You didn't abdicate, you didn't listen, well it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of Illuminist Goons.
Enjoy your Destiny.


Son of Leod: I prayed you'd come for us

Im glad you've come for us... I am so ready to be free of this world. I realize this is something that is our personal responsibility but the corruption is so much that the masses will never awake on their own. The government still has them convinced that they could do no wrong, and we are paranoid conspiracy theorists.

All my life I've dreamt of leaving this planet and traveling to another galaxy.

Annunaki77: Your Family, We Love you

We hate Lies & Corruption.
Love for all Mankind.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Russia and China

are suporting side of Siria tirany.
thera are one playng chess;
and; guess. whos are moving pieces.

bluesbaby5050: OK- EVERYONE!! People in this forum!! LISTEN UP!

ANNU77 HAS SPOKEN NOW! YOU ALL NEED TO GET READY! THERE IS GOING TO BE A WAR FOR YOUR SOULS PEOPLE!! The heavens are going to be waging war! DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR SOULS TO THE VATICAN,AND THE PLAYERS OF THE DARK AGENDA! They are getting ready for the FINAL BATTLE! And so should you all ! PRAY TO THE HOLY SPIRIT-The FATHER of all of the creations of all that IS/WAS/AND WILL BE! The CREATOR of all of our GALAXIES,and PLANETS! The SOURCE! Go deep inside your selfs,and PRAY for PROTECTION! DO NOT SURENDER! NEVER GIVE UP! Hope,and pray for peace! No matter what -still pray for help,and for PEACE to come to the nations! This JULY is the beginning! get ready. Be brave be strong in spirit! And NEVER give up hope! WE will win in the end! Annunaki 77 is very serious now! And he is very pissed off! He never swears like he just did tonight! Be ready. I LOVE YOU ALL.BB5050.

Phaminator: July?!

But that's the month of my birthday!!! It would suck if the dark ones show up at my place... I might as well heed what you guys are saying.

wmarkley: birthday

a shotgun makes a great gift. and ammo.

Phaminator: Pourquoi?

Sorry wmarkley, I ain't a redneck, I'm more of a melee type who would use a sword, knives or perhaps a spear to stab things.

wmarkley: sweet

i love melee weapons, but i would hurt myself with one of those, im a boom stick kind of guy.

Tarheel: This is serious guys.

Nows not the time for jokes. Blood will spill. The Heavens are upset, to put it mildly. It's no laughing matter.

wmarkley: laugh

i laugh at the face of death because i dont fear it, i have come to terms with it years ago knowing that we would meet some day, i only didnt know how we would meet and thats what bothered me, now i have a good idea as to how death and i will meet. so i hold up my mug and salute, and i will laugh in the face of my enemy, i will never give them the satisfaction of seeing me fear.

Son of Leod: Well said wmark. I fear

Well said wmark. I fear nothing anymore except fear itself. I will help tear down these corrupt beings. I will do my part or I will die trying do that future generations won't be enslaved like we were.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Coutries are abstrations;

Coutries are abstrations; when someone seys: Russia gos to something or; China made some act. or USA atack blabla... not in true Russia or China or USA, or israel, or Iraq that there are in themselves.

Persons of partities class represents countries. So, positions can be changed when change these whos. They comands armys and companies. Persons that influency acts when its hapen. On elite no one care where they was born neither flag carry; their take care only interests. They know use patriotism to create enemis among humanity and build flags to separate ours.

When we hear: India cames to... or... Japan want this os these... its only abstration; it mean that who speack generaly about this nation say... we. but probably, its not absolut will of all people that living in any country limits.

From here; far of Siria. seems that are tirany because midia tell us that president dont want elections and have been kiling opositors that claim reforms and choices. And there are realy near from Iran, Jerusalem, etc. im neutro always but I hope that peace side win; before they begin one conflit stupid and non sense; with terrible consequences to imense majory of beings here; independent of name's country that went given to us call our.

bluesbaby5050: Your right about this ------Ecbra.

There is so much truth in what you speak of here.Thank you.You are a wise man.We need more good people like you on OUR SIDE! We truely want peace for humanity. BB5050.

Tarheel: You are wishing an OWL upon Ecbra?

They will hoot you outta house and home.

Ecbra is senorita driven, Humanity driven. His heart is in the right place.

We gotta get HD outta Israel while it still has geography. I.E. while it can still be found on a map.

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