Does someone ever heard about Vandenbroek as a planet or as a solar system..?

by Makii on August 20th, 2016

It keeps growing my obsession toward this unknown location I had several visions about it and I want to know more about I think that something that is over me is trying to lead me to something like my destiny well ..something like a intelligent being that is non human ..

I speak french as first language so sorry for my mispelling..

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Terran resistance: could be

could be the new solar system entering our solar system perhaps? Its by the kuiper belt at the moment.

156156156: Visions

My last memory from before was being walked by a maze that was some kind of race to an image of a floating body. I escaped from there by simply "jumping the fence" and taking the spot. I've tried to make sense of this but only have pieces of the life from before in my head.

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