Does the Australian flag say whos in the Hollow Earth???

According to contactee Alex Collier crop circles are actually messages to the hollow earth which have been intercepted by the crops themselves though it seems clear to me that this particular crop circle was destined for us to see.

The symbol of the seven pointed star is an ancient sumerian symbol which represents the sumerian god Enki it is also a symbol of the hollow earth pleiadians. Its a seven pointed star because it represents the seven stars of the Pleiades cluster in the night sky hence why the star is seven pointed.

So you see the Australian flag is a hint as to who is in the hollow earth.

I hope you've enjoyed :)

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Terran resistance: i cant get

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Nice find TR!
hope you dont mind me post them embedded for u, if ur on time you can edit them in your main forum topic and ill edit them out my comment if you want

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TR: "Its not the constellation of Crux on the Australian flag its the Pleiades hidden!"

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