Dr. Roger Leir the Alien Implant Remover Has Passed Away

It's a sad day. The famous Dr. Roger Leir has passed away this week on March, 14th.

Dr. Leir helped many people that were abducted by UFOs and had implants embedded in them. He removed dozens and found some really odd materials that they were made from. Many of the materials were not from Earth, but were found in comets.

You can read up on him here: http://alien-ufo-research.com/news/2014/dr-roger-leir-passes.php

RIP Roger...

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bluesbaby5050: It's Too Bad for the Many People that Still Need This help.....

Because many people needed him to help remove those implants from them. I hope that his staff will continue on with his important work that Dr. Leir was doing, and to continue to help other people that will come forward looking for this kind of help. We need others like him to step forward, and help with this much needed work. Dr. Leir was a brave doctor that wasn't afraid to speak out to the public, and to PROVE to many Critics that this was really happening to many people. He will be missed.

edisonik: He was a good Human Being , when others denied , he helped ADAMU

This man helps many people and removed the Implants which were caused by the Alien Greys.
The Alien Greys came to Earth to save their Dying Race. They have been manipulated by the Orion Group and could no longer reproduce and they came to Earth and made deals with the USA Government Illegally , Trading Technology for Human Beings and using them as Genetic Material to save their Dying Race.

So all those Innocent People who could not be helped because of the secrecy involving the Alien Greys had nowhere to turn. Only Dr. Roger Leir helped all those Human Abductees.

Many blessings must go this this Very Brave Man, he was a great benefit to Humanity.

wallarookiller: Yep it's a terrible loss.

Yep it's a terrible loss.

Tim Lovell: Yes he did good work , it is

Yes he did good work , it is a sad loss

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