sun: Yes they can be, I know.

Yes they can be, I know. Sometimes so hard to decipher. I let them go at the moment, only the ones that really 'touch' me I record and keep them for a later stage if they come true, or parts of them, that is. Sometimes they are so symbolic and laced with fear, that it causes immediate trauma, and that I have to find out what the 'hidden' meaning is. You can only 'read' them if you have stripped away all veils of deception about yourself and are capable to handle full awareness about who (what) you are and how every little thing on earth affects you..pfff. Other dreams, or visions in a wake state, are so clear and detailed, that they stay with me for years. Most of the time I find objects, symbols, guidelines back in the real world, and it gives me a hint as to where to look and what my subconscious is telling me. But like you said, one needs to be careful not to fly to high, especially with this way of divination.
So...Can you tell me what is really crazy about your dreams..? :)

Tarheel: The subject matter.

I would expand but it would take way too long.

I have recurring dreams a lot, and at other times I feel as if I have been in "that dreamscape" before (and I probably have unless it was a prior incarnation "event").

Starperson: Very well done, Sun

Many of my greatest and most profound lessons have come to me while in a special dream state. I have had questions answered and I have been shown things I will never forget. These usually occur while experiencing the kind of dream you described...the kind that feels more real than real life.

I can remember every detail of these experiences with much more clarity than I can remember about what happened in my life yesterday. I call them markers. Each of these special dream experiences stays with me with such detail, that they have individually and collectively changed my path in uniquely positive ways.

Tarheel...we always dream, we just don't always remember them. Whenever in REM, we dream. Some dreams are not worth remembering, and some are better forgotten. But especially enlightening dreams are healthy and can be inspiring...sometimes, even the way crazy ones:)

Great post, Sun. You have a good handle on dreamscapes. Maybe you could share some of your dream experiences with the class in the future, if you are so inclined. Thank you.

Tarheel: OKAY...here we go....

Lately, I've been literally flying and sometimes it's just floating. I've had "flying dreams" since I was a kid.

LoveTruthPeace: Totally agree

I definately agree with you. I have had the same happen to me since I was a kid. I remember I would have nightmares every single night for years and they always ended with me dying or being killed in the end. I remember even having dreams of me fighting with demons before I even knew what demons were. I don't necessarily agree with "dream books" because everything in a dream can mean something completely different to everyone. I also don't believe all dreams mean something but the one's that do, tend to be remembered and leave a lasting impression on you, or a feeling of urgency. I feel as though God speaks to me sometimes in my dreams and answers questions that I've had or at least gives me some directions as to what to do next (even if it's something I don't want to accept). Can you maybe share with us more information on how to fine tune this ability or on intuition and how they might be related. Thank you for your post.

bluesbaby5050: All objects hold a meaning ,because ..........

Because they are symbols. They will give a person clues on how to interpet their dream. They give insight. Example: Dark water, or muddied water is a sign of negativity,and is not good to see in a dream. Clear, these things about dreams,and a GOOD dream Book will help you always. Write down what you saw in a dream. Everything you saw/felt too. Windows in dreams are a portal to the soul. A closed window has a certain meaning,as well as an open window does. Clear/ clean water is good, and is positive meaning in a dream. Water means Life. All types of birds have meanings in dream. So do all types of animals. To see fire in a dream means change. To be in a attic,or to see attics in a dream means the Conscious mind, and to see the cellar of a building or to be in one means the Sub-Consious mind. Money has meanings, and well as death. To see yourself die in a dream does not mean you will die. Or to see a loved one does not mean they will die. The situtation surrounding yourself,and others in a dream also has meaning to many things in a dream. You have to look at everything, and look at the dream as a whole. Colors of objects have certain meanings also. It is good to study a GOOD dream book. Keep a journal next to your bedside, and write down everything you saw, and felt in the dream state while it is still fresh in your mind. This helps alot. Over time you will get good at figuring out alot about youself,and your life. Good Luck.

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