Draconian Planetoid into position behind the Moon with 40 million Draconian Reptilian warriors onboard.

by Chris on October 19th, 2012

Draconian Planetoid into position behind the Moon with 40 million Draconian Reptilian warriors onboard
if the Illuminati do not fulfil their NWO plans for earth then they will lose a vast amount of their power on the Planet Earth and the Draconian Reptilians that are in our Inner Solar System may decide to take Earth by force. After all, you do not bring a Draconian Planetoid into position behind the Moon with 40 million Draconian Reptilian warriors onboard unless you plan to use them for something and this is only one Draconian Planetoid. These Demons have warrior clans stationed on Venus, Phobos, Deimos, the Moon itself, Iapetus, Ganymede, Callisto, Triton, Titan, Euripedes and Europa. There are Draconian Planetoids stationed within the Kuiper Asteroid Belt and the Great Oort Cloud. All these locations however have nowhere near as many warriors stationed as the numbers within the Draconian Planetoid behind the Moon.

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Terran resistance: source?


bluesbaby5050: To Annunaki77............

The above post of Chris's Points out that there is a Planetoid with 40 Million Draconian Warriors aboard it waiting to see if the Nwo will take over the planet, and even if it does Not,That Their plan is to Take over the Earth by Force. Could you tell us anyting about this Sir? Is there any truth to this Planetoid being Behind Our Moon,in waiting? If true, then why are they allowed to remain there? They would be up to NO GOOD Sir. Thank you.

Tarheel: I THINK this is an old article.

Im NOT trying to discredit Chris at all, but I think this post is dated.
At the very least, I hope so.

bluesbaby5050: I had asked Annu77 about this, and....

And I think something is in the works to take them out! SSSSSSHH!! Hahahahahaha! GOOD!

Tarheel: So, it's NOT dated?

There's an awful lot of Draco Repts floating about lately.

bluesbaby5050: Yes it is dated.................

This is just dated Oct. 5th this year! I read it myself too.( I read the source.)

Tarheel: Oct 5th makes it fresh.

My bad, Chris. Like I said, I had no intent to discredit Chris but he knows me and should no that I meant no harm.

Im wondering how they destropyed all the SSs that came thru th e Star Gate, and they missed a 40 million strong Planetoid ??? That's HUGE !

bluesbaby5050: This planetoid is too close to the earth, and is hidden......

Form our view on purpose. The 5 Reptilian Mother ships were caught BEFORE THEY COULD COMPLETELY INTER OUR SOLAR System! The 3 nuclear missles thet were stolen on route to Russia to be used against their people, and they came from Pakistan! The Procyons took them while they were on route to their target---> The Russian peoples!!! This is what they had used to destroy those 5 Reptilian mother ships before they could enter via the Star gate though our sun! It shows a picture on one of Vin-uru's links he posted, and it showed all of this while it happened, we got it all in action!! There was huge solar flares because of this,and they were monitored very carefully for Earth's protection. I viewed this video yesterday. I viewed all his links. Very ineresting indeed!

Terran resistance: hmmmmm

I know im beating the drum a bit with alex collier but...
the procyons are supposed to be quite quote "gung-ho" so why would they need dated pakistani nuclear warheads?

no offence to chris, but I think this information is wrong

I dont think the planet is going to be run by the new world order for much longer.

I personally think the ets on our side are waiting for a descision on what side the people in the hollow earth make, whether to give up or to fight

bluesbaby5050: They didn't really need them,as they had ...

To dispose of them any ways they said,so they chose to do it this way. Take out those 5 rept. motherships,and get rid of those 3 nuclear missles from pakistan all at the same time,and get it all done safely while they were at it. This was well done I think! (Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, as the saying goes.)

Terran resistance: 40 million draconians sounds a bit excessive aswell?

who would waste that much man power on this shit hole


bluesbaby5050: The reptilians hybernate while in space on route....

To their distinations,and this suits them quite well. They are a hungry breed! They want this planet,and all the planets, and Moons,and astroids to populate with their kind! They want this Bod system for their selves. This is their plan.This Bod Star system is a well used,and traveled star route for travel for trading goods/resources,and others will have to pay a fee to use it! They will have alot to gain from this ,IF THEY BECOME SUCCESSORS TO THIS SYSTEM! They plan to take over this whole Universe! They are trying this now! They plan to move up though the higher dimentions as well using human hybreds to do this.

Arctos: The way I see it is if they

The way I see it is if they only have 40 million they are not very well prepared.

Wandaharley: I don't think we should be

I don't think we should be concerned a whole lot about the rumors of Draco space ships, let's stop these police from trasering people to death and beating up invalid and comatos brothers and sisters, and make them stop Microwaveing people and lets get these reptilian prison gaurds out of the business of eating people, now that is the problem for the human race. What we gonna do about it? They got train cars going down beneath prisons and they are takeing people incarcinrated to those monsters for supper. Lets concentrate on resolveing that problem.

bluesbaby5050: And guess who is doing alot of this to them?

Take a good guess..............? The reptilian hybreds that have infiltrated all forms of our society. Do NOT be Fooled! A decent Human being would be understanding,and compassinate to other humans! These hybreds look for any excuse to be forceful,and controling to the point of becoming Real NASTY! They have BAD ATTITUDES!

bluesbaby5050: Have you witinessed this?

You sound like you might have. I have NO DOUBT that this is happening as well. This is why we will have to make a stand when the time is right. But, I also know that we have Great backup too! We have as many legions of Light Warriors all around that are doing their parts helping to resolve these problems. They are here doing a fine Job in many areas of expertise. They have done this already.We have Allies from this galaxy the Milky Way, and from the Andromeda Galaxy too.

Tarheel: Arctos-you crack me up!

Really ! I mean, 40 million is only 8x the size of NYCity !

We have over 700 million in The USA alone. LOL lizards, but...it wont help.

bluesbaby5050: The black triangle that is now seen on the face of the sun,.....

Is a Star Gate. It goes BOTH ways, it's a portal. ALL suns of this Level are Star Gates/Portals! You put in your codes, and then off you go. The galaxies are all coded in the Universe! They are broken up into section/sectors,and they have like a ZIP CODE like we have for our locations in our cities,for our mail. So this is how they travel. They also travel onto other Time lines,other dimentions ,either backwards,or forwards. You need to be very careful,and KNOW what your doing, or you could die doing this.Because your Organic makeup needs to be compatible with the sector you choose.Or death is the result.

Terran resistance: thats why most worship is directed towards the sun

lucifer and jesus for example

too bad people arent aware of this fact

bluesbaby5050: That's because they do not come to this web site...

And some of the ones that do,think this is a comic site anyways! They probabily would not believe any thing posted here anyways. Notice some of the comeback comments? They think this is just a science- fiction site for over-active imaginations ! YA-OK, NAZIE'S ON THE MOON ANYONE? Hahahahaha! See what I mean here?

Terran resistance: good point why did I even say that XD

you forgot to mention that the moon is hollow and theres lizard people running about
yeah sure whos going to believe that....


bluesbaby5050: I did not forget to mention ....

This ,because the Nazi's ARE THE LIZARDS! Hahahahahaha! YOU SEE NOW? }:>)))

Tarheel: Ive had my telescope out every night watching Moon!

And, The Moon looks very funky. Not at all like it usually looks. Funky lights, funky periphery glow and more....

BUT, History Channel is showing a special on the Moon that says, "The UNUSUAL lights you see on the Moon is gases being released." DO WHAT? Gases being released from what they want us to believe is an actual "natural" Moon??? I laughed my a-- off when I heard that.

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