Does White genocide is really happening?

as i noticed many people in western society mainly white based race have 1 to 2 average birth rate.
i do not know why they not making babies.
the other terrible case is massive immigrants to europe that might shape the whole europe genetic pools
which could outnumber the white race and become very minority untill they cease to exist.

thing like that happend in the very past when Akaddian conquered Sumeria and mixed with them
and Sumerian eventually ceased to exist.

what is your toughts?

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wolfe: There are many many many

There are many many many factors to consider with what you are asking. Caucasians don't breed as fast. why? I can think of several things that may factor into that, some of which may sound racist, which I am not, or at least would like to think I am not. One factor is education and a recognition of global over population. When I was a young man, they claimed the world could only support 3-4 billion people. Now our population globally is closer to 7 billion last I checked. Economics and lack of education also lead to breeding, if you cant go out on a date and afford a movie or other entertainment sex is a cheap alternative. There are some who believe that some cultures simply intend to out-breed cultures who have differing points of view, how true that is I can not say. A factor many don't recognize is quality of life, every person in a society reduces the quality of life for the rest of society, that is just a supply and demand issue of any given resource. The GMO foods we know are not healthy for us is also what has made it viable food wise to support the plants population to a degree, however I still see starvation is rampant in some parts of the world, and still is present in what we call 1st world countries. I sure there are more factors im not even touching on but it's a huge subject to cover. And these are just my opinions and I don't have empirical proof to support them, simply some of the things I see. In my opinion global overpopulation is the number one factor to why we have the wars on this planet, an eternal struggle for resources of one kind or another. I don't think its all racism as much as the media and poor leadership trying to keep us divisive and divided. God forbid if the slaves ever had a moment to not hate one another and look at what the real problem's are. Just my thought's. Peace.

Quinton: The culture that pushes back

The culture that pushes back against the NWO the most is Western culture. It's been this way for a long time. That's what the founding of America was. The Western culture has championed freedom and self-responsibility more than other cultures which is why so many people want to live in Europe or America. So of course the NWO is going to want to target them and bring them under control. Anybody who has studied up on the history of all this know what I'm talking about... The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Civil War, The Federal Reserve, etc, etc. These were all steps to bring down the culture that refuses to be controlled and defends their freedom.

So in regards to white genocide... I don't think they specifically target white people -- after all, the human NWO is white. The genocide isn't white people. And it's not genocide. It's social engineering over groups that champion freedom and self-responsibility. It's basically mind control. They've cast a spell over people. They understand how people think and feel and they completely exploit humans to their own advantage.

All these side effects of the destruction of Western civilization are all part of the NWO slowly destroying us from the inside. Low birth rates, immigration from non-free societies, indoctrination through schools and all these things are symptoms of the greater influence they exert. They don't directly want low birth rates. They want whatever will keep opposition away from them. And if low birth rates is a result of responsible people having less money to raise a family due to higher government expenses and inflation then they will double down. If immigration results in more non-free society cultures and ideologies then they will double down. They want to destroy freedom -- and they'll target whoever stands behind it. It's just a big and deep subject.

HebrianDaniel: they are really sick bastard

they are really sick bastard psychos.

why whould you like to control the world? what you gain from it?
i talked to someone about this case he bealive that aliens will come to clear this elitists destructions.
i still doubt about it :P
but then he said theyve alwayse been there since egyptian time he said they wont let the white vanish from the world

Terran resistance: a new sun is coming into the solar system

a new sun is coming into the solar system, this means physiological changes either green or blue skin or black. Aliens in fourth density are voting and on this and on this plane of existence and its between blue and no change i.e red (four horsemen of the apocalypse) though apparently according to contactee alex collier blue is the outcome there is still encounters of people with aliens that are green skinned which is unknown and they are SLENDER they dont have big rib cages but they do have brow ridges so who knows,

Terran resistance: tupac
Tarheel: The biggest reason for the baby slow-down is....

...a lot of people don't want to bring a child into this world the way it is now. I wouldn't but I respect anyone who does but think it's ballsy.
That will all be changing soon so I may decide to procreate when "it" happens.

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