Do Reptilians Have Souls/Spirits?

by Quinton on February 1st, 2009

I think it would be interesting to hear what everyone has found on this.

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mick theascende...: Do Reptilians have souls

Hi quinton my good friend you conscience is your soul your personality is your spirit. yes reptilians do have souls thy vibrate on a lower frequency of conciseness than some of us human beings even plants have souls some souls spin clock wise positive some ante clock wise negative and you have the duality. The universe would not exist with out the duality or the light the souls are the light and the duality so you see we are every thing we are the universe. There is no beginning and no end. If you astral through the universe and keep on going through the universes you will hear a different sound in each universe this one has a drum beat the next one a flute and so on and so on. If you keep on going past all the universes, there is not that many, and keep on going and going and you will come to the three absolutes. The three absolutes are absolute darkness, absolute coldness and absolute space. If you took the hardest object of the universe up to the absolute coldness it would then turn into gas, now keep on going through the coldness, the darkness and space now stop. Once you’ve stopped look in the distance and you will see a spark, follow the spark to the left and eventually it goes out. The spark turns into gas, watch for the next spark, there is one every 20 seconds, you don't get one spark you get two. This is called the duality, one goes to the left and one goes to the right. One is negative and the other is positive. After billions of years you have one big positive ball of gas and one big negative ball of gas. Eventually they hit each other and go bang and then you have got two suns and two big ball of light. Eventually it goes out and is a big ball of gas again. This goes on for neons of years until it makes enough suns to keep it warm enough and eventually you get a universe. It takes neons of years. Now go back to the spark the spark is a soul being born it is an atom an inside the atom there are particles the particles are thoughts an it takes trillions an trillions of souls to make a planet so you are everything. The spark is a new soul, it is an atom, it is energy and you can’t kill energy. Now where does the spark come from? The spark comes from; absolute coldness, absolute darkness, absolute space and deep in the middle of the absolute coldness there is a very deep compressed spot where the energy builds to such a peak; you get a spark every 20 seconds. Everything comes from the three absolutes you might call it god I call it everything you can’t imagine how powerful you really are. There is no such word as cannot. What is the essence of every living thing the plants animals the essence of life is feeling special if you don’t feel special you’ll wither and die so tell your children and everyone you know that they are very special. We are all unique and we are all here to lean to ascend to the higher consciousness The universe is the big daddy of soul groups earth is a soul group mars is a soul group and so on. We humans reincarnate in small soul groups hence deferent belief systems deferent levels of conciseness. You will see it very shortly a soul group of gas a comet called Jupiter you can see it now if you look up. It will come by earth and do a phoenix Burn out the old and bring in the new age Aquarius the Water Bearer also emotional
The ability to understand the way people feel and react and to use this skill to make good judgements and to avoid or solve problems Individuals with even a small degree of emotional intelligence are a dream to work for.
Venus use to bring in the new age but it got old and tired so Jupiter is coming to do a proper job of it. There is a science paper and book on this subject it was sent to the university collage for our students to study but it went to some other department. The Catholics are sill at it 300 years ago if you said the world was round thy would cut of you head. I will be glad when these little shits have gone
The universe would not exist with out the duality or the light the souls are the light and the duality so you see we are every thing we are the universe If you heir forgive them thy no no better thy are trying to tell you a little seed of resentment turns into fall blown resentment if you hate some one you be come that
some one well folks you are the light so keep on shine in lots of love mick

Genio: thanks alot i learned

thanks alot i learned something new today
its hard to find new information now a days most of it is crap from ignorant simple minds
but it will be ok for those who learn to live with love and love alone
il see you in 5th density =)

beerman: Reptillians

I have never seen one and cant judge them but I hope they arent mean!!!

Genio: reptilians

most definately yes
they do have souls but what they dont have is emotions like we do

kitten: well yea, every living thing

well yea, every living thing should has one

William Cooper: Do Reptilians Have Souls

As with all members of the animal kingdom (excluding human beings), reptiles have group souls. As a newborn reptile soul progresses along the wheel of life, it may become an overseer of several reptilian souls. During further progressions, it may become responsible for a greater number of souls. Humans differ from this process as each one of us has an individual soul and is responsible only for individual soul development.

Str0ng1: This seems very plausible.

This seems very plausible.

edisonik: Reptilians do have Souls

Reptilians do have Souls but they are very Species Minded, they energies tend to stick with Reptilians but not all the times, sometimes they incarnate in human bodies also.

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