Earth is in the process of tranformation. Anything negative will not be able to withstand this vibration of Love and Great Wisdom. We the Great Falcon Clans of our predecessor Lord Garuda have made sure that Humanity will proceed to the Next Level of Consciousness and Spiritual Awareness.
For those who do not know us we are the Gaurdians of Passion, the "Aku" the Gift of the Feather, Our DNA is in all Humans, your Scientists call this Junk DNA, because the New World Disorder has no use for Free Beings with Free Choice, these Malevolant ET Beings ( The remaining few that oppose us ) want Robots with Implanted Microchips.
They do not want Free Beings with Free Choice.

Earth is shedding all Negative Energies from her Body, through Weather Disasters & Natural Disasters, she simply does not like Negative Consciousness. You can see it at Hot Spots around the Planet. If Humanity wants to carry on with her and not get hurt they must meditate and think Positive thoughts.
Many are not conforming to her Vibratrion and they are suffering because of it.

If Nations continue to promote more Negative Energies via News, Media , Politics they will not get away with Earths Wrath and the punishment she will unleash on Nations that do not promote Love & Wisdom.
You call these Natural Disasters " Acts of Kod ", Kod would not want great suffering of his Creations but Earth is a Living Being , it Breathes and has a Consciousness also and Nations must understand this.

If Humanity is Growing then it is Humanities Duty to move ahead and start Colonizing other Planets. Do not hold back your Destiny of Planetary Colonization of other Planets in this Star System and other Star Systems.The Star Trek Movies and other Movies was Created to open your minds to this realization of greater awareness.

Leave the Malevolant Draco and Reptilians to us, we will kick thier Interplanetary Reptilians Asses with our Falcon Bird Legs and send their Scaley hides packing back to Orion and Alpha Draconis.
You are not alone here on Earth you all have friends that have been protecting you for Centuries and credit must be given to Humanity also for defending their Divine Right to Exist here on Earth.

The New World Disorder does not represent the Majority , it represents the Minority, Like in the Star Trek Movies once said "THE NEEDS OF THE MANY OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS OF THE FEW", HEED THESE WORDS THOSE WHO LUST FOR MASS MURDER, YOU WILL RECIEVE KARMA IF YOU CHALLENGE OUR DIVINE WILL!,it is a Disease that will not be allowed to stop Humanity from achieving it's Divine Destiny of Colonizing other Star Systems and meeting New Civilizations.

Believe in yourselves and always defending your Liberties & Freedoms when Politicians & Governments try to take away your Free Will under the Guise of Security and keeping you Safe from Banker sponsored Terrorist Mercenary Attack on your populations.
It is a Trick of the New World Disorder.

Do not be afraid to defend your Liberties and your Free Will. Your Consciousness of self spans Eternity itself, you simpy cannot Truly Die because you are Eternal. This is a Monolithic Game Elder Kods play of Good & Evil.It is the Galactic Chess Board that they Play on you and many other Civilizations on other Star Systems.
So like Kanesh Roo recently said unto you Play the Game and Play to Win. Do not be Pawns and do not get Played against your Free Will.

Defend the Helpless, Protect the Innocent , Do good to the less fortunate, Love one another.

Class is Ignorance , look beyond Money and the Pitfalls that ensnare all Humans who Worship Money more than Life itself for they are Greatly Decieved. Life is Priceless you cannot put a Dollar Value on something that cannot be Purchased. Existence is given Freely and you cannot Purchase it. This is a Magic trick spawned by the New World Disorder.

We the Falcon Clans of the Bird Colonies are Serious, we do not play games. So heed this Message all who have Ears to Hear and Eyes to See. No Nation on Earth can match us in Power or Spirituality, none .


Anunnaki. Return of the Gods. Rückkehr der Götter. Nibiru. Hercolobus.

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Chris: Edisonik Oxicarians and the secound coming deception

hey edisonik this guy philoleski is still in contacte withe regressive oxicarians who serve the Orion Reptilian Queens they say there will be secound coming of jesus and that humanity needs a savior to save us a messiah they tell him the devil is rela and jesus christ is real and that the book of revelations will happen i know this is lie by The Orion Group to trick humans to except a savior and then the Draconians and Grays and the Orion groups and Sirian B,s will come down to enslave humanity. what will the haku bird clan races do about the Oxicarians from the who fly the Triangular craft Orion Empire they have a base in pine bush Ny Newyork can the falcon warriors take out the oxicarian base there and others they have on our planet or has it been already done.


If they come we will be waiting to taste their Flesh.

edisonik: Is that a good enough Answer Lord Chrishek

We Love but when angered Very Ferocious. We are not the Antogonists but if provoked we feed.

HebrianDaniel: eating somebody is not good

eating somebody is not good moral my buddy. even many human being know eating youre enemy flesh is very negative way to do. i see myself as vegan and i am against any animal torturing and eating. i bealive human are supposed to be herbivores and not omnivores. i am not sure
if you type is carnivore/omnivore/herbivore but in my opinion i think what youre doing is bad.
i dont like the idea of eating youre enemy. as a human being i feel its very negative way.

dvogel: Vegitarian as ideal for humans

HI Hebrian,

If you didnt read the book the power of the coming race already I think you will find it interesting. Its about a superior race living inside the earth and they are vegitarians.

You can find it here:

obsrvantlouie: Vegitarian...

Eating vegitarian doesn't make you more or less makes you more or less full of protein and or nutrients. So many people today take action on something...just becuase. Take a sneez for example....most people will follow a sneez with "Bless you". However, the person saying "bless you" cannot truly bless people, is not truly blessing you and has NO idea why they say is a learned and conditioned response.

Tarheel: I've gone the Vegan route.

I'm not Inner Earther, but I have learned much about my body by doing this. I lost 48 lbs (I only needed to lose 20) but I feel great and damn it, I LOOK GOOD (jokin about the looks part).

Oh, did I mention it cut my grocery bill to next to nothing?

bluesbaby5050: I have something to Add to this LORD GUDAMAN..........

I have read many postings from people that come to this forum,and they think that you, and Lord Annu77 are just humans that come on this forum to act out a comic book play about this planet,and the Aliens involved with our destiny/future. They think that you, and Lord Annu77, and me, and Chris,and others that come to this forum are acting out a comic book play. They call your Wisedom SILLY,and laugh at us for the wisedom/lessons that we have learned here, and try to teach to others. What would you like to tell these people that think this way Sir?

bluesbaby5050: If you left already............

I will keep asking you ,or Annu77 for your answer for the people that laugh about the content in the postings concerning this planet, and the aliens. We will wait for a reply. Thank you both. BB5050.

obsrvantlouie: Unanswered ??

BulesBaby; This pretender will never answer your line of questioning, even though it is just questioning. The Star Fox Clan and Lord Fu-Fu have an've confronted them as to their agenda. I don't suggest holding your breath for any answer....let alone the one you are searching for. If you are trying to learn more about your heritage, I can help to set you on the correct path.

bluesbaby5050: Hello Louie.....?

Please explain to me who The Star Fox Clan is,and who Lord FU FU is.I'm just a curious Human here. Thanks.

bluesbaby5050: @ obsrvantlouie...

May I ask how you are going to set me along the correct path? Could you please explain this to me in detail? I think the people in this forum would like to know how also. I won't hold my breath waiting for your reply either. Thanks for your concern.

Terran resistance: dont bother

bluesbaby and aload of members are US shills hence the eagle avatars.

obsrvantlouie: Thanks

Thanks for the heads up about the bird clan.

Tarheel: Your "heads up" came from a guy.....

...who just 2 weeks ago claimed that Inner Earthers were putting cameras up his butt WHILE he was on the toidy. (Im serious-look at his posts). He also was using tin foil hats to divert their attempts to enter his brain. I'm serious-Check his posts !

3 things wrong with this-
-1st-he has no brain.
-2nd-he's admitted to being a shill of UK himself.
-3rd-He buys Ben Fulford's fiction as truth.

I simply want to know if these Inner Earther's colonoscopy got far enough to take a picture of him with his tin foil hat on while he was on the toidy.

Terran resistance: also

tarheel what was wrong with your last name tarheel cowboy? was it too american for you?

tarheel's billion posts on israel? OHHHHHHHhhhh I wonder why that is, its not like america wants a war in the middle east with Iran or anything.

Tarheel: No new (OLD) material,TR ?

TR, stick your crown agenda of UK agenda up your's n your Queen's butt.

Oh. here...."Heavy is the head that wears the Crown."

If ANYONE wants proof that TR is a shill, simply request it and I will show you where he emailed me that he is a shill. TR THOUGHT erroneously (as usual), that I was a shill. Silly're not paid to think. You're paid to post negative-laced symbolism.

Terran resistance: maybe thats what I wanted you to think

maybe thats what I wanted you to think so i can send a cold shiver up your spine, oh sorry you have no spine....

Tarheel: Dont flatter yourself, TR. You're not that good.

You reek of "bestialissima pazzia".

Oh, to have Lacoosta or Madame Tafana available !

Terran resistance: lol

ok champ whatever you say, one last thing.... "expect us"....symbolism again.
they call us legion for a reason you know.

Tarheel: Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

So, do what ya gotta do. It's not my site.

But, know I'm onto your agenda.

dvogel: Hi Edisonik

I guess you shouldn't challenge any of the aliens, be it the retilians, alien greys or even the human like Venusians. I'm mostly worried about the alien greys since they seem so heartless and evil, without any empathy at all. Furthermore they seem to be here more frequent than any other. The quote you gave from Start Trek reminds me a lot of what Jeremy Bentham said: "The said truth is that it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong"
I'm new here and sorry to ask but why do you write like you are different from the rest of us?

sun: I came here because of one of

I came here because of one of your posts. I wanted to know more about my heritage. But if you live in silence, and question all that being felt you will find more questions and become more silent. This is my way of life. My aim is to understand and relinquish strife and live in empathy. The question here is what your accomplishment is with this post. I do not challenge anyone, and remain rather in the dark and watch with my hawks eye. When necessary I will do what I am meant to do, not even known by me at the start...nothing more, nothing less. Fullfillment comes from within, and sometimes generated through passion and love from connections, to burst with fire and light. This is what counts, and strife will find no home then. I believe everyone has a purpose, visions.Could you share your visions about this Edisonik? :)

Tarheel: Words to live by from The Great Falcon Master-Edisonik.

I hear you, LOUD & CLEAR, Falcon Master Edi.

Your Tarheel-Alpha Male

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