Domination by corporations

by Shais on June 28th, 2011

The way corporations are dehumanizing workers is awful. Workers and also students become excluded, they are unemployed or a dropout. The way technology is impose creates more and more social disasters for societies.


Quinton: Well the good news is

Well the good news is corporations don't force us to work for them. If we don't like it it's up to us to form companies and societies that operate the way we see fit. We hold the power to change things. Corporations and governments depend on us. Without us they're finished. So we need to refocus our efforts.

LordEnlil: Hi my friend...the

Hi my friend...the corporation does what it is in them interest to do...
But what Quinton said we can change all that...
They are afraid of us ..we are to many...we are a force and with no us they are finish...
Indeed good said...

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