Do you really know who your friends are? Really?

by Tarheel on October 29th, 2013

Or do you just THINK you know? I can count mine on one hand. I hope you have more that you KNOW are your friends, and are tried & true.

I remember a passage from somewhere that said, "Don't rely too much on your friends because they ALL will eventually betray you." I am sad to say I have found that to be true but nevertheless I still seek to prove it wrong with new friendships and I try to keep an open mind. I hope it is not true for you and that you are never betrayed by your friend/friends.

Marlon Brando said (in The Godfather) "We have no friends, only family." but I have found that family will betray you, too.

But, plz remember this, Not knowing who you're in bed with can make for a very rude awakening.

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bluesbaby5050: This is pretty much...........

COMMON Knowledge. I just hope that your 5 friends don't see you in a different light when they become Super Hungry.

bluesbaby5050: It is Well Known in History that in .............

That in very Harsh times, it is not uncommon for people to turn on one another in the worst ways. Example-The Donor Expedition Party of families seeking a new life in the West, and that the Donor Party didn't start out early enough to cross over The Rocky Mountains, and they came face to face with a bitter snowstorm that started early, and it piled snow up fast, and there were White -Outs, and it was very hard to travel in those winter conditions, and the wagons and the horses could not make the journey over the snow capped mountain ranges. This was only a simple reminder to the statement above.This was their Reality. So Sad, But True. ( The Mormons had to experience the same thing, but they got a earlier start to the state of Utah.

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