by obsrvantlouie on January 12th, 2014

There are two histories to existence….there exists contemplation of the soul (a la Plato) and contemplation of the Body (a la Evolution/Creationism etc). The key to understanding both of them is realizing that the body and the soul are two completely different things.

Evidence suggests that the body evolved/were created from a plethora of different species. Reptilian, mammal so on and so forth. Ancient cultures suggest that we were created in the likeness of the Gods. Who were these Gods the ancients were speaking of and were they referring to the likeness of our Body or our Soul? Or both?

Histories and cultures dating back as far as we the people have been “drip fed” the truth shows that Numerous similarities exist between cultures that spread across all continents. Prophets, Flood stories, Wizards, Fiery Chariots, Megalithic Structures built with Sacred Geometry, Structures aligning to specific Constellations (usually Orion and Sirius), Bizzare Monsters, Humans completing impossible feats and finally….The Dragon. Almost all histories contain similar stories of these “events”.

Serpent worship permeates this world. Obviously not seemingly so much today but there was a time when dam near every continent performed some type of serpent worship. In actuality, Serpent worship seems to be the OLDEST form of religious practice on this Earth.

The stories of Dragon worship, slaying, sacrifice etc are so abundant.

Most people do not argue the existence of a Creator. The arguing intensifies when people claim to say “my creator this…your creator that”. For those of you believing that this earthly realm and your existence just appeared without creation taking a part….well, this is your choice. Sad as it may be.

If you have ever seen shows such as Animal Planet, Blue Planet…you should be able to identify that the Animal Kingdom…somehow communicates with each other. I am not saying that cats and dogs can speak to each other, however. I am saying that Dogs communicate with like dogs and surely they understand how to work together for the hunt.

If you have ever seen a pack of wild dogs hunt…it is obvious they use SOME type of communication that we are yet to identify. The Bumble sends out scouts from the hive to search for new homes. The Killer Whale is perhaps the best hunter on the earth yet they work in groups…together in an “art of war” fashion.

The point here is…there is obviously some form of communication taking place in the Animal Kingdom that we are unable to identify…it is surely not words and it seems to be beyond us. Yet, we claim to be “Top of the food chain”…this is funny. The phrase…”there is always a bigger fish” comes to mind.

So, why is it that when a dog goes to take a shit without its collar, dam near EVERY time he/she will shit facing along the North/South axis? How is it that birds are able to migrate to specific locations at specific times to feed on specific animals? Then there is the monkey.

Why is it that some people have past memories of being an animal? Why is it some people get so dam upset about humans consuming animal? Perhaps it is because in a previous life they really were an animal….and some resonance of that past life has carried over into their life today as a human. Perhaps they are just oversensitive.

What is ESP and the “6th sense”? Where do we get our instincts from? How and why is it that in certain situations people just have a knack for …guessing correctly or choosing the correct path? How do you explain the capacity of an autistic mind compared to the “average” mind?

Clearly, the autistic person is capable of “super human” feats yet basic skills are lost to them. Why is it we “think” average minds are not capable of these seemingly “super human” autistic abilities? Do you think a person needs to be autistic to have “super human” abilities?

Regardless of the AIM, humanity has been purposely led astray and kept in the dark about certain events, news, discoveries, occurrences, histories etc. If you cannot yet SEE this…you should probably set this article aside and stop reading now. I am going to attempt to relay what I see…this is coming from a very advanced perspective and if your mind isn’t ready to get boggled, set this aside and move on. If tough questions upset you…do yourself a favor and do not continue this article.

Who was the man that is/was Jesus? Did this man truly exist? Was he one or many or none at all? Was he an abstract thought meant to warn future generations of the control system that seems to have been in place since the dawn of time? Was he a real man sent here to die for our sins? Why is it that numerous historians alive at the time of Jesus never mention this super human being? Sometimes I feel a noble man penned the story of Jesus to remind and warn us.

Why are their monarchies and bloodlines of presidents that can be traced back as far as Charlemagne? What’s up with all the arranged marriages? I know human nature and humans deplore being told what to do…ESPECIALLY being told who to screw! I mean come on…this is probably one of the WORST forms of punishment anyone can receive. To be forced to live, love, obey and have sexual relations with a complete stranger? How and why was this acceptable?

Clearly, the men who arranged these fixed marriages were no dolts. It’s easy for me to see how societies have been dumbed down and made dependant upon the system. Bobby Jones was a perhaps the worlds greatest golfer; yet, he was a lawyer, doctor and author. Men of old use to build their own telescopes for pete sake? How many people do you know who can just build me a telescope? I don’t know any…and I am not one of them. It’s clear as day to me that my grandfather was more equipped to handle life then I was via his wisdom and skills comparatively to both of us at age 18. It is crystal clear to me men of old used to be MEN who had morals, values, skilled traits, honor and respect.

Why do the majority of people have such a hard time understanding the current paradigm and those leading it are psychopathic sadistic control freaks who are completely heartless and utterly full of greed? This same majority will usually admit that “money doesn’t buy happiness” and also admit that “power corrupts” etc. Why is it that we appear to repeat the same mistakes and misplace our trust in puppeteers year after year? Why do we put up with the shit music on the radio and the shit role models leading our youth and BEING PROMOTED by the main stream media? But it isn’t just the main stream media….how is it that no one understands these huge stadiums that can fill 60,000 people are the gladiatorial battles from Rome put in place to keep busy and entertained (distracted)?

Why is it that even the sheeple know that the main stream news is shit? They know it’s all fear porn yet if it didn’t come from Bill O or Maddow or the CIA shill Cooper it hasn’t happened yet?

I will tell you why…people are afraid of death. The fear of death and uncertainty of what lies beyond motivates nearly every decision the majority makes. Even though, the majority believes in some form of afterlife. That when you “die” you pass on to a better place. Even still, they mourn your “passing over”. How come we don’t celebrate life versus a selfish approach of mourning?

Can not all of you see that we are all of us at one point…going to “pass on”? How come terms like this exist: pass on, moved over, left us, exchanged worlds, quitted the stage, gone home, passed over, in a better place, unveiled, bid adieu to earthly scenes etc…? But what does pass on? Do these sayings not imply we are headed elsewhere?

Clearly, our body does not pass on. We bury our dead, burn them, cremate or feed to wild packs of dogs if you live in North Korea. There is no argument that at an individuals end time in this body…IF we go somewhere…it is most certainly without the body.

Draw a mental picture of a loved one. Now imagine that loved had an accident and lost a finger. Is this person still the same person you love, care for and cherish only minus the finger? Do you see how you could replace the finger with the arm….or even…the finger nail? Can you see that your body is actually a vehicle for your soul not unlike your car is a vehicle for your body?

Why is it that we all agree (those of us not vain) true beauty is on the inside and not the outside? If we agree on this, why do so many waste time and effort on “looking the part”? Why is it that when we need to “DIG DOWN DEEP” for additional energy or motivation….we don’t physically dig for anything? How is it that a yogi, monk or shaman etc can walk on hot coals or not eat for days or go on a vision quest? Do you think they are not hungry or do not feel pain or a charlatan? Why is it that pain to one person is pleasure to another?

My father told me long ago…”perception is reality”. I’m not certain he even understands the magnitude of this parable.

How do you know what laughter, sadness, joy, love and despair are at a young age? Clearly there is no class we attend to learn about love and how to use it. I don’t recall a class that teaches us how show emotion….how then do we intrinsically know these things?

What it is a near death experience? What is an out of body experience? Why were the cultures of old so much more knowledgeable and wise then we are today? O, you think us wiser today because we seem to have “technology”? Sorry my friend, it’s actually the other way around…two words, megalithic structures.

Why is it since the dawn of modern engineering we have built NOTHING that lasts? How come ALL the land is seemingly owned by a handful of corporations? Why the hell does a corporation have rights like a person? Why do we tear down and rebuild seemingly everyday yet we never improve upon our infrastructure? How come the electric car was invented in the early 1900’s and it was new news a couple of years ago? How come we the people are having such a hard time requiring that nutritional labels ADVISE us of all ingredients? What the hell is exactly in alcohol and why the hell does arguably the most consumed product on this earth not provide a detailed description of its ingredients? Is it because it’s just a bunch of barely and hops and it’s that simple? This I doubt.

Have you ever watched any black and white films from years ago? How come the actors then were exponentially better then actors of today? How the hell could bread at one point have cost $.10 a loaf and now your lucky to get a loaf under 2 bucks? Who’s idea was it too make wood burning stoves illegal?

How come, every city you travel to in the states has the same shit “Target, Kohls, Kroger or Ralphs, Wall-Mart, Applebees, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds, Wendys, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Dicks sporting goods, Barnes and Noble, Red Lobster,YMCA, IKEA, Bed Bath and Beyond …..I mean dammit, “L.A. fitness” gyms are in Ohio! How can I compete with Taco Bell? I want to make a burrito brah!

Why is it Kroger has teamed with Starbucks just like BP has teamed up with Subway? How come the only place to get a good cellular plan is a choice between either AT&T and or Verizon? How come the these two companies are able to run data and test’s on how cellular towers effect or as THEY CLAIM do not effect the human condition? Don’t you think the results may be somewhat bias?

Can you not see how ass backwards this is? Have you ever rounded go and collected $200 dollars? Do you not see how America has been monopolized by special interest groups and corporations? How come we have to wait 50 years for JFK information to become available? How would investigative reporting and details released to the public harm our national security? What is our National Security and why is this term tossed about so much by frolicking politicians? Why do we refer to most politicians as snakes and lawyers are sharks?

How come the Federal Reserve and the IMF is/are essentially monarchies? They clearly do not answer to any form of “we the people”. Where is all this quantitive easing being released from the Federal Reserve to stimulate the economy? I don’t see any of this money being spent or injected anywhere. How come a 29 year old fairly intelligent man like myself CANNOT acquire a basic small business loan? How are we expected to maintain and build credit when we must either own a car, house or have credit cards?

How come our educational system clearly does not teach or equip our youth to become entrepreneurs? How have we been led to “be lie ve” that the amerikan dream is to get good grades in high school so you have a chance to get into a “good” college? How come from here you have to get “good grades” so you can get lucky enough to get a good job?

How come woman want equal rights yet clearly we treat men and woman differently in this society? How come movies and the television repeatedly show woman being violent against men and how the hell is this funny? Why is it “funny” to show a man politely asking a woman on a date and/or for her contact and without a word being said the woman slaps the man? Could you imagine the outcry if this situation was reversed?!

Why do two of America’s favorite Animated TV shows (Simpsons and Family Guy) star fathers who are absolutely retarded? Why is it the son on Family guy (chris) is also retarded and the daughter (meg) is intelligent? Why is Bart the trouble maker and Lisa the genius who plays the sax?

Why do you think that just because you don’t watch this stuff, or shop at these places that none of this effects you? If it is effecting your neighbor, it effects your on and so forth. A pebble in the pond makes a ripple and spreads…

What is so wrong with being a Mother? Why has this been demonized since the female rights movement? Why all the sudden is marijuana becoming legal? Do you think that everyone is just now realizing how cool of a drug it can be? Do you think the powers that be “JUST NOW” realized they could make a coin off marijuana? Do you really think they are letting this happen because it is an outcry from the people?

Why did we stop going to the moon? What is on the moon? Why are there astronauts who are clearly hiding information? Why are there other astronauts who have clearly admitted some of this hidden information? How come we don’t pay attention to this? Who do you want to hear it from if not an astronaut? How come I haven’t see a cop “walking” the beat and do a “good sam” for someone…how come I haven’t seen this…like ever? Why does the entrance exam for the Police Academy look for people with anger issues, aggressiveness, obedience, and little mans disease?

Why the hell do we pay our k – 12 teachers jack shit? How come the Dean at whatever lofty school makes so much dam money when he doesn’t teach jack shit? How come we pay college “football” coaches millions of dollars?

Why is it frowned upon to have a communications or journalism degree? How come local news papers are dying out and also being monopolized? Why do people think we live in the land of the free and have the right to free speech when clearly our society demonizes free speech and you DO NOT have the right to speak your mind? O, you think you do huh? Go out into a public place and start asking these questions…you’ll quickly discover how much free speech you have.

Why are people so dam paranoid and scared? How come there is a new CSI or cop show every time I turn on the boob tube? How come we have been inundated with a plethora of war movies that support fighting the “terroristic” threat? What is the terroristic threat and how the hell will the “war on terror” ever end? How do you win a WAR against something defined as; extreme fear? Are we truly fighting Fear? If we are fighting fear how come everyone is so afraid? Don’t we know who the enemy is? Why do we want to focus our attention on extreme fear? Doesn’t this seem a little pessimistic?

Wouldn’t you prefer that instead of spending loads of U.S. tax dollars on bunker buster bombs that instead we should invest in our educational k-12 system? Why does it cost so dam much to become educated at the collegiate level? Don’t we want a country of intelligent individuals capable of critical thinking and problem solving?

How come the official report of the 9/11 commission failed to mention one time Building #7? Why have some past U.S. presidents said things like….”nothing happens in politics by accident, if it happened that way you can bet it was planned”. What is happening in Africa and why do rich people like Bill Gates want to vaccinate everyone? Why do people in the U.S. care what is happening in Africa? What is Agenda 21? Are there not enough problems on the home front? Are you comfortable that companies like General Electric and P&G dam near make every house hold appliance and goods that you consume? How come these companies pay next to NO taxes?

Why is it such a big deal if Iran has ONE nuclear bomb? How come a handful of nations are awarded this technological destructive chaotic force yet another country is not able to equally defend itself? Who is George Orwell and how did he do that?

Where did all the heroes go? What happened to Saturday morning cartoons and who the hell is programming the current line up of shit? Why are appointed officials choosing to cut retirement benefits to all active and inactive U.S. military service members and in the same budget offering tax credits to brothels in Nevada?

What hell is going on with the weather and how come no one is talking about it? What are all those strange perpendicular white lines in the blue sky and what purpose do they serve? What are the loud booms being reported across the world? How come places like south Carolina have made it illegal to GIVE food to the poor? Why is it illegal to have a lemonade stand without a vendors liscence? Why are places like New York trying to make it illegal to have dinner parties and feed more then 6 people at a time? How come some dumb ass country singer is asking me to give my money to wounded warriors when clearly this is OUR COUNTRYS responsibility and why are we not taking care of our veterans? How come private entities are purchasing public parks in bulk and why is this allowed? How come our penitentiary’s are becoming more and more privatized by corporations? Does this explain the BOOKS of laws being rammed down our throat at warp speed?

Why can we not get some serious information on UFO’s? What is Hollywood preparing the masses for with all these shows and movies about aliens and extra terrestrials? What is the true purpose behind the broadcast of Orson Well’s “War of the Worlds”. How could the FCC not have known this would cause panic? When is the last time you compared infomercials from the 60’s & 70’s to today’s? What year was the war of 1812? Why are people so gullible?

What is the agenda behind this push to eliminate “bullying”? Is this not like trying to eliminate terror or fear? Do you think your child should not be bullied? Do you think children should play sporting events where there is NO WINNER and NO LOSER? Do you think it is important to know and understand how to WIN and how to LOSE with grace and dignity? Do you think that when children grow up they will not need to understand that there are bullies and snake oil salesmen on every corner trying to sell you a scause for your cause?

How come the United States brought nazi scientist in from Germany after the war with Hitler? How come Robert McNamara has admitted the Gulf of Tonkin never happened? What was the Gulf of Tonkin? What is this term spewed about called “humanitarian aid”? Why is it we sent humanitarian aid in the form of tomahawk missiles up Gadhafi’s ass in Libya? Why would our news stations broadcast his brutal execution? Why? How come AL Qaeda was established by the United States when Russia was at war with Afghanistan long before the night of September 11th?

Are you okay with this?

The answer to all these questions is simple…..Who benefits?

Clearly…it is not you….and it is not I…and it surely is not my soon to be born son.

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skeetersammi: rambling psychotic?

There are many coherent articles on this site with well thought out, valid points of view. Unfortunately this wasn't one of them. It was such a confusing disconnected mess of truly unrelated thoughts that I lost interest after the fourth paragraph.

obsrvantlouie: I agree

This was a poorly thought out and seemingly incoherent post. I had intended to discuss the history/difference of the body and the soul...however, the post turned into a line of questions. That you can't focus enough to read through it shows to some degree your mental/focus ability. That you offer opinion on something without fully experiencing it shows your maturity. The article is 90% questions. Although structure and flow was as so eloquently put "psychotic rambling" do you think the questions put forth are psychotic as well? Oops, I've asked another question...haha. Furthermore, you would have had to make it past the 4th paragraph to see a question.

Thanks for the honest feedback as everyone here knows I most definitely do not hold back on mine!

obsrvantlouie: I digress

There is one question asked in the 2nd paragraph.

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