Draconians and the Lyrans Origins of the conflict between Human races and Reptilian races Galactic History.

by Chris on February 25th, 2012

I want to talk to you about Lyra and how the human race colonized our galaxy. Based on the age of the Suns and the planets in our galaxy, it was decided that the human life form was to be created in the Lyran system. The human race lived there for approximately 40 million years, evolving. The orientation of the human race in Lyra was agricultural in nature. Apparently, we were very plentiful and abundant, and lived in peace.
Then, one day, huge craft appeared in the sky. A large ship came out of the huge craft and approached the planet Bila, and reptilians from Alpha Draconis disembarked. Apparently, the Alpha Draconians and the Lyrans were afraid of each other. I told you before that the Alpha Draconians were apparently the first race in our galaxy to have interstellar space travel, and have had this capability for 4 billion years. Well, when the Draconians came and saw Bila, with all its abundance and food and natural resources, the Draconians wanted to control it. There was apparently a mis-communication or misunderstanding between the Draconians and Lyran humans. The Lyrans wanted to know more about the Draconians before some kind of "assistance" was offered. The Draconians mistook the communication as a refusal, and subsequently destroyed three out of 14 planets in the Lyran system. The Lyrans were basically defenseless. The planets Bila, Teka and Merck were destroyed. Over 50 million Lyran humans were killed. It is at this point in history that the Draconians began to look at humans as a food source. This is how old the struggle is between the reptilian and human races. All human life was seeded in Lyra in our galaxy. The human species was not created in Lyra. It was seeded there from somewhere else. Where the human race originally came from the Andromedans have not yet discovered themselves. I don't know if other races have.My understanding is that the human race originally, our ancestors, were literally brought in by another race that acted as steward.What they have told me is that the human races were evolving in Lyra within many solar systems in that star system. The reason they chose that system was because of the frequencies of the sun were sufficient to permit the human physical form, as it was then with 12 strands of DNA and 15 feet tall and about 400-500 pounds. Now, according to the Andromedans, another race appeared and came out of a higher dimensional realm and helped seed the human race in this galaxy. While they were doing this, there was already another previously seeded race in our galaxy - a reptilian race. They were seeded here from another universe located in another space-time dimension. The reptilians were brought to our galaxy and seeded here. They are who we now know as the Alpha Draconians. Their original lineage is a race known as the Ciakar, and they have a caste system based on genetics. As we go through this and explain how everything happened, you will see some incredible similarities with not only what has happened to our planet, but also what has happened to other races. So, what happened is that the human race, agricultural in nature, was evolving in Lyra. They eventually began to develop space travel, and as they were still developing space travel and working together, several large Draconian craft showed up and they were startled. The reptilians were the first race in our galaxy to develop space travel. At some point, the humans and the reptilians on these giant craft began to communicate, and the story that has been handed down tells us that the Draconians wanted to control the wealth that they saw on these Lyran planets.When the Draconians showed up, they were driven and motivated to explore space to search for food. All races have their different motives for doing what they do. The situation for the Draconians was that they were migrating and building up their original population so fast that they had to develop space travel. As they moved out into the galaxy, they would find planets and moons with resources they could use. They continued to migrate, taking what they needed when they needed it, and moved on. When they got to Lyra, they discovered several solar systems with incredible planets which had water, food and lush vegetation. They immediately wanted to control this space route, because they realized the value of the resources. When they approached the Lyrans, the Lyrans were extremely suspicious of the reptilians, because the Ciakar element of the race were very aggressive. It is their way.

So, we have two races who had previously thought they were alone in the galaxy who come into contact with each other. We are talking about two antithetical races in many ways. This is approximately 572 million years ago. Apparently there was a misunderstanding in communication, wherein the Ciakar were asking for access to the food and the minerals. The Lyrans , apparently didn't understand what the Draconians wanted, and wanted to know more about the Ciakar. In other words, they were not about to hand control over planets in their system to the Draconians without really knowing who they were dealing with. Apparently the Ciakar interpreted the hesitation of the Lyrans as a "denial" of their request and took offense. Within hours they began attacking the Lyran system, which didn't really have any weapons. It was the attack by the Ciakar that forced the Lyrans to migrate out of that system and spread out into the galaxy. It also forced them to develop weapons. One of the considerations the Lyrans had as they spread through space was to search for water, because humans have to have water. The Andromedan perspective is that some Lyrans found an asteroid that had a great deal of ice-water and hid inside this asteroid, and there they began to develop their own identity. They continued to explore space and look for solar systems that would sustain them. The human race continued to evolve and went to the Vega system, Deneb, the Sirian and Rigel systems, and all these star systems all over the galaxy. So, they were on these ships fleeing the reptilian invasion, growing their own food on the craft and looking for water, and the human race became very adaptable and creative. Once we understand our lineage and our relationship to the galaxy, we as a race are going to be very proud of who we were, and who we can be now. We are not done with our evolution. The encounter between the two races in Lyra is apparently were the reptilians had their first taste of human flesh, and they liked it. Moraney told me about how the Draconian races, during the war against the Lyran races, realized that humans needed water. They positioned their large ships in strategic systems that contained a lot of water in order to prevent the humans from gaining access to it. It was literally a way for the Draconians to force the humans out of the galaxy. To the degree that they could monitor the charted systems with water, they would place their craft there and attack humans who came there. This is why the human races from Lyra independently evolved technologies to acquire water sources, from comets and other sources. It was the ancient Lyrans when they colonized this part of the galaxy. They kept moving through the galaxy. They migrated out of Lyra because of a war. What they would do is find certain planetary systems that had minerals, resources, water, and things that they needed. They would then try to stabilize those planetary systems using technology that they had. They would then go in, mine and pull out the resources they needed. They would continue their building mining equipment and spacecraft. They needed to stabilize the solar system so that they could extract the minerals which also meant they had to live there for awhile setting up colonies. That is why there are so many ruins on so many of our moons and planets.


HebrianDaniel: so our origin races came

so our origin races came basicly from lyra? impressing! but 40 millions years! tahts a lot of time!!!!i also wonder who was the first race ever in the space and who created this race?

wmarkley: nice story

That was an incredible story, i get the feeling that we are a planet of short people, im glad that i dont have to feed a house full of 15 foot tall beings, teenagers eat enough when they are 5 foot tall. my parents always told me that it is a cruel world out there, and they were right, but humanity is still a peace loving species, and i am proud to be one. as for the draconian reptiles, it is obvious that we can not co-exsist together, it is tough when one wants to EAT the other, it makes sleeping a little more difficult. i hear that there are spaceships surounding the planet, i dont see nothing, i never have seen anything in the sky that i couldnt intelligently reason through. but one would have to be a fool to believe that there is no life out in the universe. It would be Grand if we can all get along and have a mutually benificial co-exsistance together. but that doesnt seem to be the picture that i am getting. I am up to my eyeballs with Deception, I am easy to fool because i am a trusting soul, i always give the other the benifit of the doubt. i prefer a straight fight rather than some cowardly head game, lets just drop the gloves and go to it and may the best species win. Im sure that the reptillians know by now that humanity is a seasoned Warrior, and we can increase our numbers exponentially due to our short life spans, im sure that they know this too. We are Ruthluss killers who will also eat the enemy to survive, we sometimes torture our victims just to hear them suffer, it brings us pleasure too sometimes, and if you are a pretty repillian, the things that we will do to you before we kill you should be enough to send you running. Humanity has proved many things in our history, We can be your very best friend, we will care for you at your worst moments, We will give our lives for you willingly, BUT, We can be your worst nightmare as an enemy, Enki gave us something that Reptillians Dont have, PASSION, Humanity has plenty of it, It makes us super human, Passion is what will seal your fate, A planet full of Humans, Who Passionately want you destroyed will lead to your extinction, and you have noboby to blame except yourself.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarley------

You do have a passion for words,and this shows. You have much passion also,and this also shows too. We are proud to be HUMANS! AND WE ARE ALREADY VICTORIUOS! V-- FOR VICTORY! LONG LIVE THE HUMAN RACES! BB5050.

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