Do we need N's in our life to teach us things?

I think this is true. Just started reading it, but it rings true with me...

Narcissists teach you things. The universe isn't stupid. It knows what it is doing.

Everything happens for a reason..

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TillToTheWhen: I still think it's comedic

I still think it's comedic though that the N thought he could outsmart Quinton.


I know why Quinton allowed it now, because quinton is smart and he knows we need them to learn so he isn't going to violate anyone's free will and he leaves things to happen as they are.

I respect Quinton very much.

TillToTheWhen: It's all part of our journey.

It's all part of our journey.

There will always be bad (and good) things that happen to all of us in this matrix.

Our goal is to rise above it, the best we can. Learn from our mistakes and move on to bigger and better things.

We're all on the same journey, so I really don't judge anyone.

I don't even like the N label they put on people, but to keep things easy to understand we must speak in english terms

TillToTheWhen: Also, everyone on the planet

Also, everyone on the planet has some narcissim in them, in one form or another.

If they didn't then they wouldn't be here in the matrix. That is just obvious

Chris: not all people in matrix

were are like this many good souls that have forced to be here and many darkside souls are here aswell that's why we have so many criminals tyrants murderers wars ect . earth is a mixture of different souls here in this matrix.

TillToTheWhen: I've always said..."Nobody is

I've always said..."Nobody is better than anybody else"

We're all on the same journey, just some people are on different levels than others. N's happen to be on the lowest level, but that doesn't make us better than them. One day they will learn their lessons as well and rise up to the next level

We all start out young and ignorant.

Chris: no soul on earth is young its anient

every soul on earth is billions to trillions of years old and have incarnated into various advanced alien races in this universe and in the universes besides this one before being incarmated into this prison planet earth also the reason people on earth are the way they are because of soul traps here that wipe there pas life memories of trillions of years of incarnations and being embodied in genetically engineered bodies that are very weak and easy to control by the matrix system are bodys are soul traps to limiting are abilities.

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo Self Righteous Sick Fuck

Sorry Quinton, just got up, didnt have my coffee yet. But after reading this crap I had to comment despite saying was gonna just let him rant.

First of all no one called you a convicted pedophile christopher gianguzzo, in this you are correct.

But what that just means is a sick fuck like you hasnt been caught yet and put behind bars where you belong.

You got the mentality of a 12 year old and the reasoning skills of a retard.

To explain to everyone this sick fuck is a drug addict, everyone knows this.

This is his reasoning skills as a sick fuck drug addict.

He searched the internet and found some company online in the states that sold him meth amphetamines through the internet and mailed it to his address after he paid for it.

Dumbass thinks wow they mailed me meth amphetamines through the mail. So it must mean its not illegal . Meth amphetamines are not illegal so its ok for me to get high off em and drive around.

Long story short the us government actually shut this company down. So much for dumb asses deductive logic stills.

He applies his dumb ass deductive logic to pedophilia. He believe because he has not been convicted yet by the police, that it is ok for him to have his sick taste in watching movies with themes of child rape, child sexual abuse like serbian film.

Sick fuck so believes in this that he comes onto a public forum thinking its normal and so he professes his love for Serbian film, and how he loves how disturbing and intense it is, and how he loves how hardcore it is.

The only measuring stick he has for if its right or wrong, is if he has been convicted as a pedophile. And everyone knows by his own admission in his response he was associating with pimps who prostituted underage girls. Yes he makes up a story to explain it just like he says every single one of those negative comments on rip off reports found when you google his real name comes up. But this sick fuck didnt go report the pimp voluntarily, he only did it after the cops came knocking on his door. And since he was a small time drug addict and made up his story they didnt want to waste time with him, as long as he cooperated and he was given a choice, cooperate or jail, with his past history of drug convictions.

So this sick fuck is doing what Bill Cosby is doing. He is saying all those 40 plus women and growing list that say he drugged and raped them, well they are all lying. He wasnt convicted so he did no wrong.

On top of this, this sick fuck has the audacity to come on after and post like he is some self righteous enlightened guru. Even though he sounds like a retard doing it. He doesnt realize this, to hiimself he sees himself as a genius.

And talking as a enlighted self righteous guru, this sick fuck doesnt even address his dark taste in enjoying movies that have themes of child rape, and child sexual abuse. To him since he is not a convicted pedophile, its ok to have those dark tastes and get off watching movies on them.

Yes Christopher Gianguzzo you are not categorized as a convicted pedophile yet, but you are still categorized as a sick fuck.

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