Does anyone know anything about the Solar pole flip?(edited)

by Tarheel on August 6th, 2013

I don't ever remember "them" saying anything about it before now. I just saw one guy say it happens every 22 yrs.

News to me.

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LoveTruthPeace: I'm pretty sure...

I heard Valerian say something about when that happens next that's when we will all evolve into the next dimension if we are alive when it happens and that instead of dying and reincarnating back to this one we go into the 4th no matter whether you are enlightened or not. That's the only thing I've heard on this.

bluesbaby5050: I Already answered that ........

That question, and the answer can be found at the TOP of this page where it shows the Positive electrical magnetic fields , and Negative electrical magnetic fields of the poles in motion. And by the way, we ALL are in the Lower 4th dimension . This happened in the year of 2011.And there are 10 octaves to go though to reach the 5TH dimension! We are now in the Aquarian age. Don't follow the New Age Movement, because they are a confused bunch. There are some good reliable sources of information out there, and on the internet as well, but most of it is not accurate, and is very mixed up, and it can confuse a person, because this is the SETUP!

LoveTruthPeace: I would take Valerians word

I would take Valerians word over yours any day because he has done extensive research, and even then, I don't believe everything he's written or spoken of. I don't follow no new age movement, religion, or institution; I follow my heart. I find it ironic that you tell me this considering you worship someone on this site without even knowing who they are; YOU have been set up. Take your own advice, I'm fine without it.

Tarheel: Great idea, LTP.

If we follow our Heart & Intuition, we will be fine.

bluesbaby5050: Excuse you

I do NOT Worship anyone on this site. There are two masters teachers that have contributed a lot of ancient knowledge to this site from the very beginning when this site was first available. I Admire their knowledge, and their wisdom, and their unconditional love from their hearts for all of Humanity. I believe in myself, and I have not been mislead. I do my own research, and I don't believe everything I read, or watch on videos, nor do I take them at face value. I Trust in My Higher Self, and in the Holy Spirit, and that's all I need.

LoveTruthPeace: oh yeah....

and something about that the last time that happened was when Atlantis was submerged, so maybe something along those lines will happen. Some people say California will soon be underwater, maybe that's what they are referring to as well. That's why I agree with the other threads recently, it's time to move inland.

bluesbaby5050: It does not matter where a person is located at...........

Because when your time is up, then it is up, and there is not a lot you can do about it. You can't cheat death. But, another reason it does not matter is, if you, or anyone has settled what it is they incarnated for, and learned their lessons, and then all they have to do is evolve the soul, and this is your true purpose to incarnate. If you are doing this, and you stay centered with the Holy Spirit, then it does not matter, because the physical body is the vessel that you borrowed to get the job done.It is the spirit that counts, and not the body! People have this backwards!

LoveTruthPeace: and I think it's every 22,000

and I think it's every 22,000 years not 22

LoveTruthPeace: ok went back and listened to

ok went back and listened to it, it's every 26,000 years and he was talking about the procession of the equinox, a planetary axis shift (pole shift) which corresponds with a change in consciousness. He says they are always synonymous that every time there is a pole shift there is a shift in consciousness.

bluesbaby5050: Some people will stay............

While others will not! It is the spiritual body that counts, and not the physical body. People are too attached to their physical bodies, and this instills the FEAR FACTOR!

LoveTruthPeace: lol falcon goddess of

lol falcon goddess of whatever imaginary world you live in

bluesbaby5050: Some people are choosing to leave now because.........

Because of the higher vibrations, and because their Physical Bodies can't tolerate the higher frequencies, and they are doing this at all stages. Some people never planned to stay though the Earth changes that's happening now. Some people will stay and continue to develope into their lighter physical bodies, and move on though the 10 octaves of the 4th dimension, and then finally into the 5th dimension while still on planet Earth. People will no longer leave the earth though death, because there will be no more death of the body. And so the tempo of the earth changes has picked up, and it will increase around the planet. The human race is evolving at a faster rate then they have ever done before in the history of mankind ,and they are experiencing what is called " THE QUICKENING". This is a fact. This is what the Kods/Gods were afraid would happen after ENKI GAVE his DNA to the ancient ape slave species. They were upgraded with a special kick start added to their genome. They were, and are afraid that the human race would discover that they also have the God/Goddess creative power inside of them too, and that they would learn how to activate this power from within. This is not my fairy tale. This information can be found on this web site of Quinton's everywhere, and all you have to do is take a look, and you will find it there. You will also find this information on the internet though many of the other web sites also. YouTube carries the Ancient Sumerian History of the Earth, and it is easy to find.

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