The Draconian Agenda.

by Chris on September 22nd, 2013

The Draconian Agenda Part 1

The Draconian Agenda Part 2

The Draconian Agenda Part 3

The Draconian Agenda Part 4

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Tim Lovell: very interesting chris but

very interesting chris but that guy is saying the draco want to get into the 5th density to conquer it but the 5th density is love and oneness as they cannot feel love they cant get there even using hybrids as those wont be able to get there either they are doomed to fail thankfully :)

bluesbaby5050: Yes I heard that statement too...........

That will be very impossible, because they can only reign in the lower to middle (some can) forth dimension. If they could go further up towards the fifth dimension it would get pretty intolerable for them because, this is where they would start to feel all the strong love vibrations, and their vibrations are too low to remain there anyways, also they can't raise their vibrations high enough to remain there. They can't stand the heat of the light, they will burn up. This is a good thing for us.

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