Does Spirit world exist?

i wonder if in the after death we goes to spirit world. or heaven and hell.
anyone knows?

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bluesbaby5050: Does anyone know if Spirit world really exists?

Yes HD, the spirit world really does exist on many levels in many different dimentions/ frequencies. So does the heaven, and the so called hell dimentions. There are many versions of both. First you are Spirit that is your Light Body that is connected to Prime Creator Source,, secondly you are Soul connected to Ego which is your 3D physical dense body, and your personality.

Annunaki77: Yes Bluesbaby our beloved ,

Yes Bluesbaby our beloved , it does exist on many levels , humans have not been taught these truths , some humans have these gifts , my our beloved.

Annunaki77: Hell is tatarus a place for

Hell is tatarus a place for those who hurt Humanity, yes , there are a lot of lower Spirits there that have failed certain lessons

Annunaki77: Humanity must Meditate on

Humanity must Meditate on Positive thoughts , this energy will change the Planet Vibration for a pro human future

bluesbaby5050: Yes humanity must meditate on keeping....

Positive thoughts during these trying times of changes. LOVE is the KEY! Remember that humanity is connected as ONE! There is Strength in humanities numbers. We are one united in love! Love is the remedy, and love is also the cure.

Tarheel: Great timing on that question

.. especially since All Hallows Day (Halloween) is close. A lot of people believe this is when the veil between the spirit world and current world is at its thinnest. Communication is supposedly much easier on AHD.

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