Does the media / government prevent idealistic social revolutions for peace and the good of humanity from becoming influential ?

by freedmftr88 on September 8th, 2018

This is going to start out as a pop culture conspiracy but I think there's a link between idealists being enemies of The New World Order and how they use modern day pop culture and false socialism to cover it all up.
In other words , there's the 1960s political movements of idealism and utopia then today you just got a bunch of young druged up partying pop stars who go partying one moment and the next say something relating to equality and socialism.

The 1960s weren't all about a " positive thinking " fad but there was such a huge left wing political movement protesting against the war in Vietnam , Richard Nixon but even anti-establishment and questioning authority itself . And culture played a huge role from philosophical idealism and utopiaism within pop music , to the satire of underground comix and early Mad Magazine. Perhaps it relates how people just didn't want another situation like WWII and of course the Red Scare / McCarthyism era .

People look at the polarized politics today of the anti-Trump times currently. And I'm not one who follows up on the news for my own spiritual health but also I think the news can be manipulated . Still I'll watch Rachel Maddow just because of Rachel Maddow but anyway...
The point I'm making is , very tame compared to the 1960s.

I do feel bad for those who feel victimized because not only because I do being an empath and INFP but they are unfortunately ignorant of the truth outside of themselves and inside of themselves ( self esteem , self love , law of attraction , victimization can be a choice , etc )

I can go on and on about the 1960s but I really wanted to focus on the topic of any sort of lightworkers and idealists immediately become a big threat to government and perhaps some of their tragic deaths were set up and not as a "freak event" as it appears. And perhaps comparing todays media of being centralized and not speaking out the truth being this shield of preventing any celebrity or anyone to influence the masses big time.

Maybe that's why people on the internet have big time people in the media make huge offers with lots of money , maybe that's why some conglomerates by out art franchises known in pop culture but are owned by the family or the artists or small business legacy companies , etc

I'm always interested in what's really happening behind the scenes of the media. Kind of reminds me of the movie " Death To Smoochy " in a way , how it's always Mafia going after this idealist children's entertainer.

I wanted to specifically bring up one example and how possibly it's Government / Authority at work against idealist artists in the mainstream ....

The Murder of John Lennon Conspiracy Theory

I wanted to mention this because I was thinking last night , what if this wasn't just some freak accident from a single psycho killer ? ( relating I have a topic talking in general : )

I've been studying this for a while and it's interesting because there was mention when Mark David Chapman went to jail that there was prison wardens that actually wanted him to autograph their copy of Catcher and The Rye . I was just watching the documentary " The Real Yoko Ono " last night as well as a video talking about how she used the blood stained glasses of John Lennon to sell her solo album .
As much I want to have a positive perception of her because of the John Lennon Legacy and all , what if she did all that just as a business move to give her public attention ? Something about that documentary gave me a chilling feeling and made me think. What if there was more to it then just what is presented in the media. Then I tried to research if there was conspiracy theories on this and there's one with the CIA tying in with Mark David Chapman . And of course Nixon just hated hippies , radicals ( which I consider to be some sort of link to modern day Anarchism ) , any non-centralized leftists .
I have such a fascination with the 1960s period to the point where I strongly feel some sort of spiritual past life connection. Someday I should check in on it with a psychic maybe. lol
There's these cool postcards on , 2 are called " My heroes have FBI records ".
The murders of John Lennon , Martin Luther King Jr , and maybe even going back to Jesus Christ perhaps.

Are intuitives who challenge hierarchy the biggest threat to The New World Order ?
And obviously this was at a time before the internet of course so when a famous person speaks out truth or hidden truth even if somewhat vague and not specific in exposing the truth , they are seen as this God image sort of speak. It's amazing. Like if Jesus Christ was an INFJ / INFP , then how come Christians aren't researching the " Christ Conciousness " and trying to figure out his personality type and treating anyone with that personality type just the same. I got Monty Python and The Life of Brian in my mind a little bit where Graham Chapman ( playing Brian ) is shouting to the parroting masses " You don't need to follow anyone ! " and they just repeat what he says without thinking for themselves. lol

It's kind of like the last supper , ( I'm really rusty with Theology knowledge, kind of basic with it ) , wasn't there people Jesus trusted who ended up murdering him ? Well what if the murderers were or related to the authority that not only nailed him to the cross to die but also responsible for putting together the bible.
lol Again I just think of Life of Brian where Brian is on the cross and he's shocked at the stupidity of the people who would just see him on the cross , cry and walk away instead of having any sort of concern of helping him get down while he's still alive. ( Always look on the bright side of life *whistle* ) .. sorry. lol It's just interesting how things in literature and stuff seams to connect within my mind. :)

Anyway my point being , what if Yoko Ono , Mark David Chapman , and the Nixon administration were all working together. Yoko paid the hitman for selfish career purposes and just act normally about it like everyone else to please fans and or the murderer is a CIA under the the Nixon administration or perhaps BOTH ! Mor beyond .

The 1960s was very close like most social revolutions. But authority ( New World Order ) had some way to stop it before it brought global awareness. Just like how The Spanish Civil War ended by The Government tricking the anarchist revolutions to be on their side and they ended up being the Fascists that threatened them which ended it all. Same with Yoko Ono. Beatles fans and possibly some John Lennon fans too. And in the footage , Yoko seemed a lot more passive and shy then she is in later interviews and even history events.

So today in the entertainment industry we have pop stars all for socialism, equality and world peace . But pop stars today are just young adults and are celebrities not because of their talent but because they are young and can easily be sex symbols ( Justin Beiber , Mylie Cyrus , etc ) . And it's their managers putting stuff together. Their outfits , their public persona , what political causes they support , controversal publicity stunts if record sales go down , online publicity stunts for more likes and subscribers and news coverage , etc.
Perhaps this is a passive media move to prevent the music revolution from becoming a social revolution.

It's interesting.

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freedmftr88: similar examples but with satirists in mainstream media

Sort of relating to satire in the mainstream , two shows that I noticed went after the subject of middle east terrorism which I find Ironic is
South Park and Les Guingols De L’info ( French Spitting Image ) .
South Park has two episodes that are banned ( I’m not sure about the two part Cartoon Wars episodes ) which is The Super Friends ( Season 5 ) and episode “ 201 “ which the “I’ve learned something today” philosophy got censored. But someone somehow hacked into the Viacom databases to reveal the uncensored unreleased clip of Kyle’s speech which was basically satirical sarcasm on “ If you want to get people to stop making fun of you , all you need is bombs and guns to get people to stop. “ . Was Comedy Central trying to cover up the likely chance of influencing some lone wolf shooter ? Or where they covering up New World Order Red Flags ?
I wanted to highlight The Super Friends “ episode because it’s considered to be the Banned episode ! It’s on the original release on DVD uncensored but not anymore. Hulu ( who now owns South Park Studios ) can legally say , yes it is indeed a part of the episode guide but what’s crazy is , a webpage would be put up as if it’s available but it will state “ SUPER BEST FRIENDS : WE APOLOGIZE THAT SOUTH PARK STUDIOS CANNOT STREAM THIS EPISODE SUPER BEST FRIENDS “. It was banned because of the verbal threats made during the “ 200 “ and “ 201 “ episodes because Stan mentions it and also the episodes was based on the episode as well as most of the celebrity satires at the time making the ending point of “ celebrities use lawsuits instead of violence to stop satire / parodies.”
But that’s not why I wanted to highlight The Super Friends” episode , nor their 9/11 Conspiracy Theory episode. However I think the Season 5 episode is indeed a 9/11 conspiracy or link to it.
The Super Friends episode aired July 4, 2001 . about 2 months before 9/11 which I don’t know if anyone ever pointed out.

Relating to France , Les Guignols was like Spitting Image ( in the 1980s ) in in the UK but went beyond in many ways. Any time something happened in the news , they were going to respond with satire. I think in many times going beyond South Park. Unfortunately they suffered the same fait as Spitting Image when producers were going down a more pop culture route just for ratings. Mad Magazine would go after the McCarthyism because William Gaines struggles with it and his creation “ Tales from The Crypt ”. He even faced them in court fearlessly.

Les Guignols De L’info since September 12 2001 would satirize America with their Mr. Sylvester puppet ( Sylvester Stallone as a member of a secret society sort of parody ) and the Sylvester puppets ( represented Americans ) who were responsible for The World Company ( symbolizing The New World Order ) , so they would have Sylvester puppets all over the place , in the Vatican , to all religions.

Even though Charlie Hebdo / Je Suis Charlie made headlines and probably causing people to obey to “Never ever joke about politics and religion otherwise you’ll get killed” , Les Guignols De L’info pretty much did the same exact thing but mainstream France television. And they went viral with their “We f**k the world” and Osama Bin Laden Budweiser parody sketches . In fact , when all of this was going on , just like 9/11 , the show mentioned it . Even building the puppets of the killed cartoonists meeting the profit himself. I think the people at Guignols were friends with those cartoonists.
But the reason why I wanted to mention this was , the shootings happened on January 7, 2015 and under threat of cancelation after the firing of the writers in July 2015 . Though the show revived but not as razor sharp in political satire and the original producer / supervisor was fired , the crew shorting , almost like Canal+ purposely bringing down the shows popularity and creating a slow cancelation.
Relating to
I think there’s ties between Nicolas Shakozy and Vincent Bollore. Vincent bought Canal Plus around the time and there’s rumor that Nicolas wanted Vincent ( because they were such good friends hanging out on either one of their personal Yachts and such ) to not only have his caricature removed from the show but the show to be canceled all together. He hated being caricatured as a sociopathic narcissist . ) So all of that is related.

Tying it all into my post , it’s really strange that Government would go out of their own way to stop something in pop culture. Then again , maybe it’s all tied into stoping cultural social revolution from happening but playing it cool and covering it all up . It’s like the saying , getting away with murder and making it look like an accident.

So again , relating to rare situations of satirists / idealists in mainstream ream pop culture and some how getting stopped by not only the media but Government.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is relating to what I was saying , the NWO fear of people waking up to the truth. And what better / lighter way of going about it by using fun entertainment instead of fear. But as I mentioned with pop stars today , it’s like they use socialism on their side , playing a similar game.

freedmftr88: There's crazy FBI / CIA connections to The Beatles

I must be onto something. However I think there's more people who know about this stuff then I do but it's news to me. Not only is there conspiracy theories of John Lennon's death where Mark David Chapman couldn't have just shot John in the back 5 times , there was a second gunman involved which is most likely Government related also Mark David Chapman was a member of the CIA . Also tying into Yoko Ono possibly involved as well. I probably already mentioned this but there's a documentary called The Real Yoko Ono and over videos that hint that she was a sociopath who wanted to cash in on John Lennon's success and to this day his legacy.
And it doesn't stop there. There's the Paul McCartney is dead story on how he was murdered or car crash which mutilated his body and his head off his shoulders " September 11 " 1966. ( 35 years later would be THE September 11th ) , and there was a Fake Paul this whole time and The Beatles were taught to say silent about Paul's death so there's TONS of hidden messages in their albums from 1966 - 1969.
There's another one where the British government planned the British Invasion which started to Hippie / anti-war movement but I don't believe this last one.
There's also a bunch of John Lennon hauntings and channeling telepathy videos and stuff ( * I managed to get the telepathy experiment myself ;) )

WOW , I didn't think there was so many conspiracy theories regarding The Beatles alone but I must have been guided to this somehow.

But totally linked to what I was saying. Artists and idealists can be influential which is something Government and some Businesses just does not want.

You compare to this stuff today , it seems all media corporate controlled. Just look at Miley Cyrus coming and going but still somewhat vauge within her socialism compared to say John Lennon who worked independently with his own mind. Then again there's the whole Yoko controlling John theories.

WOW , just WOW . And it wasn't like I was searching for Beatles conspiracy theories, it just all came to me at once this week. lol

As I mentioned before , there's these postcards and it just makes me question the Government more and more and more.

I'm just linking these just for discussion purposes of course. :) To make my point about all of this.

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