Do You Think The US Dollar Will Collapse?

by Quinton on October 20th, 2008

With all the economic instability happening lately it is obvious that we are finally starting to enter the public version of the New World Order's plan for consolidation.

My question to everyone is do you think America will actually experience a total collapse of the dollar, or do you think they will try to bring the Amero in before we really know what hit us? Will we be living in poverty before the Amero comes? Will we still be living in poverty after the Amero?

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.

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M: Do You Think The US Dollar Will Collapse?

I certainly think eventually the dollar will collapse. It is crucial that this step takes place before they can implement the chips in everyone all over the world. It makes perfect sense that the American dollar will be the first to start this off all over the globe as we watch other global economy's collapse like dominos.

When it comes to the Amero, in my opinion it is just a step to getting us to a global money system, the international debit card will follow the Amero or perhaps be put in at the same time, then with an out cry of fraud through these cards they will go on to the chips implanted in order to make everyone safe that they have their money and no one can take it.
(Well I won't go there that's for sure)

beerman: Dollar collapse

I think the dollar is well on its way down the tubes. It's the only way we can be tricked into a one world currency and us getting the mark of the beast. I only hope there will be a way to survive because they are not doing that to me!!!!

edisonik: They want to collapse the Dollar!

If they introduce the Amero you will see slavery and control that will give new meaning to the Word Slavery and oppression. It is a titanic Scam that must be stopped. I heard that when the American Dollar Collapses which it will , it's value will be for every American Dollar the Dollar will be 3 Cents to the Amero. That means it will cost you $33.33 of your American Money to buy One Amero Dollar. So if you want to buy bread it will probably cost you $100.00 dollars American to by a Bag of Bread , Now can you imagine how much your Morgage will cost you!.

They Know it will cause Chaos so that is why they are bringing back 20,000 troops to US soil , because when the stool hits the fan people won't tolerate it and there will be Civil War. That is why FEMA camps are already in operation , they will start their operation of Possible Genocide of the American People. This is not a Joke , it happened in Germany and can Dam well happen in the USA.

That is why everything is so secret , we are fighting Terrorists , they simply aren't Just Muslim they are Home Grown and work for US Agencies , so watch your back I not joking and they are being operated by the Draconian Collective.

Genio: that is really good to

that is really good to know
i knew it was gonna happen to but i didnt know that the american dollar would still have a value because i had herd that i would be completely worthless which it pretty much is if 33.33 dollars is equal to one amero
but the way i see it
its a good thing .. i know it is hard to believe but see it this way
if this happened then people will start to untrust the goverment and this civil war if successful with the help of russia would bring a new era for the people who live to see the day

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