I've been having many dreams lately. War, chaos, and all kinds of craziness happening in them. An then I had a dream not to long ago, an in this dream, a Falcon appeared to me. It rested itself on my arm/shoulder. It stayed there. I felt at peace, very comforted.
An it spoke to me almost as if to speak in thought. As if to say, we're here. Watching over you, and all of your own. An we will take care of you. You will be fine. Your needs, wants, an dreams will come to fruition soon.
I know this will be so. Now patience is all I need.

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Tarheel: Things are changing rapidly

May the bad one's pass and the good one's come to fruition.

BenjaminFalkenrath: An I do believe it shall. The

An I do believe it shall. The bad is a warning I must remain vigilant but the good will become reality soon indeed.

BenjaminFalkenrath: What do you know of their

What do you know of their history the Falcon's An those who bare my name?

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