Donald Trump Tweets Photo of Himself With Nazis/ TheLipTV News video

Donald Trump Tweets Photo of Himself With Nazis/ TheLipTV Newsvideo. TheLipTV News. Published on Jul 15, 2015.
Donald Trump tweeted a photo of himself with Nazi re-enactors, an American flag, and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain around the same time that a national poll placed the real estate mogul turned reality tv star turned 2016 presidential candidate in first place among Republicans. The Trump campaign later deleted the tweet and blamed the incident on “a young intern.” We take a look at the Nazi slip-up - To view that photo click on link ----------------------------------->>> ] and discuss how it will affect Trump’s standing with voters on the Lip News with Elliot Hill and Jo Ankier. -

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pasqualie: Donald Trump will be the next president

If you like betting place your bet on Trump while he is still 1000:1 odds

It was predicted on the simpsons episode in 2000.

With the foreshadowing of 911 on the simpsons and the boston bombings on the family guy episodes before the events happened.

Trump will be the next president

Tarheel: Donald CHump won't be anything

Trump exemplifies the delusion that rules his party. (I'm not a member of any party)

1) Like it matters who it is.
2) This film (trailer attached) will tell you all you need to know about Trump.

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