Dogman Encounters Episode #1 to # 216- Don't Go Looking for the Source of the Howling!

Dogman Encounters Episode #1 to # 216. Don't Go Looking for the Source of the Howling! Updated. Episode # 1 to Episodes # 216.
Published on Jul 15, 2015.
Adam Davis heard about a report, in the Dayton Daily News, where the Montgomery County Sheriff had warned residents not to go looking for the source of strange howls that were being heard, at the time, in the Dayton, OH area.

In this episode of the show, Adam talks about events related to that newspaper article, as well as others that are just as, if not even more creepy.

We hope you'll tune in, to hear about the unnerving Dogman activity that's been going on, in and around Dayton, OH. It's a show you won't want to miss! - ============================================================================ MORE HERE -Dogman Encounters PART 1 TO PART 51 TOTAL SO FAR TO THIS DATE Jul 15, 2015 - More here - Listen to real eyewitnesses share their terrifying details of their Dogman encounters on Dogman Encounters Radio with the shows host, Vic Cundif every Friday night, at 9PM EST. - Updated Epitsodes #1 to #216.

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bluesbaby5050: Dogman Encounters Episode # 1 to # 216

Updated: Dogman Encounters Episode #1 to #216. Please use the Youtube links above as they are still available. Thank you.

Tarheel: Ah-oooooooooh

Good read/video, BB! I couldnt help but think of this when I was watching...

But seriously, ya'll should be about when the COYOTE start to going off here. There are hundreds of them. They spook easy but they are VERY sneaky.

bluesbaby5050: This APEX Preditor Exists Across Every Continent

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