Don't Get Trapped By the After-Life Review Know What Happens When You Die? True Story!

by Chris on November 15th, 2014

So what happens when you die? Can you get trapped or tricked into coming back here? How's that work? I talk abt this and oobes, and pastlife regression and the like in this video.
And here's a link to a great little video on this subject that I highly recommend.

"WARNING! The Afterlife "Life Review" Is A Trap!"

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bluesbaby5050: Chris......

Your youtube video is disabled. The afterlife review.

bluesbaby5050: Chris I found Another link with the SAME message

as In your disabled link. It is the same as yours with the same information here and it works too - "WARNING! The Afterlife "Life Review" Is A Trap!" - It works.

pasqualie: I think its why the message is coming out now

Even simon parkes says dont go into the light, because its a soul trap.

So some people are coming out and trying to instill belief systems of fear associated with this, saying the draconians will come after you if you dont go in and attack if you dont submit and other things, and that you will be tortured and eaten, or dropped into the lower realm where it is a hell of sorts. Its all to install a belief system that you are powerless or helpless and so you have fear so you can be manipulated even after you pass.

Remember in that stage you create with your thoughts and you are all powerful so they attempt to create a belief of helplessness or victimization so they can get you to do what they want. So dont buy into the fear programs they are trying to install in you. No one can do anything unless you allow it or give permission.

I had a lucid dream where I was walking down a busy sidewalk. People eating on the outdoor patios and then two thugs attacked me. So i called out for help and no one helped. And the thugs escalated their attacks on me while everyone was watching. And then for some reason I woke up in that dream and released all fear through a deep exhale, and with the exhale a light came out of me as well and i created a shield of white light around me. And the thugs just stopped. I was surprised in a way. And the thugs just started walking away. So if you have fear or give away your power, then you go into victimization and that reality plays out even in the astral. So its important to release, and hold in mind what you desire.

Chris: Why Am I Here? And Why are YOU Here On This Wierd Planet in this

Why Am I Here? And Why are YOU Here On This Wierd Planet in this Crazy Universe?

Tim Lovell: because we `need` to pay back

because we `need` to pay back karmic `debts` they keep making us ramp up , so they can keep using us as a food source?


Tim Lovell: if you go into the yellow

if you go into the yellow `golden` light you lose your ego and self and `die` to be recycled to a new life the same soul but all new self... you need to get out of the karmic trap of these lifetimes and get out of this soul prison called planet earth....

obsrvantlouie: This is not accurate

Wallowing in self pity of your circumstances and blaming them on past life karmic debts is an excuse for victimhood.

Take control of your mind by confronting your fears as Pasq said.

We are here to gain experience via expression of polarity.

pasqualie: There is no karma

Its a system of guilt this world has set up to make you feel guilty or of low self worth, or inadequate. to keep you in some imposed fear of seeking approval so you are controlled.

lose the fear, and you are free, and no one controls you.

Tim Lovell: so if Hitler loses his fear

so if Hitler loses his fear he is free from his karma?

Tim Lovell: guys an off topic thing here,

guys an off topic thing here, you wanna know a funny thing that happened to me last night as I was falling asleep, I got a phone call from an unknown number , so I answered it , and they said .. is this Mr Hamilton, so I said er no I am Timothy Lovell, then they said well this may be of intrest to you also, have you ever taken out life insurance?
So I laughed and said well no but I am sure they would not grant it to me , and they say why? I am like well because of the 2 brain tumors in my head, then they say but did you actually try to take out a policy and im like wtf ? so I said yes but they told me to fuck off and they hung up lol , I was laughing haha

pasqualie: Hitler is not your concern, or job to judge Tim

No one said he was a good person or he did good things. But there are many on this planet and many governments from all countries including the west that have done terrible things in the name of science or monetary gain or to control other peoples and keep them shackled. And its still happening today. You dont control anyone else but yourself. Dont worry about how it applies to someone else, but focus on how it applies to you. Because in reality if you cannot be the change you seek in yourself, you definitely will not be influencing any change out side of yourself. Root cause, everyone is the same and has the same potential inside them for fear, anger, hate, prejudice, and murder as anyone else. Denial of this to think somehow you are better or different is delusion of left brain shunted thinking based on not realizing your ego controls you.

But its your choice if you want to buy into the conditioning of institutions that humans are flawed at birth, that they are worms born in sin, and have to pay or make up for some past life transgression through guilt or some intermediary to speak on your behalf so that maybe someday you can purify yourself even though you exist in fear, separation, judgement and anger, without ever loving and accepting yourself unconditionally. They make you a prisoner of your understanding, the bars being the beliefs about yourself and how they want you to think the world, the universe and God is, so you remain disempowered and in victimization. You define your own self worth Tim, and not someone else. If you let someone else determine that, you will find you are destined to a life of misery because opinions change all the time. Dont seek anyone elses approval, give it to yourself.

Tim Lovell: hmm so the various ETs who

hmm so the various ETs who come down and worry about getting karmicly stuck down in 3d here are also wrong?

Tim Lovell: oh yeah I forgot an Edisonik

oh yeah I forgot an Edisonik and Annunaki type like those who harm Adamu with face they will not escape Karma...

just saying... :)


"Mommy is waiting for you in the light! ..... Don't even look at the light....Tell her to stay away from the light! " -- Poltergeist

"Be not fond of the dull smoke-colored light from hell... Remember the clear light, the pure clear white light from which everything in the universe comes, to which everything in the universe returns; the original nature of your own mind. The natural state of the universe unmanifest. Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it. It is your own true nature, it is home." -- Tibetan Book of the Dead, an instruction manual on how to navigate planes of the afterlife.

"All the fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no closer to answer the question, 'What are light quanta?' Of course today every rascal thinks he knows the answer, but he is deluding himself.... For the rest of my life I will reflect on what light is." -- Albert Einstein

It is they [Grey aliens] who await in the light when a human being dies. The human being is then recycled into another body and the process begins all over again... Hence the Light and Tunnel at death Trap. Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, the aliens discover who the person was close to has died. They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper. If you CHOOSE to follow you can be trapped and sent to another incarnation of their choice... these entities view Earth as a big farm." -- Val Valerian, Matrix II & Matrix V

Life After Life Raymond MoodyEmbraced by the Light Betty EadieSaved by the Light Dannion BrinkleyAt Peace in the LightInto The LightMessages From The Light bookSecrets of the Light Dannion BrinkleyTransformed by the Light


In 1975 with the book Life After Life Dr. Raymond Moody published his findings on a relatively new phenomenon called the near death experience and it has sold more than 20 million copies to date. A few years later Betty Eadie started an avalanche of books with her #1 best seller Embraced By The Light. Dannion Brinkley was hugely successful with his book Saved By The Light which launched a very strong career for him for years with appearances on radio shows, giving lectures and seminars across the world on the near death experience, and even a made-for-TV movie. He was a frequent guest on the late night radio show Coast To Coast A.M. with Art Bell, a former Air Force DJ.

Ghost posterPoltergeist It Knows What Scares You Medium TV PosterGhost WhispererWhite Noise 2: The Light movie posterGo Toward the Light Movie

The credibility of all these works are very much in question. Both Art Bell and George Noory have military backgrounds. Art Bell was groomed as a DJ in the Air Force and George Noory was in the Navy for nine years as a lieutenant. Dannion Brinkley, a frequent guest, in his own book Saved by the Light, admitted he was an assassin in the CIA before he had his NDE and Art Bell used to say he had a Jekyl and Hyde personality. Another guest on the show, former CIA pilot John Lear, said during an interview that the light was a trick and in subsequent shows talked about a soul catcher tower on the moon. He later backed off these statements somewhat by saying that the process was for the development of the soul. Pretty much every episode of the TV series Ghost Whisperer ended with the spirit medium telling the departed spirit to "go to the light". There was a made for Tv movie called Go Toward The Light starring Linda Hamilton (Terminator movies), Richard Thomas (The Waltons), Joshua Harris (Dallas) and Piper Laurie. It was a tear-jerker movie about a boy with a terminal illness. When it is time for him to die he asks his mother, played by Linda Hamilton, what it will be like. She tells him, "You'll see a light and -- a beautiful shining light far away at the end of a long tunnel -- and your spirit will lift up out of your body and start to travel toward the light. And as you go a veil will be lifted from your eyes and suddenly you will see everything, but most of all you will feel a sense of love... It will be like the twinkling of an eye." At the moment of his actual death she tells him, "Go toward the light, Ben. Go toward the light."


Embraced by the Light Betty Eadie

Betty Eadie was in the Mormon church and she met her husband when he was stationed at Stead Air Force Base near Reno, Nevada. On Art Bell's Coast To Coast A.M. radio show, she said that afte she had gone home to check on her family "I was drawn in by this energy into what then appeared to be like a tunnel and I was drawn into this dark space. It was totally black... it was so filled with love, so nurturing and so beautiful that I actually felt that I would prefer this place to any other place that I had ever experienced. And then I felt -- I saw -- a pinpoint of light that pierced this blackness and then I wanted to go to that light. It was my heart's desire to go to that light. And at that point I swirled and began to travel towards that light going feet first. This is when I noticed that I had a spiritual body because I could see then that I had feet and they were out in front of me, but they were of a different kind. " Again she comments about the darkness: "now normally that would have really panicked me It was the love that held me there and the love that comforted me and it was the most beautiful place that I had ever been. It was the most wonderful that I had ever felt. I cannot overemphasize the beauty of that darkness... no pain. It was just beautiful. It was though my body, my spiritual self was going though a healing, a transformation, because everything of the earth dissolved away from me and I was filled with this tremendous love like being held. If you feel the comfort of your father's arms or whatever was your security, if you could just imagine that that is that comfort that you feel, and then just intensify that by 1,000 times. I mean, it was so beautiful."

" But the beauty was yet to be experienced and that was the beauty of following the Light.... After that light pierced the darkness which began as a pinpoint of light, just a speck of light, enough to attract my attention and I knew, Art, that anyone in this dark space with me, anyone of us, if we saw that light and we so desired it, we could all turn and go towards that light, but I also knew there could be spiritual beings who would not be prepared to go there. They would not release what they had here in this comfort and in this beauty, that they would not follow that light. But I wanted to... I think that some of them did not go to the light because they did not trust or believe in it. This may come from a person's belief system, you know, there are some of us that feel the minute we die, we're gonna go straight to Hell." Art Bell replied: "I understand, and maybe we do... so some may not have gone to the light."

So she goes on and on telling us how awesome the darkness is but for some reason we should go to the light anyway, hmmm.


Saved by the Light Dannion BrinkleyAt Peace in the LightSecrets of the Light Dannion BrinkleyLife After Life Raymond Moody

In Saved By The Light beginning on page 19, Dannion Brinkley admits he was an assassin with the CIA military intelligence. Earlier in the book he describes his near death experience, "I looked toward the front of the ambulance to a spot over my body. A tunnel was forming, opening like an eye of a hurricane and coming toward me. That looks like an interesting place to be, I thought. And away I went. I actually didn't move at all. The tunnel came to me. There was a sound of chimes as the tunnel spiraled toward and then around me... only a tunnel that engulfed me completely and the intensely beautiful sound of seven chimes ringing in rhythmic succession. I looked ahead into the darkness. There was a light, and I began to move toward it as quickly as possible. I was moving without legs at a high rate of speed. Ahead the light became brighter and brighter until it overtook the darkness and left me standing in a paradise of brilliant light. This was the brightest light I had ever seen, but in spite of that it didn't hurt my eyes in the least. Unlike the pain one might feel when walking into sunlight from a dark room, this light was soothing to my eyes."

"I looked to my right and could see a silver form appearing like a silhouette through mist. As it approached I began to feel a deep sense of love that encompassed all of the meanings of the word. It was as though I was seeing a lover, mother, and best friend multiplied a thousandfold. As the Being of Light came closer, these feelings of love intensified until they became almost too pleasurable to withstand." What if writing books and going on tour promoting the light of the near death experience was just his next CIA assignment? He even named his organization CIA, Compassion In Action. He also worked very closely with Raymond Moody who first promoted the near death experience with his book Life After Life.

Dr. Michael Newton - Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Journey of Souls Michael Newton book

Michael Newton, a hypnotherapist who claims he takes clients in-between their lives through hypnosis, writes in his book Journey of Souls, "Some newly dead people see it opening up next to them right over their bodies, while others say they move high above the Earth before they enter the tunnel." A subject under hypnosis describes it: "at first it was very bright.. close to the Earth... now it's a little darker because I have gone into a tunnel... it's a hollow dim vent... and there is a small circle of light at the other end... I feel a tugging, a gentle pulling... I think I'm supposed to drift through the tunnel... and I do. It's more gray than dark now, because the bright circle is expanding in front of me. It's as if... I'm being summoned forward. I leave the circle of and I'm out of the tunnel. There is a cloudy brightness... a light fog... I'm filtering through it. It's so still... I am in the place of spirits. Thought! The power of thought all around me. I feel thoughts of love... companionship... empathy... and it's all combined with... anticipation... as if others... are waiting for me... I'm not scared. When I was in the tunnel I was more disoriented. I'm aware of thoughts reaching out to me... of caring... nurturing.... In my mind Earth seems close... and I still feel connected to Earth... but I know I'm in another space."

Another subject said, "I think something is pulling me to my proper level of travel and trying to relax me. I'm hearing sounds... an echo of music... musical tingling... the waves of musical notes are so beautiful here." Another one saw his dead Uncle Charlie with "his hand stretched out to me... to comfort me... to lead me.. further into the light. He is taking me... to the place I should go.... No! don't go! Uncle Charlie is leaving me. Why is he going away? he stays in a different place than I do... he just came to meet me... to bring me here." Another person described the thoughts. "They are larger black orbs radiating light towards me.... thought.. I'm starting to recognize them.... They are sending images into my mind -- thoughts about themselves and... the shapes are changing into people! it's Larry! [her deceased husband]". "I'm being pulled along by a magnet and I just enjoy the ride....I am riding on a wave, a beam of light.... I must go with the wave bands of light.... They do it all for you... the ones in control, I don't really know... I'm being pulled and I'm supposed to go with it."

Another subject mentioned the staging area reminded him of a hub of a great wagon wheel. Another related, "I am moving along... in a chain of some kind. It's as if I'm weaving through a series of connecting links... a foggy maze and then it opens up... After a while I see nests of people -- like hives -- I see them as bunches of moving lights... fireflies." Another soul talked about cones. "Well the cones do assist us... It's shaped to go around us, you know... It is cylindrical -- very bright -- it is above and all around us. The cone is wide at the top and small at the bottom, so it fits over all of us... we can feel all our thoughts being expanded... then drawn up... and returned back... with more knowledge added." [Dr. Newton: "I wonder if this cone is brainwashing your original thoughts?"] "We aren't brainwashed!" Later on when describing the life selection process another client reported, "Some of us have to be given a push when they think we are ready again... After some more.... indoctrination... Mark realized he had been wrong about his abilities and finally he went back to Earth." [Dr. Newton: Indoctrination -- this makes me think of coercion."] "It's not that way at all! Mark was just discouraged, and needed the confidence to keep trying."

In his second book, Destiny of Souls, Dr. Newton reports on a subject who described souls being in "pods" and another subject claimed to be a sort of nurse in the spirit world who described souls in "honeycomb cells" being incubated in an "incubator" before being born.

Journey of Souls was my favorite book for years and years and I totally believed everything I read, but now in light of all the evidence of this theory I am not so sure. Kudos to Dr. Newton for lifting the veil behind our ordinary lives and he was keen enough to question whether the testimony he was being given was brainwashing, indoctrination or coercion, but I am not as willing to accept their testimony especially in light of descriptions such as souls being clustered together like grapes. Regressionists in the field of ufology have discovered screen memories that have been implanted in the minds of the alien abductees, a screen memory that serves as a cover for the real truth hidden beneath the surface layer. He also talks frequently of a client who took four to five thousand years to overcome the negative trait of jealousy. This just sounds questionable to me. Surely there must be a better way.

James Van Praagh grew up on the sets of Hollywood and was friends with mentalists. As far as hypnotic regression is concerned, a known phenomenon within the UFO community is that the aliens will implant a surface screen memory so that under hypnosis the true nature of the real encounter will not be discovered. Still others such as Michael Penrose claim that all the experiences can be recreated by stimulating the temporal lobe of the brain. Others say the tunnel and light can be accounted for as the brain or optic nerve dying from the outside in and are oxygen deprived.



Val Valerian Matrix II bookVal Valerian Matrix V book

In 1990 almost a full decade before the release of the popular Matrix movie trilogy, a CIA operative named John Grace wrote under the pseudonym Val Valerian in a book named Matrix II: The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology, "Fourth density Greys, the ones who are primarily dealing with Whitley Strieber, are the ones who possess the technical equipment to draw energy from the human bioplasmic field. They also have the ability to extract memories and experiences from the human being. It is they who await in the light when a human being dies. The human being is then recycled into another body and the process begins all over again. Fourth density Greys are, in effect, sensation junkies. To experience human emotions is the closest they themselves ever come to the idea of feeling." He later writes, "These entities have been abducting humans for many centuries -- these entities view Earth as a big farm, and have been essentially raising and harvesting humans and apparently abduct humans to take back to their home planet to raise there in a kind of human husbandry scenario." Part of his alien hypothesis is that " 'compliant' humans can be 'legally' 'harvested' for various 'slavery' purposes. Humans are effectively considered raw materials, including to be used as nutrition and also for parasitic energy usage by aliens.

In Matrix V, Valerian writes, "They want to recycle low to lower mid-level spirits into another breeding productive incarnation. Hence the Light and Tunnel at death Trap. Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, the aliens discover who the person was close to has died. They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper. If you CHOOSE to follow you can be trapped and sent to another incarnation of their choice. This shows the Empire does have an understanding of the spirit, but it attempts to short this out. The Light and Tunnel trap is a relatively new device, but one that will fail and they now know this. 'Go into the Light' say those who have had near death experiences. They are the salespersons chosen to advertise this alien venture. NEVER enter that light. Go up, left, back, right or anywhere but there. The mass media exposure of the Light and Tunnel trap (seen in the film 'Ghost', where the hero willingly enters the glittering trap) is to try to get people to buy the destination."

So what can we conclude from all this with ex-CIA agents and military personnel so entrenched in the promotion of it?


Journey of Souls Michael Newton bookGeorge Noory Worker in the Light bookJames Van Praagh Talking to Heaven bookGeorge Noory Journey to the Light

His replacement George Noory, also with military ties, has released a couple of books on the light, Worker in the Light and Journey to the Light. James Van Praagh and Sylvia Brown made frequent television appearances and had several huge books in the own right. Dr. Michael Newton used hypnotic regression to take subjects to their lives between lives. And John Edward had a television show called Crossing Over where he would do readings on spirit who had supposedly crossed over to the other side. Other television shows dealing with the crossing over the deceased spirit to the other side are Medium and Ghost Whisperer. Pretty much every episode of the Ghost Whisperer ends with the troubled spirit with unfinished business going into the light. The notoriety of the near death experience and the loving light which the near-dead experienced spurred blockbuster movies such as Poltergeist and Ghost and countless references in many other movies.


Tibetan Book of the Dead

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is an instruction manual on how to navigate the Bardo or planes of existence after death. It relates a series or progression of different colored lights which appear to the deceased after death. The deceased is to avoid the hallucinations or lures associated with them and to go to the clear light (which I think appears right away?) . The book exhorts us to: "Be not fond of the dull smoke-colored light from hell... Remember the clear light, the pure clear white light from which everything in the universe comes, to which everything in the universe returns; the original nature of your own mind. The natural state of the universe unmanifest. Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it. It is your own true nature, it is home." Actor Richard Gere has been very involved with their cause reading aloud for the audio book and he sent letters out urging people to support the effort to "Free Tibet".

According to the Tibetan Book of The Dead, a.k.a. The Great Liberation upon Hearing in the Intermediate State, at death at this moment, the first [glimpsing] of the Bardo of the Clear Light of Reality, which is the Infallible Mind of the Dharma-Kāya, is experienced by all sentient beings. Thus the primary Clear Light is recognized and Liberation attained. But if it be feared that the primary Clear Light hath not been recognized, then [it can certainly be assumed] there is dawning [upon the deceased] that called the secondary Clear Light, which dawneth in somewhat more than a meal-time period after that the expiration hath ceased. Praying thus, in intense humble faith, [thou] wilt merge, in halo of rainbow light, into the heart of Vairochana, and obtain Buddhahood in the Sambhoga-Kāya, in the Central Realm of the Densely-Packed."

"Lights will shine on you from the six world-realms, and the light of that place that you are to be born in, will shine most prominently, through karmic power:
•A dull white light from the world of gods.
•A dull green light from the world of titans.
•A dull yellow light from the human-world.
•A dull blue light from the animal (brute) world.
•A dull red light from the spirit (preta) world.
•A smoke-coloured light from the hell-world [173-74]."


Wavy lines illusionDouble imageAlbert Einstein Marilyn Monroe illusionFace vaseFace LiarSpinning Dancer

If one has ever studied optical illusions, then you can see how easily the eye can be tricked. There are blind spots in our vision and the brain fills in the gaps with complementary colors. For instance, are the vertical lines in the first image straight or wavy? Use a straight edge to find out. The second image looks like an intimate couple. However, show this image to children and they will see the smaller dolphins in the image since they have no concept of lovemaking. The third image up close looks like Albert Einstein, but when viewed from a few feet further back, it looks like Marilyn Monroe. Is the fourth image a pair of faces looking inward or is it a white vase? The next image looks like a man with glasses on, or is it the word, "Liar"? Is the dancer spinning clockwise to right or counterclockwise to the left? 2/3 of people will see her dancing clockwise. The other third will see her rotating to the left. There are all kinds of illusions: depth perception, afterimages, psychological blind spots, filling in phenomena, illusory contours, hybrid images, and many others. There are also mirages that people see in the desert. And what about hallucinations that people see while on drugs or otherwise. There are even touchable holograms that have been developed and mind control technology which can insert thoughts into our brains. There are vivid dreams that seem so real when we are having them. Can we really truly trust our perception anymore about what is reality? In the Matrix Morpheus said, "What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about your senses, what you feel, taste, smell, or see, then all you're talking about are electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

Stage magicians rely on tricks of the light and sleight of hand. They rely on our brain making illogical assumptions based on prior experience and expectation. Their tactics include distraction and diversion tactics and lots of smoke and mirrors.


Holographic Universe book Michael TalbotThe Matrix Holographic Universe

In his breakthrough book The Holographic Universe Michael Talbot explained in detail how the universe is holographic which means that every part contains the whole. We first saw the hologram in the epic debut Star Wars as Princess Leia delivered a meassage. Star Trek had a holodeck which was a simulated holographic reality deck in which you could interact. The movie The Matrix seemed to further the idea by presenting the world we live in as a matrix. Today scientists have holograms that can be touched. And a hologram of deceased rapper Tupac made a performance at a concert.

Hologram of Princess Leia from Star WarsTupac Hologram

To produce a hologram you need a light source such as a laser, a beam splitter, a couple of mirrors, a couple lenses for diffusing and a holographic plate containing diffraction lines in a scattered pattern of rings.

Hologram diagram explanation


Catching the Light book

Considering the nature of light and the limitations and inherent flaws with which our souls and bodies have been made how can we ever be sure that what we perceive is the truth? Is not knowingness still susceptible to deception? Here on Earth we base trustworthiness on years and years of data and yet we still are deceived by our spouses. But it requires an initial leap of faith which in the case of the afterlife could result in a soul getting trapped in a gravity well or hellish existence. If we have total free will, then why can we not leave this plant or solar system. We are bound by gravity.

The following is from the beginning of the book Catching The Light by Arthur Zajonc and shows just how tenuous our understanding of light might be: "As part of what I call "Project Eureka", a friend and I have designed and constructed a science exhibit in which one views a region of space filled with light. It is a simple but startling demonstration that uses only a carefully fabricated box and a projector whose light shines directly into it. We have taken special care to ensure that light does not illuminate any interior objects or surfaces in the box. Within the box, there is only pure light and lots of it. The question is: What does one see? How does light look when left entirely to itself?

Approaching the exhibit, I turn on the projector, whose bulb and lenses can be seen through a Plexiglas panel. The projector sends a brilliant light through optical elements into the box beside it. Moving over to a view port, I look into the box and at the light within. What do I see? Absolute darkness! I see nothing but the blackness of empty space.

On the outside of the box is a handle connected to a wand that can move into and out of the box's interior. When I pull the handle, the wand flashes through the dark space before me, and I see it brilliantly lit on one side. The space clearly is not empty but filled with light. Without an object on which the light can fall, one sees only darkness. Light itself is always invisible. We see only things, only objects, not light." -- From "Catching The Light" by Arthur Zajonc

Light and how it interacts with the eye and brain is still a mystery to us. Did you know that the image that comes into the eye is actually upside down on the back of the retina and the brain reinterprets it to be upright for us? Albert Einstein said, "All the fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no closer to answer the question, 'What are light quanta?' Of course today every rascal thinks he knows the answer, but he is deluding himself." He also said, "For the rest of my life I will reflect on what light is."

Additive and subtractive colors

The following was written by Pam Perdue on a message board: "There are two ways to combine colors: additive and subtractive.

A TV works by additive colors: you put a red, green, and blue light and it appears white.

A crayon works by subtractive colors. A red crayon absorbs blue and green light. A green crayon absorbs blue and red light. And so on. Put all three together, and any photon hitting the surface will be absorbed by one of the three.

We usually define color in terms of what we see (what’s reflected or emitted) rather than what’s absorbed. If you want to say that a red crayon is "really" blue+green, because it’s hoarding all of those blue and green photons... well, I guess that’s one way of looking at it. But it’s really turning those blue and green photons and converting them into heat. They’re not being saved up to be emitted as blue and green later.

So we say that "black" is when no photons are reaching your eye, and a "black" surface is one that absorbs all of the photons so that none hit your eye. And space is black because there’s nothing out there putting out photons (except where the stars are).

Actually, it’s an important observation that the sky is black. (I’m digressing here.) Scientists call it the Olbers Paradox. If space is infinite, then every point in the sky must eventually point to a star. So why isn’t the sky white? It means that the universe can’t be infinitely big, or infinitely old. The night sky proves that the universe doesn’t go on forever!"

SiliconOwl's reply:

Additive or Subtractive...

...two different ways to mix colors.

Additive colors are when you blend light. White light is the presence of all colors, where black is the absence of any color light, or any light at all. This is what is happening with a prism where you can break apart light into its varoius components. Consider having three spotlights, one each color, red, green and blue. You setup these lights so you can shine them on a white piece of paper. Turn on the blue light and you have a blue spot of light, turn on the other two lights and the light will mix and you have a white spot! Yup, this works, been there and done that.

Additive colors are also how the monitor you are looking at right now works. If you have a magnifying glass you can look at the white areas around these characters and see that it is really a set of red, green and blue pixels. If you want a red spot on the screen the red pixel is turned on. If you want a white spot you turn on all three pixels in the set and the viewer sees a white spot. Any other color can be made by mixing different brightnesses of the three pixels.

Subtractive colors are when a material absorbs colors. This is how pigments like crayons, inks and paints work. A red pigment is a material that absorbs all colors but red, The red light is reflected and the viewer sees red. likewise a blue pigment is a material that absorbs all colors except blue. When you mix pigments you get a material that absorbs more colors and will appear darker than the pigments you mixed. Put enough of the right pigments into something and it will appear to be black as it absorbs all colors. Thus a pigment subtracts colors from the reflected light.

Remember addition and subtraction works with colors."

Black is the absence of color.

Space appears black because there are some parts of it from which we can see no light. If you could look directly at the Sun, which is emitting a tremedous amount of light from all colors, you would see a white ball of fire. If you old a white object piece of paper in front of the sun then the paper will appear white because the paper reflects all of the colors, but a black piece of paper would appear black because it absorbs all of the colors. If you take a red crayon and draw on the paper and hold it in the sun light, you will see red. The red crayon absorbs green and blue light, but it reflects red. Green absorbs red and blue. Blue absorbs red and green. If you combine red, green and blue crayons you should have black because all of the colors are absorbed and no light is reflected back at your eye.

Black is the absence of all visible light, while white is the presence of the complete spectrum.

There is some confusion in this matter when one goes from discussing things like paint to discussing things like filters! In one case, you are seeing what is REFLECTED, and in the second case you are seeing what is TRANSMITTED. Red paint, for instance, absorbs all colors and reflects the red back to your eye, so it looks red. A red filter reflects all colors BUT red, which it allows to pass through unhindered.

That is why mixing red, yellow, and blue paint will produce black (all colors are now absorbed), yet using three spotlights colored red, yellow and blue will produce a single spot of white light (all colors are present).

That depends on whether you are talking about additive or subtractive color.

There are two different color wheels depending one what you are working with:

Subtractive Color - Applies to paint, crayons, etc. The primary colors in additive color are Red, Yellow, and Blue. Mixing them all together gives you something close to black.

Additive Color - Applies to light and computer screens (because they project light). The primary colors in subtractive color are Red, Green, and Blue. Light mixes differently than paint. For instance, in light, red and green make yellow. Light is made up of all the colors which is why when you split light using a prism or when you see a rainbow, you can see the range of colors. The absence of all of the colors would give you darkness like in space.

I know it is a little confusing because they never teach you about additive color in school unless you are studying art and design on computers.

Third eye lotus position pyramid

Vatican courtyard pine cone statuePine cone on staff of the Pope


At the present time too we have the advantage of Dr. de Purucker's works, in which the teachings of The Secret Doctrine are so clearly analyzed; and it is now possible to give to the term "astral light" a more precise meaning, which can be regarded as the accepted meaning. In The Esoteric Tradition, by G. de Purucker, pages 952 and following, we find a tabular arrangement of the principles of the universe, of which the following is a brief summary:

1. The supreme monad or root, from which emanate the other principles, and called paramatman.

2. Alaya, akasa, the origin of cosmic soul.

3. Mahat, or cosmic mind.

4. Cosmic kama, the desire or impelling force of the universe.

5. Cosmic jiva or vitality.

6. Astral light; cosmic ether.

7. Sthula-sarira; the physical universe.

The Astral Light

Blavatsky describes the Astral Light as a region of illusion [quoted in Farthing, p.92].

"Our Astral Light is ...the Linga Sharira [subtle body] of our earth; only instead of being its primordial is the reverse. Human and animal bodies grow and develop on the model of their antetypal Doubles, whereas the Astral Light is born from the terrene emanations, grows and develops after its prototypal parent, and in its treacherous waves everything from the upper planes and from the lower solid plane, the earth,... is reflected reversed.

Hence the confusion of its colors and its sounds in the clairvoyance and clairaudience of the sensitive who trusts to its records, be (he)... a Hatha yogi or a medium..."
[S.D. vol. III, p.500; quoted in Geoffrey Farthing, Exploring the Great Beyond, p.90]

And elsewhere:

"The Astral Light is that which mirrors the three higher planes of consciousness, and is above the lower, or terrestrial plane; therefore it does not extend beyond the fourth plane [Kama-Manas] where, one may say, the Akasha begins...."
[quoted Ibid, p.91]

The study of this one plane would require a whole book in itself, so perhaps we better leave it off now, with the above quotations as a basic description. But certainly it is in references such as these that we see the origin of widespread modern occult-theosophical idea of the "Astral Plane" as "the plane of illusion".


In her book The Secret Doctrine she writes, "Now there are three kinds of light in Occultism, as in the Kabala. (1) The Abstract and the Absolute Light, which is darkness; (2) The Light of the Manifested-Unmanifested, called by some the Logos; and (3) The latter light reflected in the Dhyan Chohans, the minor logoi (the Elohim, collectively), who, in their turn, shed it on the objective Universe. But in the Kabala -- reedited and carefullyadjusted to fit the Christian tenets by the Kabalists of the XIII. century -- the three lights are described as: -- (1) The clear and penetrating, that of Jehovah; (2) reflected light; and (3) light in the abstract. "This light abstractly taken (in a metaphysical or symbolical sense) is Alhim (Elohim God), while the clear pentrating light is Jehovah."

Later she writes, "Light is so much the burden of the Kaballah, in explaining the Sephiroth, that the most famous book on the Kaballah is called the Zohar or Light."

It is interesting though to find a brief reference to what seems to be the same phenomena in the Tibetan Bardo Thodol ("Tibetan Book of the Dead") where the following instruction is given to the soul or consciousness of the deceased newly departed from its body:

"O son of noble family, after being unconscious for four and a half days you will move on, and awakening from your faint you will wonder what has happened to you, so recognize it as the bardo [intermediate] state. At this time samsara is reversed, and everything you see appears as lights and images."
[The Tibetan Book of the Dead - the Great Liberation through hearing in the Bardo, transl. by Francesca Fremantle and Chogyam Trungpa, p.41 (1975, Shambhala)]

The illusory, self-created nature of these visions is stressed elsewhere in text by the words:

"...the essential point to recognize with certainty is that whatever appears, however terrifying, is your own projection"
[Ibid, p.40]

This emphasis on the subjectively-generated nature of the phenomena of the astral (or "bardo") world is constantly reiterated by other clairvoyants, like the Theosophist Leadbeater.


Alice Bailey:

From the standpoint of the esotericist, all [102] forms of life on our planet are affected by three types of light substance, and at the present time a fourth type is gradually making its presence felt. These types of light are:
1.The light of the sun.
2.The light in the planet itself - not the reflected light of the sun but its own inherent radiance.
3.A light seeping in (if I may use such a phrase) from the astral plane, a steady and gradual penetration of the "astral light" and its fusion with the other two types of radiance.
4.A light which is beginning to merge itself with the other three types and which comes from that state of matter which we call the mental plane - a light in its turn reflected from the realm of the soul.

An intensification of the light is going on all the time, and this increase in intensity began on the earth at about the time when man discovered the uses of electricity, which discovery was a direct result of this intensification. The electrification of the planet through the wide-spread use of electricity is one of the things which is inaugurating the new age, and which will aid in bringing about the revelation of the presence of the soul. Before long this intensification will become so great that it will materially assist in the rending of the veil which separates the astral plane from the physical plane; the dividing etheric web will shortly be dissipated, and this will permit a more rapid inflow of the third aspect of light. The light from the astral plane (a starry radiance) and the light of the planet itself will be more closely blended, and the result upon humanity and upon the three other kingdoms in nature cannot be over-emphasized. It will, for one thing, profoundly affect the human eye and make the present sporadic etheric vision a universal asset. It will bring within the radius of our range of [103] contact the infra-red and ultra-violet gamut of colors, and we shall see what at present is hidden. All this will tend to destroy the platform upon which the materialists stand, and to pave the way, first, for the admission of the soul as a sound hypothesis, and secondly, for the demonstration of its existence. We only need more light, in the esoteric sense, in order to see the soul, and that light will shortly be available and we shall understand the meaning of the words, "And in Thy light shall we see light."

This intensification of the light will continue until A.D. 2025, when there will come a cycle of relative stability and of steady shining without much augmentation. In the second decanate of Aquarius these three aspects will again be augmented by increased light from the fourth aspect, that is the light from the soul realm, reaching us via the universal "chitta" or mind stuff. This will flood the world. By that time, however, the soul will be recognized as a fact, and as a consequence of this recognition our entire civilization will have changed so radically that we cannot today even guess at the form it will take. The next ten years will see a greatly increased merging of the first three forms of light, and those of you who are awake to these issues and happenings will find it interesting to note what is going on. The consensus of opinion in the religious and spiritualistic fields and in the field of biblical prophecy, and likewise a study of the symbolism of the Pyramid, lead students to believe that the immediate future will see some great event and some unforeseen spiritual happening. This should be duly anticipated, and careful preparation should be made for it. I refer not to any coming of any individual. I refer to a natural process with far-reaching effects.


Hence all meanings (commercial, spiritual or secular) attributed to these two words ‘Light’ and ‘Darkness’ is relative rather than absolute. More importantly, who is to decide which one of these meanings is real? The various meanings just add spice to the manifestation. The meanings are there just to tickle the ego’s fancy, generate discussions, form theories, build philosophies and construct dogmas that keep man in bondage rather than freedom. Freedom is freedom from words and their meaning for, as yet, no word or meaning has ever liberated man from the shackles of misery or sadness. How could they, for their very presence is the cause of discontent? Discontent, for words project incomplete meaning but the mind believes it to be complete!

Therefore, in this exposition, a deeper understanding of these two words ‘Light’ and ‘Darkness’ would be shared rather than contributing more meaningless meanings to them. It is important to realize that all meanings to these two words are necessary only to understand that they are not necessary to relieve man from the grip of duality. So, what could light be? Has man ever seen light that he could either talk or write ‘about’ it? Could light be seen? What man is able to see is just reflected light and not pure light! If the mind has a thought of pure light, only then would it be in a position to expound it. If the mind has a thought of pure light, would it be pure, for pure light, realistically, would be the absence of total darkness? Total darkness is not only the absence of light, but also the absence of the presence of absence of light. So if the mind talks about pure light it only means that it has recognized and acknowledged, non-verbally, the presence of darkness! And if darkness has been admitted, would the description of light be independent of darkness? Certainly not would be the obvious conclusion. Hence, it is not possible for the mind to talk about pure light or write about it. More importantly, since the mind is absent in the ‘present’, it could never ever experience pure light, for pure light is in the ‘NOW’ and not in the past!

Next, if light is all there is in life, how could darkness exist at all? If darkness is absence of light, how could it be possible for anyone to see it, for man would need light to see? If light is required to see darkness, where could the cut-off point be between light and darkness? Has man been able to determine where exactly the two are separate from each other? If they are not separate, then it would only mean that light and darkness are one and not two.

Darkness is nothing but intense light that the eyes cannot catch. Man’s visual faculty is limited as are the rest of his mental concepts of senses. The mind is able to appreciate only the absence of different wave-lengths of light and is unable to recognize wave- lengths of light beyond a certain spectrum. The inability to appreciate light is experienced by man as darkness. Light that man experiences is therefore darkness that the eyes can catch and darkness is intense light that the eyes cannot catch. This is paradoxical - and so is life! If darkness were real then even animals would not be able to see. But it is well known that certain species of the animal kingdom roam around in utter darkness in total freedom. It is important to realize that life begins in darkness rather than light! The seed sprouts from the darkness within the seed under the ground. The sperm fertilizes the ova in the darkness of the reproductive system. Eggs hatch within the darkness of the eggshell. Life begins in darkness, for darkness is light!

Hence man must understand that there is nothing called darkness as an absolute entity or anything called light as an absolute entity that the mind could experience. Life is jointly light and darkness with all their meanings stuck to it. Freedom from these labels is pure light: light that cannot be seen, thought of, or written ‘about’; darkness that cannot be seen, thought of, or written ‘about’!

© Copyright V.S. Shankar, 2004


In his book Truman Cash relates how he was taken into the white light to be recycled.

Clones and the Black Box Soul Recycling Technology

In one of Maarit’s experiences with her 5-year-old son, they both remember being placed in an enclosed machine with deep red lights and pulsating sound. Her son remembered long needles being inserted into him. She believes this pulsating sound and light instrument had to do with cloning in some fashion, and recognized similarities in her and her sons experiences, as those events described in Ted Rice’s abduction testimony, written in the late Dr. Karla Turner’s book, Masquerade of Angels (Keltworks, 1995) One of Ted’s abduction memories involved a small black box that was used to transfer his astral body consciousness from his original body into a cloned version of himself. Maarit told me that one of the reasons they use the black box, is so that the human spirit consciousness does not disperse and go elsewhere, and instead is trapped and directed into cloned bodies or stored until transferred to where the aliens want to place the astral body consciousness. Maarit believes this black box technology is also key to the aliens “soul recycling” technology, which entraps human souls to be born into bodies chosen for that person. Some abductees have reported to me privately that the aliens have interfered with them in other lifetimes, and were told or remembered to have made pacts with “reptilians” in former lives. This being the reason they now are in milab supersoldier programs, for example.

Observing cloned human bodies is a recurrent theme reported in many alien abduction testimonies, and with milabs. In Dr. Corrado Malanga’s research with testimonies gleaned via interviews and hypnotic regressions, abductees reported vivid memories of cloned human bodies of other abductees stored in various places by the aliens and human military collaborators. (

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