by Annunaki77 on September 10th, 2011

Do not blame Kod (God) for your Sorrow and Hardships, it is always easier to blame others for your misfortunes, it is always easier to babysit you and take care of you, it is always easier to blame others for the World the way it is.

To Blame God and his Prophets for Humanities misfortunes is a gigantic Abomination.
For you are being Warned about the Illuminati day in and day out yet many Humans assume they will be safe and that someone will wave a Majic Wand and everything will be taken care of for them. Governments have been Created to Serve the Few and not the Many, let me say this again, Governments have been created to Serve the Few and not the Many, for when you Understand that Personal Responsibility is Your Responsibility you will be one step closer to Living Free and Being Free.

Too Much Government is very Dangerous because when Humans Abdicate their Self Rule to a Foreign Entity or Organization like Government they give their Lives to an Institution that will eventually Slaugter them. To Abdicate your Self Rule because you are too Lazy or Scared is no excuse , when you do that you can only blame yourselves for the Dark Days that come from this Abdication of Self Rule and Free Will.

I love Christians and Muslims alike, they are my children but when they assume that they will be safe by just Faith alone they are making a Big Mistake, you cannot Blame God if you and your families suffer. I have Incredible Power but Power comes with a Price and the Price is Responsibility for when you Abdicate Responsibility many Lives will be Lost.

So Adamu, I say unto do not Blame God when you Abdicate your Self Responsibility.
Your Free Will is a Precious Gift that comes with a Price and that Price is to Defend your Liberties, if you are not actively defending what Lord Enki has given you then you can only blame yourselves when the Shadow Government attacks you and your families.
You all must defend your Liberties and Humanity as a whole.

Peace to you, Adamu.
Free will comes at a tremendous price so become Rainbow Warriors, it is always better to experience Victory or Defeat than to experience nothing at all, Death comes to us all, but it is what you do with your Lives that make all the difference in the World.

You got the Power TAKE IT!, TAKE IT!.


Chris: Orion consorium/Orion group what et races composed it annunaki

what races are the orion group composed is these races or more the Orion Group they are composed of Orion reptillians and regressive humanoids in Orion and annunaki races such as the niburian tribes and siriuis B humanoids and Rigel reptillians and Ciakar royal line reptillians from Alpha Draconis Thuban-(Anwar) and Orion Serphent Queens and sirian Queens from Siriuis B and Orion greys and zeta 2 grey and regressive pleadians and Alderbaran human races and reptillians races from Alderbaran star system in the Taurus Constellation and Ashtuar command and jehovah group Galactic Federation of Light Capellian reptillians from the starsystem Capella in the constellation Auriga and reptillian races from Ursa Minor and Ursa Major Constellations and the from the Starsystem Chowta in the Ursa Minor Constellation and reptillian races from Betelgeuse Bellatrix starsystems in the Orion Constellation and reptillians from the Altair star system in the Constellation Aquila and Sirian B Reptillians and reptillian races fron the Constellation Bootes and Hydra reptilians from the constellation Hydra and a reptilian race from alpha centauri starsystem. The Orion Group is a Draconian controlled and manipulated regressive extraterrestrial political body that is specifically made up of eighteen different star systems within the Orion constellation.

Prominent members of this consortium are from Beta, Alpha and Gamma Orionis -- as well as groups who are from Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, who are strongly associated with it. The races consist of a mixture of reptilians, humans, hybrids and other species. The Orion Consortium (consisting of 19 different races from the Constellation of Orion along with the Draconians and Sirian B's) is directly involved with the manipulation of Humanity.The Orion group is specifically 18 different groups within the Orion Constellation.

edisonik: Good Work Lord Chris

Once again you never cease to amaze me. You are totally Correct. Kanesh would also agree.

Chris: edisonik

kanesh said i was a pleadian starseed what is my purpose on this earth and will i have contacts withe the pleadians.

bluesbaby5050: to study about --

This woman,, Barbara Hand Clow is an author that has some very interesting material out in her books .One of them is --The Pleiadian Agenda. This is a good start. She has a web site also. Just put her name in any search engine and .com it. She has written many books on many subjects of interests.She also has Ebooks too.Enjoy Chris.

Tarheel: Your piece on Orion consortium

How did you come across this info. It is too deep for me to comprehend at this juncture, but I wish to study it. Where would I start Pleadian Starseed Chris?

edisonik: You are correct Kanesh

The Mind controlled masses will always blame God when Government attacks them under the guise of Terrorism. Terrorism is the Hallmark of the Rothchilds, the Rockerfellers and the Windsors who basically own Government.

The Adamu is Obedient to a Flaw. It is not advisable to be Compliant anymore when there is a Quiet War being waged on Humanity. The Adamu need to wake up and Resist Tyranny because they are under attack through their Food, Water and Vaccines, as well as Decietful Media.

ANUBIS: This is interesting

I am back from egypt. It looks like there has been alot of information being discussed here.
Listen here Edisonik , these people need to find out the truth on their own. If they do not do their homework they will never learn that the trick to understanding the future , they must understand the past because history has way of repeating itself.

History always repeats itself because humanity is too slow to figure these things out.
Remember they will only learn the hard way as it usually always is.
Your Annunaki friend talks too much.

He should take a break also.

Tarheel: Edisonik/Annunaki77

They speak FOR Truth and Positive Change and preach self-discovery and both are against negativity and against corruption. Why would you have an issue with that, Anubis?

Annunaki77: Anubis is an Empire Canus that Serves Sirius

He Serves the Underworld and like the Lord of the Underworld he Serves Sirius Period.
He is not into Free Will but is the Judge of Souls , he is not Evil but obedient to Ra and Sirius.
Not to Freedom.

the GAIA army: whether one lyran is a contributor to the human astral Homo Gala

impossible thing to remember about the soul. we argue why civilization nearly 300 more humanoids developed so fast even for draconian and other reptoids take long!
not absurd, then from where The Matrix Soul originated
probe is more myth we Terrans. we know there are many myths about supernatural beings.These magical creatures of the Walkers donate them to the human world. m. mostly from our planet. meraka has existed in an era where none of the realities of life. lucifer including some fragmentation independently is one of the magical creatures before God's appointed.
peaceful life took place under supernatural creatures called Izzris elders.
but the interference comes from the darkness of revenge appeared at that time the movement of the Prophet Hades.
face movement of darkworkers psycotonic firsted. fire (jinn) and the first civil war waged between them.
in those days relentless war at all.until one day warrior angels and jinns named Satan moved against the darkness is prophetic. (there may think that draconian is our last opponent) after the civil war after a prophetic darkness driven from aqu universe (past the prototype universe Karmic). residents are celebrating victory . so long lived in their souls without polarity was developed including lucifer. lucifer fall from heaven because he considered himself kebenaran.begitu well as other magical creatures.a group of nomads who want to create their own universe come presented to the Beginnings.permintaan they granted where they are given a two star system of Alpha-draco and vega star lyra.these creatures contribute incarnation in the era of the colony of vegan and vegan lyran.pada their Clocklight entered the Fairies and their incarnation process. this is why the spread of humanoids.Lyran era incarnation in the process of making the distribution of galaxies throughout the earth first. our ancient primate is also the second project.on this subject has become what is known Taal PAA.

Tarheel: Gala Army

I would like a translation, please. I have a hard time understanding what your point is, my brutha. Please dont take offense, as none is intended. I just want to know where you are coming from ...I wanna know what your post is trying to say.

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel Cowboy

He is getting around to getting to the truth of what he is about. Read and you can understand .

Tarheel: Where can one study this report from SSP Chris ?

Can anyone direct me?

the GAIA army: the Arcane(devil people)

the arcane(devil people)

The Arcane are descendants of the beings who originally built the Universe. They value a power source known as Gnosis, which is the energy that holds together all matter. As beings of energy and power, they have no true forms but can assume any form imaginable.

By creating a physical shell, or form, the Arcane can interact with the physical realm and are bound by the laws of reality. Usually, the Arcane do not concern themselves with the concerns of the Physical Realm, until recently. From the dawn of creation the realms of Gnosis and Chaos have maintained a state of balance or Order. Recently that order has tipped to the side of Chaos by the exploits of the Draconians and the Arcane are now forced to take action or else be consumed by the eternal fires of Chaos.
The Arcane are descendants of the beings who originally built the Universe. They value a power source known as Gnosis, which is the energy that holds together all matter. As beings of energy and power, they have no true forms but can assume any form imaginable.


Greater Demonic Entities are the ultimate manifestations of evil and are the incarnations of the Demon Lords and serve only to please their respective lords in all manner of unholy abhorrence. Monstrous in size and appearance, these detestable creatures were fashioned from the primordial chaos from time immemorial as representatives of the four Demon Lords. There powers are limitless and their adherence to the commands of the Demon Lords is unwavering.
Uduggu Allu
Maskim Xul
Uruku Amduscias
Usum Anzu
Utukku Xul Cerberus

Demon Princes are created from the very stuff of chaos and are, therefore, nearly invulnerable. Demon Princes are heavily armed and armored with the most powerful weapons of terror and unholy armor. There are four crowned princes of the chaos realm, and each has their own prayers and incantations which are used in summoning rituals. Only the Demon Bane can kill one of the crowned Princes of Chaos, and only the most powerful of wizards can banish these unearthly beings.
Amuru Asag Dra Hastur


As with the Demon Princes, there are also four Demon Lords, each represents one of the cardinal points on the arrows of chaos symbol, whereas the four princes represent the minor arrows on the unholy symbol of chaos. The names of the Demon Lords have never been spoken by mankind, the result of which would certainly lead to the inevitable and painful demise of any insipid mortal foolish enough to utter the ineffable name(s) of the Demon Lords. These powerful beings are immortal and are as a result indestructible. Fortunately for you, you may never encounter one of these supreme beings, unless you are unfortunate enough to get drawn into the realm of chaos.

Cthugha Drythuhn Pazuzu Telal


There are numerous ways that a character might take to make a pact with a demonic entity. It is not simply a matter of having the desire to make a deal, but you also must have an opportunity to make one. This can occur, for example by invoking the demon, travelling to an accursed location or by gaining possession of an accursed artifact. These means may be discovered coincidentally (through artifacts confiscated from cult members) by the character over the course of game play, the character may actively seek them or they may be part of the story plot. Searching for accursed artifacts or locations is not an easy task and may require the character be skilled in Demonic Lore or Occult Lore.

Entering into a Pact with a demonic entity, or even attempting such a blasphemous deal, will damn the character’s soul for all eternity. Once done, these pacts can never be undone. If you a bold enough to enter a pact with a demonic entity, your character will gain a small measure of control over the forces of chaos and will become less influenced by the minor effects chaos would normally have over you.

After successfully entering a pact with demonic forces, your character will gain +10 Chaos Points. Chaos Lords may increase or decrease this amount depending on the nature and advantages of the Pact.

To invoke a creature of the dark Abyss you must first learn its true name(s). Demonic entities may go by one or more names, depending on their rank. According to the demon hierarchy, the more names a demon is known by the more power that demon becomes. Likewise, the more names of any given demon you know, the easier it is to invoke them.

There are many grimoires and spell books available to the player, which will reveal the names of certain Lesser Demonic Entities. To discover the names of the Greater Demonic Entities, however, you will need to get your hands dirty and visit the Chaos Realm to discover their names first hand.
The Necronomicon and the Book of Calling are a valuable source of demonic names and incantations. There is also the Book of Black Earth, Book of the Worm, the Book of Fire and Flame and the Book of Nine Shadows. The Necronomicon is kept under lock and guard at the Galleria in Kittatinny 3. The Book of Calling can be found along with one of the Book of Nine Shadows, in the vast library of Micah Vorkowski at the upper levels of the Arcology, who is not willing to part with it. There are four copies of the Book of Nine Shadows (one of which is owned by Micah Vorkowski) each in the possession of a wealthy collector. The Book of the Worm is hidden deep within the subterranean crypts beneath the Goetia School of Wizardry. The Book of Fire and Flame can be found at the Temple of the Dawn.

bluesbaby5050: Demon Names:

Please don't read the demon names out loud,, as this gives the demons of the names power!! Just be aware that they are there in print and don't speak the names as you read them!! Just skim over them as you go on to read the info about them. Most people DO NOT KNOW THIS !!! There is power in all words when spoken out load and in whispers! This is a hidden knowledge in the Black Arts!! So please be very careful, and take extra care of your self. Don't leave yourself open for any kinds of attacks!! This is all the truth!!

bluesbaby5050: WHY DO YOU!!??

I would like to know why you-THE GAIA ARMY are putting out all this unnessesary information onto this site? Is this a way to lead unknowing people astray into the dark unknown?? Some might venture to this material you just put out . Just out of their being curious about these subjects. Most people,,if they are smart Will Not Even Go There!! The rest MIGHT without someone telling them how dangerous this would be for them to do so.This is not wise. It is ok to be informed about this,, but not to Help by putting this out with all the dam signposts you provided!! What side are YOU ON?? This is not right!! People- Please be Very Aware of What You ARE Reading!! I can't stress this point enough!

Tarheel: THANKS ....

......I started but it was way too lengthy and I dont have time or I may have but Thank You for warning me of the fork. I stayed away due to my intuition but I may have retried had it not been for your warning.

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel cowboy

You should always TRUST IN YOUR INTUITION. And you are also very welcome my dear.

the GAIA army: the Arcane(devil people)

it must be remembered that an army led by the demons also allied with draconians led by prince alal and Cain the first teacher against the Ashtar Command.

Annunaki77: Ashtar Command?

Isis?, come on you and your Goddess Isis, what are you doing here , Ashtar Command your Star Folks are hypocrites, what do you think Ashtar will do to those Humans who follow Ashtar Command?.
Enslavement mean anything to you?.
Ashtar Command hahahahahaha!.

Bring your Greys , actually the Pleadians and Sirians already kicked their butts.
Ashtar Command and the Draconians are buddies.
They aren't enemies.

Believe only in Freedom and Liberty folks, not in Aliens. Though I love Alien Groups free will trumps everything else.

bluesbaby5050: Ashtar Command:

Thank you Annunaki 77 for clearing this up. As I have been reading their messages for a little while now, along with other off world groups as well. And they seemed like they were playing both ends in the middle as far as their own interests,,compared to all the other groups. So you are right to warn people about what is going on with all these other groups that are out there, saying that they have the people of the Earth's bests interests at heart. They all have their OWN agendas!!

Annunaki77: Ashtar Command is Queen Isis

She wants to Rule Earth, the Angels will not allow this. Earth must be the Hub of Free Will , Passion and Destiny.
Not Tyranny, Ashtar Command is even worse than the Illuminati and at par with the Draco.

bluesbaby5050: Arcane devil people???

Why are you pushing The ASHTAR COMMAND for on this site? They have their OWN agenda. Most people don't know about them, and alot of us here do know what they are about. There are alot of rouge split off groups that are out there as well,,, and split off from the MAIN GROUPS FOR CLEAR REASONS. SO- what is your point to this please?? addressed to- The Gaia Army. Could you explain your reason to us here on TRUTH CONTROL?

the GAIA army: the arcane(devil people)

hey are also connected with Pindar because he (Pindar) was a student of Cain(qabil) the first teacher of kabbalah.

bluesbaby5050: Your Soul:

People please remember that you have complete control of the destiny of your soul,,this is what you really are without your physical body.Where ever you may go in any place you have a eternal light body. Dark lords ,and their helpers -demons(have great power also) always look for openings to our dimention -potals to enter into TO TAKE US OVER!! So don't give them any ways to enter. There are a few game boards on the market for sale to people that think this IS ONLY A GAME TO PLAY!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Once you entertain them in any ways, you CANNOT GET RID OF THEM!! YOU WILL BE FOLLOWED AND TORMENTED TO DO THEIR NASTY WILLS---BIDDINGS. All this is VERY BAD!! So don't get Suckered into any Kinds of TRAPS!!! BE WISE-- AND HOLD THE LIGHT- AND SHOW THE WAY TO OTHERS THAT SEEK THE REAL TRUTHS!!! DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THE DARKNESS AND THEIR MINIONS!!! And I would also say that many are in disquise pretending to be of the light!! So don't be afraid to come out here and ask questions about what you read here in this forum.Keep asking untill you get the answers.

wmarkley: fool

only a fool plays around with an oija board, i read the true manuscript about a boy that was posessed, hollywood made the movie " The Excorsist," from this manuscript, the boy played with the oija board and the rest is history, took the jesuits a long time to rid him of his trouble.

Ecbra de Oaoj: we are learning

really interesting.

some people that search understand the matter that join us here think Ashar Sheran like a friendly entity, include me till now but...
if he and they creep have in their agenda ... plains. to atempt against our Free Will so...
became diferent .

please lets talk clear and sincerely. the time cames and we have be ready and unit.


Tarheel: Darkness is an unwanted commodity.

Follow the light !

the GAIA army: I light or darkness? only He creates out

This according to leading his own draconian that there is an old race build up karmic universe. why did that capability also exists in the Reptilians Arcane!

Arcane is actually a race of fire. led by a snake fraternity of phosphorus star.the Arcane split into two major blocks:
they are willing to fight for the race in a battle etheric draconian.
2.pegasus galaxies lightening
basis for children who want to plunge in light polarity. elohim come from planet located in the 12D.
but there is also the leader of Arcane elves who is on your side. (I am a starseed orion and Walkers of Arcane once from orion) in this case the goddess Gaia.
"This is not the correct original name Gaia is a gift(karunia) meant the birth of stars (the opposite of tyrantor).

bluesbaby5050: The Gaia Army

Thank you for stating what you are , and where your origins are from. But some of us already knew before hand. Thank you for the truth.

Tarheel: Please, tell me.

For I cannot comprehend what is being said by GAIA. It is tripping me out. What is he/she/it and what are their origins..and what do they mean?

bluesbaby5050: TO Tarheel Cowboy

HE (The Gaia Army) is explaining some of the history that took place long ago. This involves many different Alien Races from the Orion constellation in our galaxy.This is part of HIS history, and some other races and events that took place in ancient times in that constellation as well. It is a bit drawn out ,but is nessary to explain for the common understanding when we read about him. He contributes a lot of interesting information as well for the people in case they aren't aware of that history. He has a connection with the Ashtar Command groups .HE DOES NOT STATE that he is an incarnate of the Human race,,in a human physical body now. AND MY TAKE IS, he is of the bloodlines of the Draco's or the reptilians,or the Greys,or the humanoids,or the hybreds ,or of the many other sub- groups,, these are in THE ORION STAR SYSTEMS. HE IS STAR-SEED FROM THAT SYSTEM,, which means he WAS part of that group in the past. We all are Star-seed, and have been many different races ,and came from many places in our galaxy before this! You can find a lot of the info here on this site in the topics section, as well as in many books, and on other sites on the web. I hope this was helpful to you.

Tarheel: Yes, it was helpful.

Wow, I am sooooo behind in my learning. I am currently studying the Sumerian tablets. I'm moving as quick as I can. I hope that I can somehow morph into overdrive and catch up.

Until then, know that TC loves you and appreciates you taking your precious time to teach me that which I am not privvy to YET !

the GAIA army: I am from orion

It is what it is

the GAIA army: starseed orion

we are only looking for physical perfection enlightenment

Annunaki77: Sure you are!

You mean control and no free will.
Orion has always been about control and obedience to the Serpent Queens.
Nothing more and nothing less.

Free Will is not part of Orion.
Enki has seen what happens on Orion , it is not a very nice place.

wmarkley: yes thank you

Thank you BB5050 for bringing that into focus for me too, I have always been open minded, but i guess i have been lied to All my life, i never thought that people exsisted off the planet earth, i have personally never seen any ET that i know of, i do much research to find the truth, and that is why i come here too, I have been blessed with pretty accurate intuition, this site has many wise souls with great information, some of it does freak me out sometimes because im as smart as Forrest Gump, and as he, i wish love on the world, i wish hate would go away forever and leave us alone in peace. 2012 is almost here, i would like to see a mass awakening by the people and see where it leads, God bless you, and always be safe.

edisonik: The Mass awakening has begun 5 years ago

Three Quarters of the World Population is already awake.
This is divine providence.

three: Respectfully

Most of Earth population is NOT aware

There have always been the Awakened...

It takes only One...

Is not Real-isation an individual process?

edisonik: Yes your words are sound

However they have been awakened.
The Old System is falling apart, so too it will usher a new system , the people will ultimately decide. Many assume end of the World but they do not understand these words have a vast meaning. The Financial System is falling apart yet billions do not know, this Collapse will usher an end to the World as we know it and the begining of a New World , a World for the People and not a World for a few old men.

Peace will come but the people must want it.

the GAIA army: phantom allies;The first battle for their

I think you are right! but I want to ask that most Arcane siding Lyrans .in this universe they only become the object of an experiment for the two parties against each other with their ideology: an international fascism and totalitarian liberalism.
somewhat painful indeed, but this happens to the natives of this universe.same thing with africa natives oppressed by settlers from Europe.for their own draco or feline who win will not change the state for their race (Arcane).as said by our elders when I came back from life reptoids Bellatrix.
he said; " you feel now as reptoids life and graduated from our esoteric school'".
I said: " I think it is more fun to be humanoids!"
he said:," they created the myth that we are not there and so wicked!
i say: "I know about this.
again I said to the goblin servants: let's go! we are not heard here.
I went to tyrantor and we met at tribunal.he said: I know you're being a orion humanoids!
i said: but what about the councils?
he said:they can be fooled. do you know with hundreds of elves that are released through illegal street.
i said; to permeate the fetus and make a knot in the astral not that torture is boarded!?
he said: not too unless there is a genetic relationship.

story above seems to be a fiction becomes real to the kids crystal.crystal had a child said to me: great, you are a wanderer (as I was there in orion) Walkers.
She said: I want to see what kind of respurges on this mountain.
i said: do not they can burn you (spontaneous combustion events on Earth are caused by this organism)
She said; story of this legendary prophet who taught yegi.he teach about all things including my parents forgive mistakes
i say: he is famous now as a reformer in the this universe .now, I began to understand the battle of light and dark as the living heart.
phantiy allies(skullies allies)
she said:I hope there is eternal peace is said by sages yegi (incarnation on earth he is merlin)

I refute: there is no peace without shedding blood. nuclear technology is the proof!
the girl replied: I know you are the sower same as where you are coming! received an offer from the people to be their representative mintakans on earth.

I say: you make me say, yes!
She said: okay, we go down the mountain from here I thought being bored with us.first you said they were from rev (planet mars).
i said: they are creators of life on mintakans.

She said: how is it possible? whether they developed tracheal
i say: I think about The etheric technology has been to interstellar travel.

three: As are yours, edisonik

Many work towards this end.

The 'world' is insane.

There are other ways of Being...

Ecbra de Oaoj: future came from here. and

future came from here. and now. exacly
what hell sameone... expect when call
to help... dark lords... finaly? are they sure it will bring then something good?
that... they will be confortable after... acomplished your part in what pact?
ooww my... God. In The World... that is promise? tha their people want... and...
when wake up... so feel and sse that... yees... have World but...
lost the... soul... is ti inteligeble, its... possible? yes its... happen.

Well... what we... must have do about? I think; first. Each one in your... creed.
pray stronger. for these persons, beeings... like us too creatures. that The True Lord;
Alah; call like you; understand The Most High Creator... fogive this bodies. because
our war isnt against blood; or flesh. yes... pray because their are... very lost and so far the... Kingston. Pray that ... The God... give to they wise and turn then to good way.

many are; mind controled; so... pray. that tehy have strong to resist it.

many; believe that are right; that... all is God want; so pray; that they understand; they are used and tricked; to others interests that not their happynes.

light and dark is only analogy; negro. its a color. dark; no clarity.
analogy because; what mistify hide. and with light; you see what hapen.

To know; in fact. rituals and sacraments whose concern at this called dark Lords cult; inst evil or good because good or evil are what go out of you. but...

use it to recruit; slaves where there are Free Will and True search... seems like a...
joke. forgive my...


bluesbaby5050: Yes to prayers---Ecbra de Oaoj

You are right in your answers to these problems before us all. You can pray if you want to, and ask for the CONTROLLED people TO BE GIVEN THE SIGHT TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING ALL AROUND THEM, and how they ARE BEING USED. You can pray for their souls to be saved. All it takes is just one person to save many souls.God will hear you and answer your prayers. All you have to do is just ask! It's that simple. This will help change the world that we want to live in. Peace and Love to you my friend across the ocean.

the GAIA army: not,this point is to stop hostilities.

I've hostility among those who teach that you (humanoids) will destroy their species.we must stop!

Tarheel: Yes Pray between 11-11:11AM and 11-11:11PM ......

....and your prayers will be heard many times over, and answered. Prayers are much more effective this way.

highplainssister: don't pray

don't pray

Tarheel: Dont pray....WHY NOT?

Please explain yourself.

Annunaki77: Always Pray

Pray for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Mankind.

Peace Tarheel.

bluesbaby5050: PRAY!

Always pray! This always helps, and you WILL BE HEARD! Your angels and teachers and guides always will hear your prayers. Don't listen to people that tell you different,as they will lead you astray if they think they can!

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