Draco Empire/Draconian Civilzations.

by Chris on October 2nd, 2012

The Draconians are commonly described as a powerful war-like alien race who hail from the Alpha Draconis star system. These reptilian aliens are said to be expert geneticists who posses a level of technology that far exceeds today’s human technology including the ability of interstellar travel.
Inahbited starsystems in the Draco Constelation Thuban-Anwar Alpha Draconis and the Tiphon Giansar, Grumium,Eltanin. all these starsystems in th Draco Constellation are home to the Draconian reptilian civilzations and Thuban-Anwar is the galactic Capital of the Draco Empire tand also there are 7 different reptilian species in the Draconian starsystems
The Draconians are described as being very tall and covered from head to toe in scales that range from green to red in color. Heavily built these reptilians are said to be a violent race whose culture is based heavily on war. The Draconians don’t particularly have patience for humankind and see humans as a source of nourishment. They are also blamed for a large percentage of human abductions, second only to the Grays.Physical appearance of the Ciakar royalty: Scaled color white or beige or Dark greenish brown . Height 18-25 ft, weight: 1400-2500 pounds. Wing appendages and a tail is usually seen, very large golden yellow reddish to blue eyes, with vertical slit pupils.Worker/warrior: Scaled white red blue brown or blackish green, tailless, 4-12 ft tall, large slanted yellow reddish eyes, vertical slit pupils.The Draconians aren't all one and the same, they can be broken into at least seven categories: Draconian Genetic sub races: workers, scientists, commanders ,warriors ,Priests ,Engineers ,officers weight: 500-1000 pounds.

The Draconians are allegedly very intelligent and are expert geneticists. The origins of the Draconians varies from source to source however some claim that the Draconians actually created primates and even that they may have seeded reptilian life on Mars and then Earth.

Sources claim that there was once a great war between the Draconians and the Lyrans who are believed to have seeded Mars and then Earth with the ‘human’ gene. It is said that the events that led up to the great war started with a ‘chance’ meeting between the Draconians and Lyran races and after disagreements about genetics the Draconians annihilated 3 Lyran planets and turn to Lyrans (human ancestors – and the reptilians view humans as a food source.

It is believed that the Lyrans were trying to create a creature that could evolve of its own free will and the Draconians saw this as a breach of their genetic laws which only allowed the creation of life forms to serve as food or slaves. This is part of the reason human abductions, where the abductee has never returned, are usually said to be of Draconians nature due to humans being seen as a food source by Draconians, especially children.

The idea of children being abducted by reptilian aliens may seem far fetched but to a believer it is anything but far fetched. Apparently the reason why Draconians prefer the flesh of children is because their bodies aren’t as polluted by toxins as an adult and the sense of terror in a child who hasn’t been desensitized cause a massive rush of adrenaline which the Draconians apparently get a ‘kick’ or ‘rush’ from.

The origin of the Draconians varies that the Draconians came from another universe and were dumped in our universe by other beings. Some details do recur from source to source however such as the Draconians currently populating the Alpha Dranconis system and that they are trying to suppress human advancements in technology, although the reasoning behind this is unclear.
For the most part, we are dealing with another species that is humanoid in shape, but Reptilian in heritage. Their leader elite are the "Draco". They even have special "wings", which are flaps of skin, supported by long ribs. These can be folded back against the body. They are also known as the "Dragon Race" and their symbology usually includes the Winged Serpent. There are elements of their species which do not have wings - the "warrior caste" and "scientists" have none.They are all 'cold blooded' and have to have a balanced environment to maintain body temperature. The 7 to 10 feet tall "warrior caste" of the species can bury themselves in the ground and wait long periods of time in order to ambush their enemy. If need be they can survive on one very large meal every few weeks or even once a year and they are very muscular and aggressive. they are apparently feared throughout the Galaxy for their fighting abilities. As a species, they are well suited for space travel due to their ability to hibernate. These reptilians have scales which protect them from moisture loss. They have no sweat glands.The scales (scutes) are much larger on their backs, making the skin waterproof. The scales elsewhere on the body are more flexible. They have three fingers with an opposing thumb and some others have six fingers and a opposing thumb that have sharp claws. The eyes are catlike and large. They have twin nostrils at the end of a short stubby muzzle. They are mostly meat eaters.The mouth is more like a slit, but they have teeth which are differentiated into incisors, canines, and molars.Their feet have three toes and one recessed fourth that is toward the back side of their ankle. The winged Ciakar/Draco have white or beige scales or Dark greenish brown they also have very long tails and have horns and they look like a dragon the Draconians live in hydrogen based ecosystems on desert planets the Draconians survive best on desert planets and they like it hot. the Draconians breathe hydrogen and are very large they are 14 to 22 feet tall and have a large liver and two hearts under there armpits and have the strength of 12 to 16 men and are very hard to kill and can weigh up to 1,800 pounds and eat human flesh. The average life span of the Draconians extends from 1,800 to 4,100 years of age. The ones that live as long as 4,100 years are the royal line of the Draconians the winged Ciakars.

One thing is clear however, the Draconians do exist then we should probably try to keep well clear of them.

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ramle: This article is very

This article is very interesting. I like to study the Alpha Draconians and try to understand them as a species. It appears that your article has been cut off. You should post a part 2 to finish it.

When it comes to their eating habits, which I'm very interested in right now. I would point to young flesh just tasting much better. Children are already toxic because we pump them full of vaccines within 3 months of birth.

I'm an abductee and have noted something about carnivorous aliens loving vegetarians more than the rest of the general population. There's a reason a vegie diet is being pushed so hard by certain groups.

Chris: The reptilian race from Alpha Draconis.

here is a link to more detailed nformation on the Draconians http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/draconians-race-alpha-draconis-0 and here another link to Draconians and the Lyrans Origins of the conflict between Human races and Reptilian races Galactic History.http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/draconians-and-lyrans-origins-conflict...

bluesbaby5050: Vegan diet for the humans.........

Good point! The babies are poisoned right from birth onwards.They even want to make it manditory for the chips to be inserted Directly After their births! The INside word is, that they have been doing this Already when they take blood from their heels on their feet after delivery! WITHOUT THE PARENTS CONSENT!!The chips must be in the upper feet,or in the hands. The report did not say. ( I thought of this too, but didn't bother to post it.--> The Queen of Britain has her/their OWN chefs,and their Own personel vegatable,herbs gardens. When they travel away from home the chefs go along with them,and so does their vegetables/herbs too. NO GMO'S,AND MSG'S FOR THEM! I didn't know if anyone in this forum already knew about this.

Tarheel: Major Point on Dracs-they THINK they are superior.

They feel the need to kill off any threat to them, and exercize their domination which means they have a low self-esteem, amongst other issues.

Why do you think they were DROPPED OFF (as the article states) in our quadrant? Right, as a race they are an unwanted pest. Although they have some genetically desirable traits, they are best exterminated-which is why they want to limit humans technology...they feel threatened as well they should.

Golythe: Why must u hate on the

Why must u hate on the original race of the universe i am a draconian but not just any draconian i have a twin we were once one and the same we were the first of the race and our planet was destroyed and the alpha draconians our the weaker form of our race that have evolved into monsters we were at wo point the gaourdieans of creation and mine and my twins and the few origanls that still exists have not been seen becouse were trapt here we have been forced to be reborn again and again each time we have done everthing we can to protect this planet we are entity's we hate how our race has evolved they lost there pride but its still no reason for yall to hate on the first spicies

Golythe: Oh yeah forgot to mention the

Oh yeah forgot to mention the originals theres only about 16 of us and our life span is endless if our true form is killed we turn back into an egg and and hatch in ten years but our eggs go to the core of the planet so they cant be touched me and the rest of the origanals have seen the dinosaurs they were so much better then the human race

LoliApolys: most draconian

the twin thing for dragons is decent, every other litter if it runs in the genetic lines. though there is a big difference between a dragon and a draconian however. Draconians are like a demi version of dragons. i have only ran in to a few on the astral and possibly one in person though they looked human. not the most friendly of lots there more kill first ask questions later kinda people. not sure if Draconians have shape-shifting ability or if they use tech to do so?

Hybrid2018: Hybrid

First off, I myself am a Draconian hybrid so the section of which it reads that Draconians only view us as nourishment and slaves is slightly misinformed. They also had intent for humanity and extraterrestrial life to coexist. Well a fraction of them anyway. So in order to do so, hybrids were created. Hense free will minded individuals. My discovery of Hybrids was quite breath taking and hard to grasp. We Hybrids have Draconian features and characteristics that are camouflaged, but once an even occures that affects our emotions, the camoflage tends to become dysfunctional and you can see features in the face. Suchs as slit eyes, snakelike tounge, and disformations in the face and skull. It is also possible for a Hybrid to control his or her comoflage and unleash their Draconian appearance. I am of the workers/warriors mentioned above. Also, not all Draconians/Hybrids are to be avoided. Do be cautious though and do not interact unless you feel they are approachable.

Tarheel: Most of us have some reptilian DNA

It's the people who are unable to control some of the reptilians more dubious traits that are annoying.
No, all of them are NOT bad.

bluesbaby5050: Hybrids.....

Thank you for your honesty, and input. I agree with you, and Tarheel. Welcome to Truth Control.

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